Date: 11th February 2018 at 8:35am
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How Does It Feel, Arsenal?

The Premier League table has a very pleasing and attractive look about it at the moment, for lots of reasons. But one the most enjoyable aspects of it, for me, is to see Arsenal sitting comfortably in sixth place with nowhere to go. You know; that place we occupied for season after season when we were not quite up with the best but a long way in front of the rest. We seemed to be in a league of our own; a league with just one team in it and it was a lonely place to be.

There are 11 more games before this season’s exploits are completed. Tottenham are seven points ahead of Arsenal and enjoy a superior Goal Difference. The remaining games that both teams face suggest that this situation is unlikely to change when the final whistle blows to end the season.

How times have changed. We have just completed a master-class performance against our neighbours which was by no means reflected in the 1-0 score-line. ‘For everything there is a season’ has never been truer. Last season Arsenal were below us. This season Arsenal are below us again. The power shift in North London is no longer something to be dreamed of. It is now a very distinct possibility. Of course we need to sustain our position ahead of the neighbours in the coming seasons for it to become accepted across the broader football community but, from where we now stand, this is no longer the unlikely dream it was for such a long time.

Until last season, many younger fans have never enjoyed the experience of finishing above Arsenal in the league, and have had to suffer the jibes aimed at them by ‘Red’ North Londoners. For years Arsenal took us for granted and, given the comparative performances of both teams, it’s not difficult to understand why. No matter how those years progressed there was always a cloud hanging over the Lane because of it. But now the sun has come out and the cloud has shifted down the road a bit!

Given the long history of our bitter rivalry with Arsenal, finishing above them, whatever else happens for the rest of this season, can be viewed as a successful outcome on one level at least. It could now be our turn to enjoy life the sun. How does it feel, Arsenal?!


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  • Th player who I felt should have got MOTM was Delle, he really impressed me yesterday, not for his work with the ball as he can do all that sort of stuff with his eyes shut. No, what REALLY impressed me and why I thought MOTM was his sudden show of maturity, instead of getting in people’ faces when he was fouled and brought down, he just got up without a flicker of emotion and got on with the game, along with a subtle lack of diving. THAT was to me the best part of the whole game as it bodes very well for his and Spurs’ future, Delle’s attitude. Someone must have had a word in his ear because he seemed like a different player. He deserves a lot of praise for this turnaround and long may he keep it up. Not too ecstatic bout the score as once again we squandered chance after chance, with 10 corners and 16 shots we NEED to score more in games like this if we are to challenge for the top spot next season. But this is a good solid foundation that can be built on, and with the new stadium things do look bright. Long may Delle’s attitude change last and good for him. Nice one Delle and keep it up then you will do wonders. A bit of maturity goes a long long way.

  • Chris … I agree with you about Dele and think he’s shown a more mature side to himself in recent games, especially by exercising some self-control when he could easily have lost the plot. But I don’t think anyone could dispute that Dembele was MOTM. He even scared the hell out of me despite him playing for my team and me sitting comfortably in front of the TV. He destroyed the Arsenal midfield to the point where they seemed to stop making determined efforts to get the ball off of him. I almost felt sorry for their midfield and expect that most of them will need some tender loving care and therapeutic counselling for a few days before they attempt to play again. Sad, really.

  • Arsenal did attempt to play some good football…. But they couldn’t. We just didn’t let them. We were just too strong for them. Just too good!

  • First derby I’ve been to for many years.Thankyou Wembley for having plenty of seats for all our fans .80,000 of us .Oh Daniel, have you made the new stadium too small? Dembele was magnificent,can’t believe that some fans were calling for him to be transferred at Xmas! We had 5 Brits in our team ,Arsenal had 1.Can that be the reason we fought harder yesterday & our team spirit is so great. I think it helps to have a mixture of home-grown talent & foreign .You get the best of both worlds then.

  • Then again, I knew we would be. To the point where I was virtually celebrating the win from the moment I woke up yesterday, until we kicked off at Wembley….

  • Yes it was a good game for us. Dele self control, HArry’s headed goal, Moussa strong in MF Jan and Sanchez in defense. Supported by Dier / Wanyama / Davies / Trippier / sonny / Ericsson /Lamela. Hugo had very little to do. So for Arsenal goalie to be MOM tells you we out played them most of the game. At the end Lamela stood up for himself against Wilshire, returning the little gobs***e verbals he deserved… F*** you P***y it has been mentioned by lip readers spurs fans… LOL…

  • The Gooners have a very weak spine: no beast defender, no mid enforcer and no A. sanchez. There is a lot of work to be done to get that squad back in contention for T4. Even if Wenger wins europa cup it’s time for a change of manager in my opinion, that being said for spurs it would be better if Wenger stays.

  • B Spurs.. how did you get on pre game in pub? Hope you enjoyed the day… as 83k crowd is largest I have seen at Wembley Stadium.

  • Copied this from a gooner blog quiet honest i think. So much for the hopes that Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan could turn around the season. I titled my piece on the victory over Everton, ?Another New Dawn?. We?ve had several false ones since the stadium move. For example, when the club signed Alexis Sanchez to join Mesut Ozil, it looked like there was some genuine team-building going on. Yet the following summer, Arsenal failed to sign a single outfield player. Leicester went on to win the title in the season that followed. And that should have been the final straw in terms of the board and Arsene Wenger, but finishing above a collapsing Spurs on the final day of the season gave the fans a happy ending and the fact the club had allowed a relative minnow to finish ten points clear of them was quietly forgotten.

    Arsenal were rank in a game that should matter to the players. There was no sign that it meant anything to anyone aside from Wilshere. And they played like it. There are eleven remaining Premier League matches this season, a League Cup Final and probably four or six Europa League games. Surely if there was any doubt that these should be Arsene Wenger?s final fixtures as manager, that should have been dispelled by a soulless display at Wembley in a unique North London derby. There really is no good reason to drag this out any longer than is needed.

  • Arsenal, like a rolling stone, no direction home. how DOES it feel? once upon a time you looked so fine, how does it feel? So long, you’re fading in the rear view mirror. so sad, so sad, as the Orange One would say. How does it feel? Arse-in-hole, nothing left but the hygienic paper. so soiled. so sad.

  • Note to Arsenic *****er: So long, it’s been good to know you. I’m a getting down the road and a leaving you behind. So long, it’s been good to know you. It’s a dusty old highway.

  • The train has left the station, Mr. W@nker. no sense hanging around. the train has left the station.

  • Try this one: how does it feel to be in a maggot brain style. (I know, a bit more obscure, but apt nonetheless. work it out. it’s in the guitar style to how does it feel dangelo.)

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