Date: 4th December 2017 at 1:18pm
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It Is A Miracle We Are Sixth!

Matic makes the case for commonsense and understanding:

Now I’ve had a chance to reflect I’m calm enough to see that there are bags of problems and, all things considered it’s a miracle we’re as high-up the table as we are.

1. We have no home ground this season. Wembley is soulless and isn’t home. The media attention over our Wembley form before the season even started was ridiculous. No other team had that to deal with and we are going to have it all season.

2. Pretty much all our main players are constantly being bombarded with transfer rumours. All the time. Not to mention the increased sponsorship and agent whirlwinds that are circling our players, especially the likes of Dele. Losing Walker was a big loss too, especially his desire and the fact he’d been around the club for so long.

3. Injuries are crazy. We haven’t seen Wanyama this season, Rose has just returned after being out for ages and Lamela has had two cameos. Kane is still injured and looks scared to put in his usual effort, Dembele is still lacking match fitness after his big injury and Toby is probably out until March.

4. So many out of form players! Toby was pretty average before his injury, Lloris has been off all season, Dele has been non-existent for 95% of his game time this season, Llorente hasn’t turned up, Eriksen has either been sensational or anonymous, Kane has been poor since his injury and didn’t score in September, Dembele/Rose are not sharp enough or fit enough yet so have been poor, Davies has been off recently, Aurier has looked very much a quality player who is struggling to adapt to a tougher league and Dier has had some great games but has been hugely inconsistent and doesn’t know whether he’s a CB or DM this season so has been a bit all over the place.

5. It’s a world cup year and we’re already seeing players being extra cautious not to get a bad injury. Not just at our club, but definitely quite a few at our club.

6. Idiot manager releasing a book, mid-season. For a manager who for his entire tenure at Saints didn’t want to speak English for fear of being misunderstood he’s gone too far the other way and has said too much!

7. Levy putting very little actual investment into our squad. He will not sack Poch because all things considered Poch has done very well with what he’s been given. All the other teams around us in the league spent BIG. If we had been able to spend even a third of what some of those teams spent we’d have far better squad depth.

8. Sissoko.

9. Danny Rose and his dumb gob. That radio interview would have destroyed most teams – probably more so at teams like Man City/United because egos are so fragile. I thought the fallout from that was going to be much worse than it was but I don’t doubt it is still a very sore issue with Levy, Poch and the players.

10. The fans. We’re not happy. We’re homeless and unsettled. We had pretty much written off this season before it started because of that reason and I’ve been told you can feel it in the atmosphere at games.


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  • Woe, woe and thrice woe. Just shows that there are always excuses for crap performances. Nothing to do with organisation, players taking responsibility, manager having a different playbook for every game and buying players in the TW in positions that needed to be filled.

  • How to many set piece Do we need to score, a football pitch is a football pitch, and every team comes to Wembley we have played on that pitch 10 times more then them. And agree HK

  • The main reason for our recent slump? Alderweireld injured and out for a long time and Wanyama also injured and out for an extended time. Lose one and we might be able to cope with Dier covering EITHER central defence OR central defensive midfield. He can’t do both.

  • I fail to see how injuries and loss of form are anything exceptional. Same for silly interviews, lack of investment in the squad and transfer rumours. The only big difference with a normal season is Wembley, which is certainly a factor, but is it a factor worth 4 places? Not so sure.

  • I have said it several times we left ourself short in defence when we truned to a back 3 and let Wimmer and Vickers go even though we brought Foyth and Sanchez in. For me Sanchez was the thrid defender to play as a 3 so logic tells me we need at least two natural CD to cover either Verts, Sanchez or Toby, we have one in foyth and he isn’t deemed ready for the PL yet. ok we have Dier but for me Dier would be seen as the 3rd CD cover utility player if needed. Even if everyone in that back line is fit, Sanchez, Verts and Toby who is covering them when they need a rest? no natural defenders and now we are having to rely on Dier doing it all when in fact he should have only been called into account as emergency utility player. Even if is is assumed he is a CD that is till only one player to cover 3 CB’s not workable and certainly isn’t when one or two get injured or sent off. if we were to play with 3 at the back then we needed more natura defenders to cover.

    I say it again, recruitment has cost us again this year. Last year and this year we gained nothing from our incomings janssen, GK, Llorente and to some degree Sissoko and Foyth deemed not ready, one for the future, so we have got one player who is helping, sanchez in the last two seasons, that isn’t good recruitment.

    It does seem that the media will use anything to have a go at us, may be it’s the reputation Levy has and the label ‘spursy’ we have had for so many years, because Poch is liked and hasn’t done anything to get at the media. Yet the media is always negative towards us. No one from the media, pundits or anywhere gave us encouragement this season, it was all negativity over the top about wembley and it is ahrd for the playewrs to daeal with it.

    I am not sure about Poch book, still reading it, but I do have a general feeling that such things are best not printed until end of careers! but not sure it has really had a adverse effect on players!.

    I think we have to remmber that Dele is very young, and it was probably going to happen, a dip in form, but can we really say it’s about his head being turned, his search for an agent! not sure we can, again the media will have us fans beleive it is.

    I think another problem is the team chaninging all the time due to injuries and lack of fitness of those arriving late, Son, llorente, Aurier. Add injuries to Dembele, Kane, Dele, Wanyama, Winks, and long term injuries to Rose and Lamela we have found ourselves swapping and changing especially in midfield.

    I still think we will be ok long term under Poch but I am not sure how far he can takes us on such a budget with a poor recruitment, he cannot work miracles.

    This season now is about fighting for top four and may be getting a good FA cup run and may be a shock CL run. I think City or Utd will win the PL and I am hoping it’s Utd. I don’t want City to win it because of Walker, not because I am being bitter but it just strengthens the notion that if players push to leave they can win things, but if City lose it it strenghtens the notion that moving doesn’t always guarnetee you to win things.

  • When teams sell their best players the game is usually up. I liked Walker a lot and am angry MP sold him, i don’t care if Walker asked for a transfer, the fact is Spurs couldn’t replace him with an equal or better player. This is how all deals should be done unless spurs can find better, no sale. MP got rid of NJ was Gkn any better no at least NJ made the pitch once in awhile. Got rid of Chadili for sisoko, keep chadili and keep the money until a better player comes along. MP scouted Janssen so there is no excuse, why not give the lad one more season and save the money on llorente until something better comes along. Surely there must be one or two u23 players who could get a chance to shine like rashford.

  • Our medical staff must take the blame for the injuries to two of our best players Wanayma and Alderweireld . Wanyama was injured in our preseason tour and iimmediately aggravated the injury in a training session. So a correct initial diganosis was not made! (A similar thing occurred with Danny Rose). Alderweireld has played every game and no doubt trained hard so was over worked prior to his injury. A bit like Dier and Eriksen who so far have escaped muscle injuries!
    But who in our scouting set up recommended we buy Sissoko for £30 million. If they had watched him play three game then they would have agree with 50,000 Newcastle fans that he was not worth the money! So we lack suitable cover for DM position.

  • Yes we are 6th but for how long? Not only do we struggle against the better teams, we are now unable to beat the “also rans”. Unless we arrest the current slide, and quick, we will be “mid table”. One thing recent performances and results have shown, is irrespective of what some believe, our squad is shallow, and we have scant cover in several positions.

  • palmover – Right, you prefer the Arsenal method where Sanchez and Ozil under perform and will walk away for nothing at the end of the season.

  • Squad depth, which has been a problem for a few years alongside Wembley to me are the main problems, and unfortunately neither will be solved this season, as Im not expecting much in the Jan TW window. Its looks like we in a 3 horse battle for 4th

  • All I have to say on the matter is, I can see a current loss of form that can simply be put right by some consistency, more goals and a few good results to follow. Oh, and some more goals! (Ha, maybe not as easy as some may think or expect.)

    Just a couple of months ago or so, we were doing well enough and all right in the PL and the teams that have since moved above us were not doing as well. If this was the last couple of months of the season then I would perhaps view it very differently than I now do. But, there is still a lot of time and matches left for it all to turn around in our favour yet again

    Patience may already be running low for some of us but there is still a long way to go this season and plenty to look forward to.

    As far as us supporters go, we are at Wembley for one whole season only. My attitude is, if you are going there to support our team, then please, do just that. Sing up, sing loud and sing proud! Enjoy it while you can. Its up to us to supply the atmosphere and to make it a more positive and hopefully more productive experience. After all, there will not be too many opportunities to witness matches at Wembley like the Real Madrid and Dortmund wins we’ve recently witnessed.

    Transfer speculation, injuries, spending, etc., are all part of the game and will always be factors in how things go, good or bad. At the moment it doesn’t look so hot but hey, it could be so much worse. We could be West Ham United supporters watching mediocre football with yet another mediocre manager in another soulless (National) stadium they didn’t particularly want and yet have to make do with for a long time yet, Hod forbid!

    Nothing too drastic for THFC that a few wins won’t put right, I’m sure…

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