Date: 8th September 2017 at 10:18pm
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It seems that Vincent Janssen has saved himself from getting splinters on his backside in accepting a last minute loan to Turkey

The season long loan to Fenerbahce, may not of course be the end for the player who has struggled to score or really find a flow to his game since joining and his self confidence looks shot, to the point he simply doesn`t look like he is enjoying the experience.

As fans we seem split on whether he would eventually come good given time and games, but Poch seems to have made up his mind and the signing of Llorente surely signalled the end to any hopes of even a five minute cameo at the end of games. You can see us occasionally pairing Fernando and Harry, but if a third striker is needed, Surely Son Heung-min still remains the favoured choice over Janssen, so his leaving is the best solution for all parties.

For me, I liked the idea of Vincent joining a Prem side and a seven goal + Prem season would perhaps tell us more than scoring twenty in other country such as Holland or Turkey. Thats not to dismiss those leagues as being rubbish, but more about his ability to play an English game. He has the strength, but does he have the guile and turn of pace required to cut it in any elite league?

Perhaps the influence of Robin van Persie played a part in Janssen`s decision? RVP will now be a team mate, but has repeatedly proved himself as an exceptional striker wherever he has played. Will his character and experience revitalise his fellow countryman? Perhaps, but I guess he will have to do something spectacular to convince Poch he is worth another shot and even that may depend on the success of failure of Llorente.

I would imagine this is a loan where his success or failure will only define his future market value, so perhaps we should hope for goals galore and a big money deal next summer. No doubt Mr Levy is already doing the sums…

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  • Welcome back OX. I saw glimpses of good things in Janssen but he has obviously not progressed as quick as Poch would have liked. Llorente could be a stop gap signing to give Janssen more time, or we’re looking to sell, i think the latter is more plausible.

  • If we intended to retain Janssen, a domestic Prem move would have potentially been beneficial. Gain confidence with goals and regular football and build the game for England.

  • Ox, from what i have read in various reports Janssen turned down loan moves to PL clubs, if it’s true it’s a shame, as you pointed out, it would have been beneficial to the player and club.

  • I really would’ve liked to have seen him loaned to out a PL outfit, e.g., WBA, Palace, Brighton. Not only he’d have got a PROPER PL experience, get plenty game time, but may just have helped us in our quest for another top 4 finish, scoring against our rivals. A move abroad tells me he is as good as permanently gone……. Here’s hoping Poch’s signings this summer turn his recruitment stats around as Jannsen is another that’s tipped the success ratio to under 50%.

  • Best to do it quickly than waste another season not having a proper backup to Kane. Llorente will give us time to seek a good young, proven striker.

  • Hey Ox. Is it the end? Not unless he has a terminal illness. Life goes on, but maybe not at Spurs. Good luck to him whatever happens. Have to agree with all the comments so far.

  • Welcome back ox, great to see articles by you. I’m gutted he’s going … let’s hope he gets in gear and then comes back stronger

  • Either way it is beneficial that he goes on loan. If we intend to keep, then he comes back with a full season under his belt, and a more mature player. If we are looking to sell, his value will be maximised when playing. If we have an injury crisis, I wonder could we recall Janssen…? Although Kane, Son, Llorente should be enough. I personally think that Janssen brings a tenacity that we do not otherwise have in the squad, so I would have preferred him to stay… But game time would be so limited, it would be hard. Ultimately I think he will make it as an epl level player. Maybe not a goal machine, but perhaps behind a main striker a la Keane paired with Berba.

  • I’m concerned that he turned down English clubs but agreed a loan to Turkey. That tells me he’s written off the premier league regardless of Poch’s views. Its a pity, I thought he had something, but you’ve just got to move on. The fact we’ve signed Llorente as a short term solution tells you just how hard it is to find strikers of the required quality that fit our system at prices we can afford. I can see this saga of trying to find Kane’s back up going on and on. It does highlight just how incredibly lucky we got with Kane.

  • Though hardly fat, I always felt he could b a little trimmer and perhaps as a result have that extra mobility/zip

  • Agreed Ox, This season I was disappointed not to see a fitter and leaner looking Janssen to the one that looked heavy / weighty lacked a turn of pace and zip. I liked his self belief and optimism. I believe he felt he could stay and make it at Spurs which Is why he turned down those EPL clubs. Playing in Turkey will tell us very little about Janssen. He’s now in a no win situation, score for fun in Turkey the response will be ‘inferior league but can he do it in the prem? If he fails over there, the response will be, definitely not good enough. – I just don’t see anyway back for him. If I’m honest, the more he played the less likely I felt he’d succeed with us. I have no sentiments for him because all I care about is having a decent back up For Kane Llorente I believe is a huge improvement for us and our bid for silverware…coys

  • I agree with Jod, the fact that he chose to go to Turkey rather than accept a loan to an English EPL club summarizes his ambition and intentions for the future. He probably realises that the PL is not for him, many of us would heartily agree. Hopefully a permanent move will be negotiated on completion of his loan period. The problem in looking for a young proven striker is that such a player would want more game time than we would be able to give him. Lloriente at his age, and with his past experience and proven scoring ability, is the ideal 2nd striker to back up, and cover for Harry Kane.

  • Well I do see a positive in his move to Turkey, We’re looking for him first and foremost to rebuild his confidence and rediscover the goal scoring touch. 12 months in an “inferior” league playing with his fellow country man with unquestionable ability can only help him in this endeavour. If he returns to us with 15+ goals under his belt then perhaps a 6 month premier league loan move to a premiership team would be a much better proposition then. But sending Janssen to Brighton now where he would be under pressure immediately to perform and be slatted if he did a “Renato Sanchez” on it, could potentially crush him completely and nearly wipe out any residual value there.

  • Frank – A young proven striker is a contradiction in terms. If he’s young then by definition he won’t have played enough games to be proven. Unless of course he’s a superstar who was knocking them in at seventeen, in which case he’s outside our price range anyway. While Llorente may do well for us there are two problems. Firstly he’s short term, a season or two down the track and we are doing the whole find a striker routine all over again. Secondly if we want him to score goals we need to provide him with the service. He won’t be running all over the pitch, he will need crosses into the box. It will be interesting to see how well we adapt.

  • Good move for him, he needs game time, a decent player but doesn’t fit our system, i wish him good luck for the future.

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