Date: 2nd December 2017 at 7:41pm
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It Is Called Character And We have it, the Ref didn’t.

In my preview, I said I could see a score draw, I also said they’d be very physical.

I warned we’d have to weather the start.

They spent the match kicking us and hurting Kane and the ref didn’t do anything to protect him or Alli, it was one of those games where as he lost control, it got dirtier – the ref has to be sent down for this performance; he had a complete lack of character or control.

We conceded, equalised and then dominated.

We went down to 10 in the second, from where I was it was undeserved.

WE showed Character, it was a hard fought draw.

Everyone now gets a free pass. for those that want to moan, please do, but I won’t be one of them.

More tomorrow.


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  • When you are the away team, you just can’t give the ref an excuse to send you off. It is definitely not a level playing field.

  • Im sorry, I think it was a penalty prior to our goal. the performance of Tottenham was not befitting of a team who finished 2nd last season … this was a team who looked like they were fighting relegation. disgusting performance .. this team need to take a long hard look at themselves … Davies and Sissoko, really are not fit to wear the shirt.

  • The Davies incident was absolutely not a penalty, it didn’t seem it at the time, and the recording supports that – Harry-kari has it spot on.

    Watford targetted kane, the one that had us all howling at the game was early on when he was trying to get on a cross and was actually taken out from behind and ended up wrapped around the post – to all of us, even my Watford mate I was with, it looked like a stone wall foul and therefore a penalty – Kane was kicked to pieces, hit, barged, punched in the back and knee’d – how the ref missed it all I will never know.

    As for Sanchez, the Watford player had virtually no contact, but he had the presence of mind to make it look like a deliberate elbow.

    AS for Diers – I’ve seen them given and I’ve seen them not given, and after seeing the recording, I’m non the wiser, and I guess that must have been the refs decision as well.

    Kane’s legs must be black and blue after that.

    Alli worked hard after we went down to 10 men, but he too took plenty of treatment – that said, if I were Poch I’d pull him out of the firing line for a couple of games as his ability to simply give the ball away now is bizarre,.he needs sorting, probably a decent rest would put him right, the same goes for Eriksen – he just lots and is playing as if he is utterly knackered; the international games have really taken it out of him.

    Shocking ref, worst I’ve seen in a good lone while – and it irritates the **** out of me that Poch is so passive about it – he should have gone mad, and forced the pressure on the next ref to protect him.

    I have a shocking hangover, so that’s all from me

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  • I’ve only just returned from a trip to the US, so I missed the Leicester and Watford games – probably for the better. I haven’t watched the full highlights yet, but I’ve been reading through some of the comments. There seems to be a recurring theme that we are hard done by the refs. I can’t have an informed opinion given that I haven’t watched the games, but we’ve apparently been on the losing side of bad refereeing since the Arsenal game. We’ve taken 2 points from our last 4 PL games, but I can’t imagine that refereeing is be the only explanation. Blaming everything on the refs is at best refusing to see our team’s current shortcomings, and at worst being completely irrational. Harry Kane was kicked all game? That’s hardly a surprise that smaller teams would revert to that tactic. The biggest issue for me is that Kane seems to be the only consistent source of goals at the moment.

  • I didn’t see muc wrong in our performance. Their goal was unfortunate, Kane got slightly out jumped, it happens. I do agree kane especially got poor treatment and the ref left them unpunished. I do not agree with poster who says it was a penalty to them before we scored. Actually their player pushed ours first.

    Was it a red, No I am not 100% sure it was or wasn’t. Yes he used his arms to stop the player getting passed him and they may or may not have caught the player in the face, it’s looks inconclusive, but even if it did catch the player in the face it wasn’t a deliberate swing, it was a protecting mechanism, clumsy with no malice imo. Therefore a yellow would be suffice!.

    I think apart from the goal we really put a shift in and had the ref done more when Kane was being brought down that may have stopped them continuing it and we may have got a few more breaks but as it stood, they continued because they got away with it.

    In the second half we really gave it a go, showed character and showed me that there isn’t any sinister problems going on with these players, just a lack of form and injuries imo backed up by still having a weak bench which wasn’t and hasn’t really been adrressed in recent windows.

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