Date: 4th July 2019 at 8:14am
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It’s All About The Timing!

With the addition of our latest signing, the THFC project has stepped up another level. We all knew it had to. And many of us predicted that it would. There may well be further additions to the squad and, although none of them will guarantee silverware, they will guarantee that we have a better chance of success.

Levy’s vision for the project, his vision for the future of Tottenham, was always about building a sustainable future for the club. And it was always about building carefully and in a timely fashion. ‘Timely’ never meant ‘now’, it meant when the time is right. Many supporters understood this. Many supporters, demanding immediate success, didn’t.

The project has been developed in stages and is now at a place where most supporters would like to be. But it’s not over, and it never will be. Every club is a work in progress for as long as it exists.

The club needed a world class training facility. Levy provided it. The club needed a world class stadium. Levy provided it. The club needed various sponsorship contracts. Levy provided them. The club needed partnerships that would raise the profile of the club whilst reaping financial rewards. Levy provided them. The club needed to generate a broader income base to ensure a financial future that would be more comparative with our main rivals. Levy provided this, too. But there’s more to come – the stadium naming rights being the most crucial and who would doubt that Levy will eventually make this an extremely lucrative piece of business.

With everything else finally in place, all that was required was a statement of intent to the effect that the club is now ready to compete for the ‘better’ players in the transfer market; that the club would now be willing to depart from a playing-staff budget that has been tightly controlled. Levy has now stated that intent by shattering the club’s previous transfer record.

It’s still early days yet and, although some gloom and doom minded supporters remain locked in the past, fail to embrace the present, and lack the ability to perceive a vision for what awaits in the future …. what’s not to like for the rest of us? Whether it’s doom and gloom or happy and clappy, the reality is that it’s normal for supporters to be on different pages of the same book.

This is how I see it. How about you?

And if you’re wondering what that noise is, it’s the sound of a cockerel crowing over North London!

Gotta love football.

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103 Replies to “If you’re wondering what that noise is, it’s the sound of a cockerel crowing over North London!”

  • Despite scraping into the CL final, the team went backwards last season. Too many off-games, injuries and bloopers that our squad could not overcome. True that the stadium uncertainty didn’t help and we would hope that it can now inspire better things. The fear is that the emotional high of reaching the final will have a negative effect on the manager and players alike. That would be Spursy. Time to kick on boys.

  • Not overcoming all of that Love totty would surely mean doing a lot worse than top 4 and the CL final.

    To me, we overcame many of those hurdles admirably and in spite of them. We didn’t fail, we succeeded, against all odds.

    As Dele Alli once said:

    “A rooster (cockerel) crows only when it sees the light. Put him in the dark and he’ll never crow. I have seen the light and I’m crowing.”

    No, Sorry… It was Muhammad Alli!

    Step out of the dark fellow Cockerels and into the light. The cage door is wide open. Spread your wings and fly to freedom! Crow loud. Crow proud…


  • I think it’s far too early to claim victory.

    As I have said before, if N’Dombele’s arrival is offset by the departures of as many as 4 starters (Eriksen, Toby, Rose, Trippier), it’s going to take a rather impressive recruitment effort to bridge the gap.

    At this stage it’s far too early to draw conclusions.

  • LT …. Why waste your time fearing something that may never happened instead of waiting until it does and then feeling justifiably depressed.

  • You know what BS? I wouldn’t care how good a footballer you are, with your attitude, I wouldn’t want you In my team for sure…….

    But, I wouldn’t mind at all if Geof was my captain!

  • BS …. It’s never too early to draw conclusions. Mind you, we might have to keep updating our conclusions …. which makes one wonder if anything will ever be concluded! : – )

  • Good article. Some people talk about last season as if the World Cup and the damage it did our squad never happened. I’d expect our players to start in much better shape next season. Levy once described the new stadium as a “game changer” and it really is. What the Ndombele transfer tells us is not that Levy is letting go of control over the finances (we really don’t need a Spurs equivalent of Ozil) but that we’ve graduated to a new level where we can afford to spend more. That tells you Levy is comfortable over our ability to repay the costs of the new stadium. We seem to be moving to a Jurgen Klopp style transfer policy, focus on the handful of players who can make a genuine difference, be prepared to pay for them, sign and develop promising youngsters where possible, ignore the rest. Of course that does mean we will continue to make relatively few transfers which won’t please people who focus on spending money not what you get for it. People seem to think naming rights are worth more than they really are. I saw an article which valued naming rights for our stadium at £17.5m a year, useful but not a game changer. The thing is I saw another article which reckoned we were earning a similar amount from the catering in the new ground. Its all about maximising revenue from wherever it comes.

  • There’s two ways of looking at things:
    We can look for dark times ahead and, if it happens, feel justified that we predicted it …. but where is any joy in that?
    We can look for the light ahead and if it doesn’t come …. at least we’ve had some joy from the looking.

    Optimist or cynic, I suppose.

  • jod ….’Its all about maximising revenue from wherever it comes.’ Exactly, and that’s what Levy does well.

  • Let`s not put all our hopes and dreams on one signing!

    Don`t get me wrong, he looks great and yes, the signing is a statement of intention (like 80% of our fans losing their shit over this, I`ve never actually seen him play!) a replacement for Dembele, which we missed at the end of last season…..but I can`t see him alone totally transforming the team, loads of idiots yesterday saying we`re now going to win the league next season!!

    I really think the key is Eriksen, he`s the one player over the past 3 seasons we haven`t been able to find a back-up for. When he plays well, we create, and the whole team plays well, when he has an off day (which he did quite a few times in the 2nd half of last season ie: CL final) the whole team seems to struggle.

    Reported yesterday that Ossie A (who usually has his ear to the ground in these matters) said his heart is set on leaving…..I`d like to think we wouldn`t sell to another prem team (and like to think he wouldn`t want to go?) so really Real, Barca or Juve – if he does go, I`m sure we will try for a replacement, but who? never seen the guy from Betis, but definitely don`t rate Ceballos. I don`t think there are too many players out there who could step straight into the team to replace him.

    • I honestly look forward to life without Christian. It won’t bother me at all when he leaves. And although I don’t know the truth of it, I think he probably is about to say Tata To Tottenham!

      Supporters often seem to think that some like for like replacement is necessary when a top player leaves. Personally, I think it’s so much more about the squad and the team and how they adapt. Whether that be with a direct replacement for Christian, or within the current squad or with a new player that may not yet be at his level. After all Christian wasn’t at the level he is now when he arrived at Spurs. Most of our players arrive and then improve. It’s down to our manager his coaching staff the team itself and good solid teamwork and hard work. There is no magic involved.

      I have no doubt that the team and our manager will adapt well without him and quite possibly do better without him… I certainly can’t predict that it’ll definitely be worse.

  • HT – well given that you don’t seem to care about winning trophies, I wouldn’t want to play for your team regardless :-).

    Geof – the conclusion for now can be that it’s positive, but as long as we all agree that it could be a very temporary conclusion!

    peter – “I really think the key is Eriksen, he`s the one player over the past 3 seasons we haven`t been able to find a back-up for. When he plays well, we create, and the whole team plays well, when he has an off day (which he did quite a few times in the 2nd half of last season ie: CL final) the whole team seems to struggle.”

    Couldn’t agree more, although finding a good backup for Kane has been problematic too. I also wonder if the contract uncertainty has affected Eriksen’s form at some point last year.

    • Why do you and others always say that I don’t care about winning trophies. I do. I want Spurs to win everything. I just don’t think it’s the end of the world if we don’t.

      My attitude to sport and playing sport always was and is about winning… But being dignified in defeat is so much more sportsmanlike than wailing like a baby when your team loses, I find…

      And if you had ever watched me play and captain a football team you would most definitely have wanted to play in my team.

      I played to win, I played with soul and I played with joy in my heart and a smile on my face… And as you’re a man that always likes to say ” what if” in the negative; the only ‘if’ I would use with my team mates was IF they can score 4 to our nil in the first half, we can score 5 in the second. And so even if we then lost 4-3 then we could still have some good reason to feel proud… Or, we could of-course played on with our heads down for the next 45 mins and probably get thrashed 8-0!

      And imo, having the attitude that always leans toward the negative is the attitude of a loser. It’s not the other way around. I, my man am a winner. Even when I lose!

      Shame is that so many people just don’t get it… Bill Nicholson did.

  • Jod……you are right to remind folk about the impact of the world cup on our squad this past season, luckily we aren’t going to be so affected as some but the Copa America and Afcon are likely to do the same for the coming season.

    The Afcon is still at it’s round of 16 stage and the final of Copa is still to be played at the weekend. I understand Liverpool set off on their pre-season tour this coming week with many of their top players still involved in the tournaments mentioned and not having yet had a summer break. In addition, the CL qualifiers begin next Tuesday and many of the pre-season friendlies are only a couple of weeks away.

    You have to wonder how much more these international tournament organisers expect to squeeze out of the game on top of the already crammed club commitments.

  • TQ2Spurs – You are right about the Copa America and Afcon but its a question of numbers. At the World Cup because Belgium and England did so well we ended up with more of our players going deeper into the competition than anyone else. It was a bit of a freak situation. That isn’t happening this summer and other teams may well be affected more than us. The tournament organisers don’t give a damn, they don’t pick up the bills the clubs do.

  • Why do people assume Eriksen has to be replaced ? Its always an option to change the shape of the team.

    • Exactly. Liverpool don’t really have a creative midfielder like Eriksen. Look how they do. It’s all about the balance and shape.

  • When Eriksen ‘goes missing’ does the team suffer because there is a lack of creativity or because they are playing with a man less? To be honest I think it’s the latter and a more consistent creative player would be a big improvement. It’s why I’m not too concerned about the possibility of him leaving. I’m sure many would disagree with me.

  • We might see a new formation next season. More of a 433. But either way an attacking player must come in when Eriksen goes. When a top class player goes you have to spend the monies.

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