How To Have An Account To Leave Comments

Fine Folks

You can leave comments by putting in your email address and username/name each time and it works. IF you are leaving your first comment, it sometimes has to be approved so there can be a small delay.

OR, you can have a Vital WordPress account and then just login to leave comments and also to have an avatar.

Go to:

Fill in the details, please note you have to do lowercase for username (but that can then be changed once you are logged in see below, exciting innit?!) and you’ll get an email to your email address (check your spam folder if nothing, email if still nothing after 10 mins)

You will then be able to login:

Right, now you can sort your account as you want to:

1 Username is the name you keep to login with

2 You can now add whatever display name you wish to.  Jack Jones in the example above.  So you can now use uppercase and have spaces in the name.

3 Just click the option to have Jack Jones as your username and that’s it.

1 You can re-set your password

2 You can add an avatar (see below)

3 If you want to put your details

4 Update

To do the avatar, press select file and you’ll go to the folders on your own computer, select the one you want and click open.

Anyone still with me? I do this for a living you know?  Yup, I know!!

Ok, so on your account now, you have the image you selected, you can go and get more as well.  How amazing would that be? (Note to self, you need to get out more) and press select in the bottom right-hand corner

You are now sorted, logged in, have your username and avatar and so won’t have to keep putting your details in.  Just go to the site of your choice, type it in and off you go.