Date: 24th May 2018 at 3:00pm
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The Mirror is reporting that Manchester United have opened negotiations over signing Toby Alderweireld.

The newspaper says that we are looking for a figure close to the £75m that Liverpool paid for Southampton’s Virgil van Dijk.

The price tag was believed to be closer to £55m but chairman Daniel Levy wants to hold out for £20m more despite the Belgian international being available for just £25m next summer.

Here is the Twitter reaction to the story:


The Mirror’s “exclusive” has not been backed up by any other major news source other than the Daily Mail, who suggest the fee will be “in excess” of £50m.

For now, I would wait until there is a more reliable story before debating too much about the merits of selling Toby. His sale has been on the cards for a while due to the breakdown in contract talks, but so far there hasn’t been a bid from any club for the defender.


7 Replies to “‘I’m happy with that,’ ‘It makes no sense’ – Spurs Star’s £75m Asking Price Sparks Lively Debate”

  • Sell Toby and get in De Ligt – looks like a new version of him. Toby is now 29, had a serious injury this season, wants wages/deal we are not willing to match. We already have Verts whose 31 and with the new stadium costs we need to box clever especially in the near future. With Verts, Sanchez, De Ligt, Foyth and Vickers not to mention Dier that’s CB sorted for the considerabe future. It’s a hard one, he’s top notch and got an understanding with Verts – I’d like to keep him but there are good reason’s also to cash in but one would hope it would be abroad and not to Utd – that said if it has to be Utd lets take them for all we can. £60m would be very nice.

  • No sale to a direct competitor, as Modric to Chavs, refused, thus went to RM for less dosh.

    As we finished 3rd without Toby for majority of the season, how does selling him make us a worse team, though would like him to stay, on agreed terms if possible. COYS

  • IF Toby goes to manure there is no guarantee that he will be as good as he was with us due to the fact that he won’t be playing alongside his fellow countryman and international Verts.
    I think that could make a huge difference to his quality of play.
    I’d sell him in a heartbeat for that money as he obviously doesn’t want to stay, so what is the point of forcing him.
    Get as much cash out of him as possible and buy Bale.
    He will lower his wage demands as he wants to come back to us, apparently,
    so we get Bale and with the money from other sales and Levy we can replace Toby with someone younger, more hungry and who will be a long term prospect, not a 29 year old injury prone defender who will only perform at the top of his game a couple more seasons at the most I reckon.
    Plus as I said with the Verts thing as well, I reckon he won’t be anywhere near as formidable as he has been with us.

  • If he stays I reckon within two seasons he will be relegated to a squad player as we ease in a younger, fitter and better replacement, then his sell on value won’t be up to much, so get rid of him now.
    We did well enough without him for most of the season, so what is the worry about not having him here? None that I can see.

  • If Man Utd buy Toby and Willian, they’ll be a team of overpaid pensioners in a couple of seasons, with a serious rebuild on their hands..

  • If Man utd buy toby & willian they will be PL title winners at least once in 2 years. So we should sell toby to European club, PSG or Barca, R Madrid or B Munich….or even px for one of their players.

  • block d spurs, any team capable of consistently spending £75m+ on single players annually and paying silly wages, while being managed by a top 20 manager, will eventually win the league. Its only a matter of time. Man City could have bought Trippier, instead of Kyle Walker and they’d have still walked the premiership btw.

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