Date: 4th July 2019 at 8:14am
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It’s All About The Timing!

With the addition of our latest signing, the THFC project has stepped up another level. We all knew it had to. And many of us predicted that it would. There may well be further additions to the squad and, although none of them will guarantee silverware, they will guarantee that we have a better chance of success.

Levy’s vision for the project, his vision for the future of Tottenham, was always about building a sustainable future for the club. And it was always about building carefully and in a timely fashion. ‘Timely’ never meant ‘now’, it meant when the time is right. Many supporters understood this. Many supporters, demanding immediate success, didn’t.

The project has been developed in stages and is now at a place where most supporters would like to be. But it’s not over, and it never will be. Every club is a work in progress for as long as it exists.

The club needed a world class training facility. Levy provided it. The club needed a world class stadium. Levy provided it. The club needed various sponsorship contracts. Levy provided them. The club needed partnerships that would raise the profile of the club whilst reaping financial rewards. Levy provided them. The club needed to generate a broader income base to ensure a financial future that would be more comparative with our main rivals. Levy provided this, too. But there’s more to come – the stadium naming rights being the most crucial and who would doubt that Levy will eventually make this an extremely lucrative piece of business.

With everything else finally in place, all that was required was a statement of intent to the effect that the club is now ready to compete for the ‘better’ players in the transfer market; that the club would now be willing to depart from a playing-staff budget that has been tightly controlled. Levy has now stated that intent by shattering the club’s previous transfer record.

It’s still early days yet and, although some gloom and doom minded supporters remain locked in the past, fail to embrace the present, and lack the ability to perceive a vision for what awaits in the future …. what’s not to like for the rest of us? Whether it’s doom and gloom or happy and clappy, the reality is that it’s normal for supporters to be on different pages of the same book.

This is how I see it. How about you?

And if you’re wondering what that noise is, it’s the sound of a cockerel crowing over North London!

Gotta love football.

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103 Replies to “If you’re wondering what that noise is, it’s the sound of a cockerel crowing over North London!”

  • Gazza on the other hand shot air rifle pellets at it and made dents in our good ol’ iconic golden cockerel…

    I’m sure there’s some more saucy innuendo in there if you can find it, TQ2… LOL!

  • Danny, if and when you are reading posts on this thread, is there any chance that you could delete my posts that refer to my personal background? The ones which are my responses to Belgianspur.

    Not only is there personal info that I have decided that I don’t really want to share on here but I feel they are so far away from the spirit of Geofspurs topic that I am embarrassed about their content.

    I would have messaged you personally on this but I am having difficulty in logging in… Cheers.

  • HT …. I don’t see any problem with your posts. I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you, mate. Certainly no need to be embarrassed.

  • HT…..I am with Geof there, no prob’s with your posts, keep up the good work/writing, majority of us love em! COYS

  • That’s kind of you Geof. But I do feel like a fool.

    In an attempt to be a real-life person with real-life experiences, as opposed to just an anonymous poster with an opinion; It seems the more I give away of myself the less is understood of me. I tried (foolishly) to explain (YET AGAIN) to BS why his assumptions about me as a person are wrong and he then gets me even more wrong than if I had said nothing. In fact he is basically telling me I can’t possibly have been the person that I’m saying I was and am.

    And, the reason for my embarrassment is that I then come across as someone that is boasting about themselves whereby my only intention was to explain myself in an honest and open fashion and put the record straight about where I am coming from with regard to my passion and love of the game of football.

    Sadly I’m then told that there are low-level footballers in Belgium that must surely prove their superior level of commitment to the game because of an attitude to winning at all costs, that BS himself says can be seen as immoral… And uses that as a reason to undermine my own commitment to the game simply because I gained enjoyment from the sport…

    This is so alien to me and god knows I hope (and do actually believe) that my experience is the more common one, the world over. Because if people don’t start kicking a ball about because they enjoy kicking a ball about then pray tell me why did they bother in the first place?

    I was talking about my experience as an 11 year old kid. A kid that spent hours and hours training and practicing football in an attempt to be the very best I could be. And There’s BS telling me about adult men who’s motto is to win at all costs because they need to put food on the table. What effing 11 year old needs to think like that, and in a so called 1st world country?! When I know that kids and adults the world over and in the some of the most poverty stricken circumstances, can still play football and other sports with a smile on their face…

    And then why doesn’t he even then consider to ask me why as a young kid I was working to pay for my own kit etc., and not my Mother or Father? It’s because my Mother as a single parent could not bloody afford to pay for football boots and put food on our table! That for an 11 year old is what I would call commitment! And it’s not all about me. It’s about all the thousands of kids like me, for many generations, that came from a similar background. What John Lennon may have referred to as “Working Class Hero’s”… And what makes a working class hero a hero? The fact that they don’t ever see themselves as a bloody hero in the first place… They just do what they gotta do in a true, honest and dedicated fashion.

    Talking to BS is like talking to a bloody alien form of Artificial Intelligence. Let alone a form of AT that was built by a fellow human being! LOL! And arguing with alien and artificial intelligence makes me look a complete and utter fool when knowing that all I write just will not COMPUTE!

    Up the Human Race!

  • The cockerel crows, loud n proud… Then along comes Mr. killjoy to wrap a bleedin’ gag around its beak!

  • HT …. I think if you were to look back over the threads you would find we all give personal information about ourselves. It’s impossible not to if we want to pass on an opinion based on our own experiences. Just keep doing what you do …. it’s one of the main reasons I stay on here.

  • I echo Geofs comment HT, just keep doing what you’re doing and keep polishing that cockerel! :- )

  • HT… Don’t worry about your posts / BS posts. None of us take posting on VS too seriously or personal. As Geof says we have all given a little bit of personal info. over the years. Please keep writing your opinions and views. If you feel there is a personal attack, speak to the moderator in a personal message on the forum email. COYS

  • Speaking as an 11 yrs old football playing lad… I remember hours of practice kicking the old leather lace up / (bladder) ball against my parents garage back wall. I remember how dangerous these balls were, laces cut your head when heading, ball weighed heavy when wet and muddy… like trying to head / kick a ten pin bowling ball across the pitch…. happy days??? lol

  • B108 …. That’s why I never headed the ball. It would have knocked my head off. Frank will remember those times.

  • Geof… exactly, this was in the 1960’s…thats why i was RW most of the games I played for years after.. plus i could run a bit and outpace the opposition. Ten years later fast running and a clear head, (no hangover) as when playing sunday mornings on Hackney Marshes you did not want to have broken bones as tackles were 100 mph and intent on causing injury as you were an attacking threat and needed stopping.

  • Geof and the rest of you oldies, me included, I remember those days of the bladder ball, and being a CH my bloody forehead not only hurt, but was marked by the laces seam for what seemed as forever, those were the days lol!

    HT…keep up with your “cheeky” early days revelations, majority of us love em!

    By the way just had my “S**t hole” as my missus put it, redecorated, dedicated to Spurs in every way, see still young at heart. COYS

  • Further to my last post, my grand kids love my new “S**t hole”/ room, and my kids their parents, ask me “how old are you Dad?” I just laugh and say as young as I feel. COYS

  • Looks like Juan Foyth could be playing a similar role to Davies (but on the right) going forward. If I remember right he played at least one game for us at right back towards the end of the season and has now played 3 games at right back for Argentina, reports suggest he put in very competent performances. This might be the making of the lad and suit him better than playing centre back where he has been a bit out of his depth at times. It seems Poch likes to have the option of one defensive minded full back (who can also switch to a centre back in a 3) and one wing back option for each side so we may see him more in this role in the coming season with one of Trippier/Aurier/W-Peters as the wing back option. With the introduction of Ndombele we may also see Dier rotating more as a centre back and less in the defensive midfield role.

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