Date: 30th July 2014 at 10:23am
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So the inevitable article about what to expect of this season has reared its ugly head in my mind. I cant seem to get it out of there and that is where I have trouble.

There is a difference between where I want the club to be, where the club actually is and what we can expect from the club, manager and players this season. I`ll start at the beginning. I want the club challenging at the top of the league year in, year out. Winning trophies regularly and playing the biggest clubs in Europe in the biggest competitions consistently. One day, maybe. When we have the right infrastructure behind the club to support that kind of activity, which I believe we aren’t a million miles away from.

The club has consistently finished between 4th and 7th since the Martin Jol years and I see no reason why this season is going to be any different. We have one of the strongest squads in the league and are not likely to usurp the likes of Chelsea and City any time soon and in recent times are in the mix with Liverpool, Arsenal and Man U but tend to come up short across a whole season. This is based on the past few seasons and not isolated to last season.

So what do I expect from us this year. I try to be as objective as I possibly can and so remove the fine details that make our club Tottenham Hotspur and look at what we should expect. We are a club coming off the back of a very tumultuous campaign featuring two different managers both of which are now not with the club. So the club is adjusting to a new Coach with a completely new coaching staff. It looks like we will be making around 4 signings and moving some players out completely and others out on loan. So the playing staff is remaining fairly stable and remains very high in quality and the depth of that quality remains equally high.

At board level things are very stable and everyone knows what to expect from them. A club in that state I would expect to have a year of stabilising and getting used to the new managers methods. Maintaining their previous position and producing the new coach’s style. Anything above and beyond that would be a bonus.

So when you add the little details back in I would expect us to have some good cup runs, produce a much more easy-on-the-eye attacking style of football and still mixing it with the big boys but I would say 5th or 6th is about right. Anything else is a bonus. Do I believe this squad is capable of getting top 4 or winning a cup? Absolutely they are certainly talented enough on paper. But do I EXPECT that this season. No. What do you want to happen this season? What do you expect to happen this season?

Written by Greekos