Date: 4th July 2019 at 8:14am
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It’s All About The Timing!

With the addition of our latest signing, the THFC project has stepped up another level. We all knew it had to. And many of us predicted that it would. There may well be further additions to the squad and, although none of them will guarantee silverware, they will guarantee that we have a better chance of success.

Levy’s vision for the project, his vision for the future of Tottenham, was always about building a sustainable future for the club. And it was always about building carefully and in a timely fashion. ‘Timely’ never meant ‘now’, it meant when the time is right. Many supporters understood this. Many supporters, demanding immediate success, didn’t.

The project has been developed in stages and is now at a place where most supporters would like to be. But it’s not over, and it never will be. Every club is a work in progress for as long as it exists.

The club needed a world class training facility. Levy provided it. The club needed a world class stadium. Levy provided it. The club needed various sponsorship contracts. Levy provided them. The club needed partnerships that would raise the profile of the club whilst reaping financial rewards. Levy provided them. The club needed to generate a broader income base to ensure a financial future that would be more comparative with our main rivals. Levy provided this, too. But there’s more to come – the stadium naming rights being the most crucial and who would doubt that Levy will eventually make this an extremely lucrative piece of business.

With everything else finally in place, all that was required was a statement of intent to the effect that the club is now ready to compete for the ‘better’ players in the transfer market; that the club would now be willing to depart from a playing-staff budget that has been tightly controlled. Levy has now stated that intent by shattering the club’s previous transfer record.

It’s still early days yet and, although some gloom and doom minded supporters remain locked in the past, fail to embrace the present, and lack the ability to perceive a vision for what awaits in the future …. what’s not to like for the rest of us? Whether it’s doom and gloom or happy and clappy, the reality is that it’s normal for supporters to be on different pages of the same book.

This is how I see it. How about you?

And if you’re wondering what that noise is, it’s the sound of a cockerel crowing over North London!

Gotta love football.

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103 Replies to “If you’re wondering what that noise is, it’s the sound of a cockerel crowing over North London!”

  • Correct me if I am wrong but I think am getting the gist from some, not all, on here, that we/Spurs are a one man team where CE is concerned, sorry! but if CE wants to leave then Ta Ta and thanks for your service, but the mighty Spurs will adapt and keep marching on.

    Some go on about winning trophies, well with CE in the ranks we haven’t anyway, maybe a slight adaption without him and then go on to win that be all and end all trophy, who knows. COYS

    • Not one person has said we are a one man team where Eriksen is concerned from what I can see.

      Eriksen has got into double figures with goals and assists pretty much every season he has been here. Any team would miss that kind of return.

      I would say it’s virtually impossible for us to sign a player of equal quality. However there are some really good AM options around at the moment that will certainly help when he goes.

      He has given us really good service, I won’t begrudge him when he goes.

  • HT – you can think as highly of yourself as you like. My personal opinion, after some 25 years of playing football, is that it doesn’t matter what you think of yourself, especially as a captain. The only thing that matters for a captain is what others think of you. And the reality is that it’s almost impossible to please everybody, as a team is often made up of a collection of individuals who have very different expectations. So no matter how much you talk yourself up, in the end the football does the talking. And usually, the best way to bring different people together isn’t effort – it’s… winning.

    • It has nothing to do with what I thought of myself. It was all about my team. Personally I lack confidence in almost everything I do and I am far from perfect. I am a humble man…

      Working hard for your team mates, as I always did is far from being about ego. It was all about encouraging them to be the best they can but never knocking them when they are down…

      I didn’t choose to be captain. In fact I refused. They insisted on it because of my attitude and winning mentality. But I was told this. I thought I was simply just doing my job as a goalkeeper.

  • jod – “Why do people assume Eriksen has to be replaced ? Its always an option to change the shape of the team.”

    That’s fair enough. But even if you don’t bring in a like for like replacement, you are still going to have to compensate what Eriksen brought to the team, even if that contribution is spread amongst several players. Who is going to take set pieces? Who is going to step up and produce the assists Eriksen is bringing? I’m all for looking at things differently, but looking at the squad today, it seems to be that we’re going to have to bring in more creativity from somewhere, if Eriksen goes.

  • BS …. You have to think highly of yourself and respect yourself before you can do the same for others. And the way to bring people together is certainly not by winning, which means other people lose. it’s by caring.

  • Geof “To be honest I think it’s the latter and a more consistent creative player would be a big improvement. It’s why I’m not too concerned about the possibility of him leaving.”

    OK, but going along with that, how much is a “more consistent creative player” going to cost? Sure, there are better creative players out there than Eriksen. But not many. I’d be all for the idea of replacing Eriksen, with say, Kevin De Bruyne. But that’s not realistic.

    If we can’t keep Eriksen because it’s gotten too expensive to do so, that implies that we are fishing in a price range where finding an adequate player is going to be a struggle. We’d have to assume that we can find a player who is just as creative, yet more consistent than Eriksen, but cost less.

    While we all like the sound of that idea, the reality is that it’s almost impossible to deliver on that promise, in my opinion. But if you want to throw some names out there, I’m sure we’d all like to discuss them.

  • Geof – “You have to think highly of yourself and respect yourself before you can do the same for others.”

    Why? What about something called humility?

    My experience with football, and this is especially true the higher you play, is that you’re usually dealing with highly competitive, driven people who are motivated by results. Having one team win and another lose is inherent to football, or any competitive sport. If winning isn’t the end goal, it wouldn’t be a sport. It’d be a hobby.

    While I agree that caring brings people together in most walks of life, sports are different animals because they are competitive by nature. I am saying this from personal experience, having actually been paid to play football when I was younger.

    In fact, between ages 16 and 25, I used to play for a club in the Belgian 5th tier which used to pay us 150€ per point we won (plus a small bonus for showing up to every practice). A good month meant almost 2.000€, tax-free. A bad month meant as little as 0€.

    As a student, I was already happy with anything I got. But for some of the older players, working in construction or bars, that money went a long way to feed kids and stuff. I can guarantee that winning was on everyone’s mind.

    And this was in the Belgian 5th tier, when football is supposed to be fun. I can only imagine it got even more competitive higher up, with winning trumping everything else.

    • I don’t think the WC had a big effect on us. We had a record breaking points haul approaching Xmas but then slumped out of contention. We certainly didn’t fail having achieved the requisite top 4 spot. The CL run was a bonus. But we did go backwards overall from the previous season, due entirely imo from the lack of quality signings. We need an infusion of forward driving power to raise the tempo as we had become too predictable. Hopefully NDombele will provide what we lost as Dembele’s influence waned.

  • Funny that BS, because when I was a kid everything I did that I enjoyed I had to work hard for. It cost me money to achieve being a good footballer. Money that I had to earn stacking shelves and at several other mundane jobs. I paid for my music lessons, my musical instruments and I paid to play my football. And that football was played at a current PL London club that finished above Spurs last season. Yes, it cost me to play for them!

    And when I was an adult playing for a high level amateur side I also had to pay for the privilege. My winning mentality was in my nature, not at all about money! And it taught me well about life…

  • BS …. Humility comes later, when you deal with other people. Before that you have to deal with yourself.

    I suppose you might have said it would cost too much to replace Dembele. But yesterday we paid ‘too much’ for someone although it seems it wasn’t too much after all. Would it cost any more to replace Eriksen. I doubt it. I can give you names if you can give me the names of players you’ve never heard of.

  • I’m off to watch some tennis so it’s goodnight from down under. Talking about Levy ….

  • BS – perhaps you don’t realise it but when you start your posts by repeating what somone else has written it does come across as being rather condescending, you are usually replying directly to them so there should be no need to repeat it. I think the rest can all follow the conversation well enough so indicating who you are replying to should be sufficient. Just saying. :- )

  • Geof….why bother going off to watch some tennis, there’s match going on on here, back n forth lol, though am not sure of the score at the mo! COYS

  • BelgianSpur – Obviously you need to come up with a formation that works. I’d maybe look at when Liverpool sold Coutinho. They didn’t replace him and arguably got left with a less creative midfield, but it didn’t seem to reduce the goals scored. I can think of two possible formations with what we’ve got right now. One is stick with two in midfield, play Ali behind Kane and Son and Moura wide, trying to create more down the wings. The second is play a midfield three with Winks and Ndombele charged with creating the chances. That would probably reduce the goals against. You’d only know if either of these worked by trying them. At the start of last season I didn’t think Winks and Sissoko could be effective together and they proved me wrong.

    • If Erikson wants to go then sell him.
      I’m sure poch and levy had that in mind when players were being scouted and has identified a player.
      In poch and levy I trust and know other players will pass through the revolving door….coys

  • As to CE: one never knows, but a loss can be a gain. Brazil lost Neymar to injury in the Copa America and have been a far better team without him. Who knew Everton Soares of Gremio would improve the overall flow of he team? By the way, he was named after Paul McCartney’s favorite team.

  • Great time to be a Spurs fan, although you might not believe it after reading some comments.

    Facilties are top notch, we have a competitive squad and CL qualification.

    Ndombele appears to be acknowledgement of the hole left by the Mouse and sensible attempt to fill it. It’s not as if we bought a new RB with 3 on the books, is it?

    We seem to be a better team than the one occupied by a certain Garath Bale, Berbatov, Modric or Michael Carrick, who all went on to play for the biggest teams in and amass a truckload of trophies.

    The team is more important than a player, evidenced by the improvement Poch achieved in the players – Total worth more than the sum of the parts – with none being regarded as world class prior to his arrival.

    BS – I think you set yourself up by making up an argument despite what was written by geofspurs, who never claimed any kind of victory but merely summed up the journey this club is on.

    There’s always a ‘what if?’ in football (Leicester), but we can also reasonably deduce what we think is likely to happen – Man City to challenge, newly promoted teams to struggle, Spurs in top 4… this is what bookies do, and I think you’ll find that their predictions fell in line with what most Spurs, and other fans, were expected to achieve – Top 4, good cup runs/win (a semi and a final, lost to the 3rd and 2nd PL teams respectively).

    I’m going for similar to last season, with improvement due to better pre-season and a home ground. Let’s see if the bookies are like minded.

    Lastly, captains have to be able to inspire their teammates and that comes with earning their respect. Working within a team requires all round effort first, then the hope that there’s ability to go with it – Earning the right to play your football.

    It’s harder to play against a team than a squad of 11 players.

  • It makes me fume when City is referred to as the best PL team ever. Which team do they mean? They have endless permutations of top quality players who are content with half the games for double the money. Fair play my ass. We’re all playing for second place.

  • I do find it odd to still go on about the good ex-players that were sold in the past. and use that as a bad example of Spurs’ ambition. Or lack of ambition to improve and succeed.

    Because we have moved up the ladder every time. We recently sold Dembele and Walker but then went on to reach A CL final for the first time in our history. And apparently with inferior players in their place.

    So yes, I agree with melloSPUR. It is more about the team and squad. The sum of its parts and not just individuals. Individuals and their talent and skills do count of course. But it’s within a strong team and club ethic that we will see them shine. And also stay around the club much longer than many supporters ever seem to think they will, given their wage packet etc.

    For example, if CE leaves this summer he would have been at Spurs for 6 seasons. Believe it or not for a player of his standing (or indeed any player), this is seen as a fair innings in the modern game. And that is whether it’s at Spurs, City, United or Fulham. But given that Spurs haven’t won anything during Eriksen’s 6 seasons, it makes it all the more impressive, his length of stay.

    So, we have done well out of his service and we would do remarkably well to keep him even longer.

    It’s ironic that Spurs supporters were always saying that we’d never keep hold of a player like him, without CL football. And yet if he does now leave, it’ll be after 3 successive seasons of CL football and a final… It’s actually more likely that our better players will leave, the better we do. But equally, we will also attract better players to come to the club.

    All this suggests to me that on the whole our players tend to be happy at Spurs and are hardly ever In a rush to leave. So, why do some folks still insist that our club does a bad job of keeping these guys, when the evidence actually shows us the opposite? It’s a good sign that they leave for the likes of Real, City and and United. We don’t like it but lets face it, most players leave clubs because they are not good enough not because they are too good! It’s a good sign of Spurs progression that Real are still after our better players… Unless of course we see ourselves as superior to the very best whilst somehow seeing us not being that good at all. Which is it to be? Are we superior or are we shit? HAHA!

    Anyway, like I said, I’m confident in our manager and club to deal with his departure in the best way we possibly and realistically can. It’s the real deal at THFC with real players, real manager and real chairman… It’s not fantasy football or a bleedin’ computer game!

  • To be fair Poch did confirm towards the end of the season that last summer numerous players did ask too leave. So not entirely accurate there Hot. Sure we kept them but that doesn’t mean they were happy.

    Anyway hopefully this summer we sell the players that want out. If that means our best players so be it. We need hungry players and players that want to be here. Plenty of games in the premiership last season some players were not giving 100% commitment.

    Signing Ndombele has given us some momentum this summer, fingers crossed we carry this on with some more top signings.

  • If I recall correctly MP said that there were players calling him during the WC that wanted to make moves. He explained that he thought this was a good thing because they were showing ambition in wanting to make a step up to more successful clubs. To win titles etc… He apparently informed Levy that these are the type of player he wants to keep at the club… Players that want to win stuff!

    I can only presume that these offers didn’t actually emerge and that’s why they stayed. That is not a question of being happy at Spurs or not being happy. And, this was exactly what I am referring to. Players wanting to leave to better themselves at better clubs… I also don’t see this as a bad reflection on THFC. But a sign that we have moved up in the world if our players are deemed good enough for a step up…. Which was one of my main points.

  • Players can be just as naive as any supporter is and believe any old stuff they read in the media. Even when it’s about themselves. We often hear players saying stuff like; “I’ve heard the rumours about this or that club wanting me”. Or that their club/manager wants them out.

    And it’s often just that. Idle gossip and rumour from whatever dubious source. Take your pick from many…

    And when the offer they were perhaps expecting for whatever reason, doesn’t happen… Then they just have to get on with their job at hand until that offer does come along… Or they force a move, once they know for sure.

    • Or perhaps Levy and Poch just said no you are not going anywhere. I guess we will never really know for sure. But we lost 20 games in all competitions last season so everything wasn’t perfect that’s for sure.

  • Regards players wanting to leave, HT said “just get on with their job at hand” how very simple is that, play to your fullest ability/give all for the club paying your wages, no attitude, then other’s will look at you favourably, makes sense in my book, and of course their is always the chance the present club may just offer you a better contract, simple, everyone wins. COYS

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