Date: 2nd March 2018 at 3:26pm
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Time to ruffle Dele`s feathers?

*Puts on tin hat*

I`m going to suggest something now that might just cause a great deal of anger or, hopefully, it`ll generate a sense of agreement in your minds.

Perhaps that`s wishful thinking.

However, having taken time to mull this over I reckon it seriously could be time that we drop Dele Alli for a spell. Hear me out.

First, a disclaimer. I love the young midfielder and think he`s potentially one of the best talents this country has seen in terms of a goal-scoring player from deep since the likes of Lampard at Chelsea.

He`s still got a way to go, though, and that has been proven with a below par campaign and him grabbing the headlines for rash challenges and diving.

Clearly, this is more third-season syndrome than that associated with the second year at a club and I`m more than sure we`ll see him get back to his best sooner rather than later.

To speed the process up, though, I think it`d be worth leaving him out and going with an attacking midfield trio of Eriksen, Lamela and Son.

Though Christian operates on the left more often than not, now might be the right time to play him more centrally because he`s definitely good enough – especially in the form he is in.

Then, on one wing, we`ve Erik, who Poch clearly loves, and with him having a busy time against Rochdale his confidence must be through the roof.

And, on the other flank, there`s everyone`s favourite South Korean who I think has been an absolute star this year.

In that three, we`ve got bundles of confidence, talent and, most crucially, form and so it wouldn`t even be a risk to take Alli out for a bit.

Then, when he`s freshened up, we`ll be able to bring him back in to the side for the final important weeks of the campaign.

It`s really not that bad an idea if I do say so myself!

Agree with me? Let me know in the poll!

Do I need to go into hiding now?!


19 Replies to “Is It Time For Tottenham Hotspur To Ruffle Dele`s Feathers?”

  • I would disagree that Eriksen plays from the left, I see him as more of a free role player that roams. I think Dele Alli has played better than he has been credited for recently, although he was poor earlier in the season. He had some awful games but still came up with assists while playing crap. I?m also not phased by this diving nonsense, the lad gets hacked constantly. You could make a case for leaving him on bench because of how sharp Lamela and Lucas the bald assassin have looked recently but not because Dele is doing anything wrong. He could do with working on his finishing but he seems more interested in setting goals up for others which I can?t help but admire.

  • Why drop Dele our best player after Harry Kane. He is coming into form and always puts in a great shift. Different if was carrying an injury or needs a rest but to drop him on a whim is wrong and unlikely to improve the team,. Lamela has stepped up his game and justifies his place, he might be given the Huddersfield game off to be ready for Juventus!. Regarding diving when Man Utd’s Chris Smalling did a blatant dive the TV corresponds said nothing. A different response for Liverpool and Manchester clubs compared with Tottenham but then most commentators support our rivals!

  • I would not drop the play who has Deli-cious aspects to his game, but I’d rotate him with Moura, Son, and Lamela. Give Christian E a rest on ocassion, too, but if any of the lot are untouchable its the latter, CE. So, rotate Lucas, Son, Lamela, and Deli-catessen, play CE most of the time but give him a rest when possible. Let this lot play at full speed and run the opposition ragged, with frequent rotations and substitutions. Deli is a Delicacy but he’s not Delicate. As to the diving, he’s the 9th most fouled player in all of the top European leagues; that earns him some sympathy in my mind. When I think about the group of quick and skilled group we have in attacking midfield I’m not sure there’s an equal in European footie. Keep them fresh to keep them quick. Better quick than dead and this is an animated lot. Spirit has been breathed into all of them by the gods. Rotate don’t amputate. Keep them animate.

  • I don’t see much wrong with Dele’s performances at the moment, but when he isn’t playing well, he’s never dropped anyway. Definitely an MP favourite. He does something no other player does however, which is his off the ball vertical runs, meaning even when he isn’t playing well, he’s adding a dynamic to the teams play that no-one else can replicate as effectively.

  • There’s no reason Ali should be an automatic starter given the quality of the alternatives. At the moment he’s nowhere near the level he was at last season. Comparing him to Lampard may make sense in terms of ability but Frank was a much more professional player, closer to Kane than Dele. I would actually leave Eriksen and Son alone and simply play Lamela instead of Ali and see how that works out. Of course that all ignores Moura who is already pushing for a starting place. When you are playing twice a week it would make sense to rotate the three attacking midfield players anyway. Maybe if he felt his place was under threat Dele would get his act together.

  • Watching the Rochdale match, Lamela was everywhere but barely out wide on either flank, Son played centrally right across the middle most of the time but veered to the left, as did Lucas but he veered more to the right. When Dele plays he also covers a lot of ground often coming deep and also putting in a lot of defensive stuff. As well as those constant late runs into the box. Eriksen (as Dier by name has pointed out) is also everywhere. And Poch subtly changes all this from match to match as he does in-match. … As for Dele himself, I think he is playing his best football of the season right now, so why drop him? Rotate him yes, but that is not the same thing.

  • don’t hesitate to rotate, but don’t deprecate. the man no hesitate. him direct correct. nor castigate nor castigate the man. we no can replicate his talent. the man does the space liberate. let him play, man. let him play. and let Poch teach him, reach him and never preach him, for he stubborn and burn when him a run. no one like Mr. New Deli run dem channel like he do. watched him flew.

    no come back to your best, Mr. Dellli Allli. Ur best. Be blessed. Fly like a caribbean rythym. Them no canna catch you if you do. nuff respect.

  • lol HT. I’ve been listening to dance hall and konpa for a few hours. check out Black Alex and king posse on you tube. to bad the great Black Alex is the late Black Alex. the best far too often die too young. but us old farts keep going. i’m not sure which is the greater tragedy.

  • It’s an option to consider to avoid tiredness and jadedness but only in such circumstances. As for diving – what about naturally protecting yourself and the fact that a supremely gifted player in and around the opposition’s goal means that tackles will fly in and cause trouble?! Lamela wishes he had Dele’s end product – let’s see what he produces from here to end of season – it’s Lamela’s place which is up for grabs/ in contention not DA’s.

  • People frequently talk of Dele’s poor attitude and/or short fuse. But what I often see is that he is constantly being hacked at and draws many genuine fouls in most matches he plays. I also see him, more often than not, get up and calmly get on with it, and with a wry smile on his face. People do also complain about his moaning when he does get chopped. Occasionally, yes he does complain to the ref and/or have a dig at the opposition player responsible for the foul. But, most players do and, wouldn’t you? It must get very frustrating for a young lad that obviously wants to simply enjoy his game and demonstrate this with his many footballing skills and crafty trickery. Even so, when I do see him pick himself up and he cracks that cheeky smile and the frown has gone, I know he is more than likely going to then do a little something that’s special. It may not be always but it is often.

  • Here we go, its our player whose diving so its OK. Kane doesn’t feel the need to dive, neither does Eriksen, they both get fouled, any good player does. They don’t all cheat the way Dele does. Its wrong whoever is doing it, just because its our player doesn’t suddenly make it right.

  • Alli is a very clever player at drawing fouls, but he started to cross the line with blatant dives. He just needs to reign it in and let his talent draw genuine fouls like the last few seasons.

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