Date: 15th June 2018 at 3:00pm
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The Daily Mail are reporting that Jack Grealish is keen on a move to us ahead of other clubs.

Chelsea, Fulham and Leicester City are also said to be in the race to sign the 22-year-old but the midfielder is believed to be excited by the prospect of playing alongside Harry Kane and Dele.

Fans on Twitter were happy that the player is keen on a switch, but not all think we should be pursuing him:


Grealish is a talented player, and he has matured as a footballer and person over the course of last season. No doubt, Mauricio Pochettino can help develop his game, but there are questions over the amount of game time he would get.

For Villa, he has generally played his best football in the no.10 role, and with Dele, Christian Eriksen and Erik Lamela all capable in that position, it’s hard to see where he’d fit in.


14 Replies to “‘I would take him all day long’ ‘Nowhere near good enough’ – Fans Debate Spurs’s Pursuit Of Playmaker”

    • Not good enough? You either have never seen him play or you know nothing about football. Not good enough? You muppet

      • Agree! I think he is a very good footballer! Would be a great signing. Powerful and skilful.

  • Top prospect.

    Grealish has far more ability then Dele Alli. He has more pace, trickery, can pass and do the unexpected. He would also be good cover for Eriksen.

    He is English, which means it wont screw up our allowed quota of foreign players for the champions league.

    If we can get him for 25 million, or less, then it is a no brainer.

    • More ability than Dele, then why is he not in Russia with England. Similar age but miles behind. Can certainly do the unexpected, like disappear from the game for an hour. For £15 million worth a punt, any more than that, no thanks!

  • If it is £15 million and he understands he is a developement player and willing to fight his way into the team and also as long as he is happy with 40 to 50 thousand a week then take him otherwise pass.

  • Alan dean, he ain’t Irish,and he ain’t going to improve our team it’s not squad players we need it’s players to improve starting team .

  • Grealish really doesn’t have more ability than Alli.

    Alli is easily one of the best attacking midfielders in Europe. Grealish has not even had a good season in the Premiership yet.

    I really don’t get this over hyping of players. Players have to earn that right over several seasons at the top end. Not the Championship.

  • Everyone is entitled to their opinions but it never ceases to amaze me the amount of numpties who frequent Spurs related sites. Those of you who believe that Grealish isn’t good enough to don our colours have got to be blind or at least partially sighted and clearly haven’t seen any of the games he’s played in. That boy is their stand out player and more often than not, lifted that teams spirits.
    I recall the same bullshit being said about a certain Dele Alli when Spurs first showed an interest in him. The hysterical claims from some fans that he isn’t good enough, wont get into the first team what a waste of money even at £5M. Same old Levy bargin basement deals again. Those same pricks are now singing Alli praises from the highest rafters.
    By being around higher calibre players on a daily basis, Grealish will be learning and under Pochettino’s influence and guidance, could become a real gem. He isn’t the finished article by any means but the boy has skill, ability, natural flair and has the guts to try things just as Alli does. I don’t know if news of Spurs interest in Grealish is true but if it is, I’d certainly take him.

  • I don’t think many are saying Grealish isn’t a good player. He clearly has talent. But as it stands right now Alli is miles ahead of him. Alli has proven he is by what he has done at the highest level.

    Grealish has had one good season in the Championship. Some realism is needed here.

    If we sign him I think he will also do very well.

  • I have no problem with us buying a player like Grealish or even Shaqiri, but I will say it again. That will just get us more squad depth. What we need to do is to strengthen the 1st team as first priority. Personally, I don’t see Greaslish in that bracket. He doesn’t have the goals or assists even at the Championship level to support his case, let alone enough experience at the highest level.

    He could be worth a punt though and see what Poch can do with him.

  • Problem is he hasn’t had any real time in the Premier, League so impossible to tell how good he is. Maybe he could come in and do a “Dele”, but when we bought Dele I don’t think Poch thought he’d be playing him week in, week out. He just developed so quickly. If Poch sees something in him, let’s trust him. If not, don’t risk It!

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