Date: 4th April 2018 at 8:00pm
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I’m not sure I totally agree with Harry’s comments about a FA Cup winners medal being crucial for us to having a successful season. Of course, I would be ecstatic for us to get that trophy we’ve all been waiting for, but I think he’s slightly downplaying this season’s progress.

I remember us going out to Gent last season in the Europa League following a disappointing Champions League campaign. I felt with the team at our disposal we could have done so much better,  while this year has shown us play closer to our full potential in Europe.

Topping a group with Real Madrid and Dortmund should not be played down. The Spanish giants may have not had a great domestic season, but you can see with their victory in Turin last night that their performances in European competitions have not diminished by the same degree.

I won’t forget our victory at Wembley or even the draw at the Bernabeu in a hurry. The fact we also looked superior to Italy’s best team over two legs also showed how far we’ve come. This year, Spurs arrived firmly on the European stage in my view, and it’s a great platform for next season.

Still, you would like to see some trophies in the cabinet, and I get where Harry’s coming from in saying that winning the FA Cup would mean we would have something to show for our efforts It would certainly provide a great momentum boost going into next campaign.

Creating a winning mentality by winner cups shouldn’t be dismissed lightly, and as they say, sometimes the first trophy is the hardest to win. Whatever happens though, I have had a lot of great memories from this season already, and I will be hoping there will be a few more before the end of May.


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  • I’ll be happy to win the FA Cup but not thrilled. It isn’t what it used to be, is it? But it’s always better to win than not, no? I’m quite happy with this season generally, whether we win the FA Cup or not.

  • Never underestimate what winning the oldest cup competition means to both players and supporters.

  • Off topic but would love to hear from Palmover on ManC performance vs Liverpool in the CL today. Hmmm guess Pep got it wrong today. The FA cup is still the FA Cup especially with 3of the top 5 still in it. It would be a great trophy to win this season. However disappointed I would be if we lost either the semi or the final, I won’t be disappointed with my Spurs this season.

  • I watched Pool imitate Barca in the first half yesterday. They may not need to finish in the top four for CL football next season if they keep that up. Good game to watch.

  • jvd … I had to laugh; you can’t find anything to complain about for spurs (because we both agree how that’s going) so you’re having a moan about the site instead. 🙂 It will take some getting used to, I think.

  • In the middle of Be-All are the letters, autif ( beautifall) …. but, obviously, someone can’t spell ‘beautiful’! It does describe how the Cup would look in our cabinet, though.

  • It’s all about winning football matches. That’s it… Keep winning the right matches, at the right time and you pick up a trophy… If we don’t go on win the FA cup, I don’t yet know how disappointed or not I will be. It all depends on how we lose, in either the semi-final or the final. … I do know that if we do win it, I won’t be saying so what, it’s not the bleedin’ CL or PL is it? Or, it was only a rubbish Man U, Chelsea or Saints, Newport, Rochdale etc, that we beat… Unfortunately for us, Real, Barca and PSG don’t yet get to compete in the FA cup!

  • I’m both happy AND thrilled when we win any match, whether it be Rochdale or Real.
    But both myself and the team will not celebrate winning the cup in quite the same, (probably) more dignified way as they will when it’s 3 points gained on a cold, wet and miserable Saturday afternoon v Stoke City. After a 0-1 away win from a Crouch own goal, off his backside, in the dying seconds of an oh so dull match…
    I’ll be well over the moon and maybe even a touch tearful, whilst in a silly drunken haze and crazy, ecstatic, child-like state… Probably.
    But, then again, I do tend to rather enjoy my football and whatever anyone else may think of the FA cup these days, I can’t see it being anything other than sheer bliss when I see Hugo lifting it aloft and then passing it over to Harry, the Hat-Trick Hero!
    There’ will be no room for any casual or blasé cynicism on my watch!

  • Yes, I can’t wait for the final and a chance to see Tottenham play in the National stadium. As far as the other stadium is concerned …. I think they need to relocate the cameras.

  • FA Cup would be good psychologically for the players and would help any lingering doubts of future success for those players whose contracts are up for renewal. Equally, I feel finishing 2nd would do a lot of good to show we’re better than the likes of Manure and Liverpool and would also help attract new players who sign for football over money

  • As an old hand all I can say, its been a great season so-far, ups n downs, but mainly ups, finish 2nd and win the FA Cup, simple.

  • Geofspurs I guess like any good Spurs fan I have a need to moan about something!! By the way your smiley face showed up as a smiley face emoji on my screen. HT I would be way over the moon if we win the FA cup!!

  • We have to win the FA Cup, top 4 PL. This gives confidence to players,fans and Mr Levy / Joe Lewis. Now we have had the squad more or less intact for 3 years they are much improved, in belief / experience of regular and big games that were won and lost. So a cup final win is there to be won by this squad of spurs players, and Poch. / management. COYS

  • Winning the FA Cup would be a massive achievement, especially if that is coupled with a top 4 finish (which looks likely now). I still value the FA Cup and I certainly feel it has more value than the League Cup, for example. Our season would be considered satisfactory with a top 4 finish even if we don’t win the FA Cup, but I agree with Harry. If we want to show progression compared to last year, we would need to win it. If the club really wants to make a statement, that would be it. It would dismiss the concept of Spurs being a nearly team and MP being a hugely promising manager who fails to win on the big stages. I think it would put a lot of slights against the club, the manager, and the players, to bed.

  • BS …. Every manager fails to win on the big stages …. until the time they don’t. Managers and footballers can’t be realistically assessed until their career is over. How was your holiday?

  • I’ve just looked at the stadium live feeds. There are hundreds of workers standing along the front of the site …. hope they’re not striking!

  • Not the “be all and end all” but imo we are favourites for the FA Cup and not winning it would be a disappointment, which in itself shows how far we’ve progressed when Man Utd and Chelsea are still in the competition.

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