Date: 5th July 2018 at 6:26pm
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Written by BelgianSpur

A few days ago, I had the privilege to attend a World Cup game in Russia. I won’t go into too much detail about how welcoming and peaceful the Russians were (despite all that has been written in the media), but it was truly a wonderful experience. And this is coming from someone who attended multiple Euro 2016 games including the famed England-Russia game in Marseille. Having seen first hand how bad it could have been, the trip was nothing but great.

The match I chose to attend was Belgium-England, in Kaliningrad. Not only was it the only group game really worth going to, it was also the closest to Belgium and it was also going to feature several current or ex-Spurs players.

As we got closer to the date, it became clear that this game was probably not going to be a classic. Unfortunately, not only was there no real reason to push for a win, there was actually quite an advantage to losing the game (which was only further confirmed later, when Russia surprisingly knocked Spain out). Nevertheless, we tried to make the most out of it. What the game lacked in sporting interest, it made up in atmosphere. In the end, both teams (and sets of fans) seemed happy with the outcome.

The general consensus in Belgium is that 2018 is really “now or never” for our so-called “golden generation”. The last 4 years have been building up to this and it’s time to deliver. While some fans would have preferred the easiest path to the final (currently being followed by England), most supporters think that if Belgium win it, it will have been a memorable win, having beaten the very best teams en route to glory. The next 48 hours will begin to tell us whether that view was a naive one, or whether Belgium can actually do it.

Our round of 16 game against Japan can be viewed as a positive or a negative. Some will rue the fact that we conceded 2 goals to a vastly inferior team, while others will point to the character shown by the team to respond by scoring 3 goals in 20 minutes. At the very least, it is yet a confirmation of what many people already knew: when Belgium are firing on all cylinders, like they were in the last 20 minutes against Japan, they’re hard to stop.

Next up is Brazil, which offers both fear and hope. It’s a hugely talented team, but not without flaws. I truly believe that if Belgium can defend to the best of their ability and limit Brazil’s chances, they’ve got a good chance. Belgium will create chances and score against anyone.

While nobody is confident, there’s a quiet optimism that we can finally show the world how good this generation is. COME ON BELGIUM!


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  • Think it’s going to be Brazil v France and England v Croatia in the semi’s. Then it could be France v England in the final with an England win. Either way, some cracking matches in store.

  • Any of Brazil, Belgium, Uruguay and France would make worthy winners, it’s a shame they were drawn together. I think Brazil’s mentality will see them beat Belgium in a close match. Uruguay are dark horse’s and it wouldn’t surprise me if they beat the French.

  • From since before it all kicked off, I’ve been all for a Belgium v England final.

    So I may as well stick with that…

    But, it’s anyones guess…

    As for todays game? If between them Jan, Toby and Kompany can somehow conspire to get Neymar sent off early in the match, I may then be able to enjoy the match just that little bit more…. The guy is a clown… And, I’ve never liked clowns…

  • Chadili offers better balance as LWb, so he should start and Dembele for Witsel, however, Martinez would never do that.

  • If Belgium continue with a back 3 I very much doubt that Chadli would be a good choice for LWB versus a team such as Brazil. Willian and Paulinho between them could have a field day…

    Chadli has never been the best defensively. And, considering he has spent most of the past year injured and has barely played for club nor country for a while, it’s no wonder he is being preferred as a sub…. Also, Belgium’s defence has looked pretty vulnerable to me on occasion and Chadli, I’m sure, won’t help with much with that…

    Of course, I don’t actually have a clue and Martinez should know better…

    Even so, IMO, in a back 4, with Jan behind him to mop up then Chadli may well be a good choice out wide, if he isn’t too knackered that is, from that winning goal run he made against Japan.

    As for Dembele, I’m also not so sure if he will be able to cope for the full 90 mins and more…

  • BelgianSpur….glad you had a great time, and thanks for a great article of cat amongst pigeons.

    For me it will be Brazil v England in the final, but I would love and hope for a Belgium v England final, Spurs 3, Aulders, Verts, Dembele v Spurs 4, Rose, Trippier, Alli, Our Arry.

    Imagine the dressing room back home after the WC is over, who will have the bragging rights and wynde ups.

  • I don’t know why but I have a sneaky feeling that we’re going to win today. Kompany was a big injury doubt before the WC and I just have this feeling that he’s going to show the world how good he is when he’s fit, and show the doubters why it was worth the risk to pick him in the 23.

    France or Uruguay in the semis would be a harder game, for me. But let’s get there first.

    Chadli isn’t the best defender but he’s actually head and shoulders better defensively than Carrasco. That may not be saying much, but he seems to understand what the position requires. I’d back him to start, but that’s the only change I’d do. Mousa is a force for Spurs but he’s very hit and miss with Belgium and this wouldn’t be the game to take that gamble.

  • BelgianSpur, I’m with you for now… I think Belgium can pull it off.

    It should be an eventful game…

    I would like to see Chadli play… If he does, I hope he is more than fighting fit and proves me wrong… He could prove to be a star. (or not) LOL

  • Belgium absolutely brilliant, our lads superb, how can we afford to lose Alderwiereld, he was superb as was Jan Vertonghen. In fairness Brazil and particularly Neymar got exactly what they deserved. This game proved the old adage ” cheats never prosper”, Neymar was a disgrace, he must have studs in the arse of his shorts the number of times he dives. The only way to stop this bloke is to book him for simulation on every occasion, two in a game and he is off. He is an absolute disgrace and brings the game as a whole into disrepute, he should be nullified by strong referees. How he can be valued at close to £200M is beyond belief. I am glad in a way that I am old enough to have seen players,who irrespective of referees, would have sorted the likes of Neymar and his ilk out, they would have given him something to dive for, the only difference being that he probably would have not got up in a hurry. Incidentally Belgium laid to rest that by winning v England they had got the hardest QF draw, tomorrow may will go to prove that assumption right or wrong.

  • I still believe as I did at the time that Nacer Chadli was never given sufficient opportunity at Spurs and shouldn’t have been sold. He proved tonight that when fully fit he has the drive and ability to shine in this illustrious company.

  • Has anyone else seen the teaser TV advert from Hewlett Packard Enterprise about partnering with THFC in providing a connected new stadium?

    I wonder if this is a clue to naming rights, we’ve partnered with them before for shirt sponsorship haven’t we?

  • BelgianSpur….congratulations to you and our Spurs 2nd national side, what a game, very well played Belgium, what a final we have coming up, Spurs 1st national side v Spurs 2nd national side, I hope so any way haha.

    My original prediction Brazil v England final, proves I know nout about fooball.

    Frank….totally agree with your posts regards Neymar and Chadli.

    TQ2Spurs….are you thinking The Amstrad stadium haha! Bloody hope not. for me it should be The New White Hart Lane. COYS & ENGLAND

  • PY……….no Amstrad is Alan Sugars business, nothing to do with HPE who are a worldwide technology giant with it’s roots in the USA.

    • TQ2Spurs….haha thanks for correcting me, new I was wrong as soon as I posted. COYS

  • HPE signed up with Spurs last year as the providers of the new stadiums internet infrastructure… This is what the advert is for…

  • HT………………have you seen the advert? Just felt to me that way it is presented could lead to a further announcement. Could be totally wrong but thought the message wasn’t about plugging HPE products and services but served some other purpose.

  • TQ2Spurs

    Yes, I saw it… The ad just reminded me of reading about the deal with HPE sometime last year…

    But, you never know…

    I’m still waiting for THFC to announce the naming rights deal is with Poundland…

    Just so as Levy can self-mockingly wind up all his doubters and detractors…

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