Date: 13th June 2018 at 8:00pm
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I think quite a lot of fans suspected it, and it now seems pretty certain that we’ll have to start next season with a home game or two at Wembley.

The Evening Standard have followed the Daily Mail in reporting that we’ll have to play at least one match at the national stadium to allow for our new home to be completed in time.

We have until Friday evening to make a final decision on the matter, but all the indications suggest we are going to confirm to the FA that we’ll to need to play some matches under the arch for a second season.

How much this will affect the football on the pitch, I am not going to speculate too much. There will be some disruption there is no doubt. From August, we will be playing all of our fixtures away as we head into the international break in September.

That will almost certainly happen. From there though, things are less clear-cut. Currently, it seems that we are looking at playing one game at Wembley before moving into the new ground.

Construction could, however, delay things further and force us into a more lengthy residency. That uncertainty would probably be the most disruptive to Mauricio Pochettino’s plans.

Playing at Wembley itself won’t be a problem as last season showed, but having to play away from home to start the season, switching to the national stadium and then moving into a new home mid-way through the campaign is a lot to take on board, for both the fans and the players.

Daniel Levy and the club have a lot of complications themselves to work out here. With season tickets already sold for the new facilities, there will be a push to get us into the shiny new £850m ground as soon as possible.

On the footballing side of things though, is it best to delay further until after Christmas to ensure everything is ready? I trust the club to make the right decision here but I think we are justified to be a bit worried about how this will all play out.


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  • What happens, happens. Every challenge is character building.

    Mind you, it will be my excuse for not winning the Treble next season!

  • Good points made given our potential/actual conundrum, White Hart.

    The logistics are likely to be a nuisance, I hope not a hindrance, to our preparation for 2018/19.

    I think/hope the squad will be buoyed from last season’s away/Wembley experience, which I think was definitely testing in itself for both players and manager, so maybe the match prep will be straightforward.

    A poor start will surely have the fingers pointing at Levy, despite a great start being given the same due, with headlines of a rift, players considering their options etc.

    Delays in such a project were always likely, credit given for demolishing part of WHL early to get a head start, so contingencies should have been thought through and discussed as part of this continuing process, I’d hope.

    Personally, I’m chomping at the bit to think we’ll have maybe 4 or 5 genuine home games to win the league if Harry can get his shooting boots on in August finally 😉

  • Too true, Geoff ours lol

    It’ll be hard for City to match last season (quick prayer there) after their blistering early form, sustained throughout and setting records.

    Maybe a bit of siege mentality from the camp to (continue to) play without the comforts of home, put in a graft and earn 3 points. COYS!

  • …”A poor start will surely have the fingers pointing at Levy, despite a great start *not being given the same due, with headlines of a rift, players considering their options etc.”

    *Edit from first post made

  • I think we may be “locked in” also with CL games only being able to be played in one stadium per season rule, I think I read somewhere. Let’s hope it doesn’t add salt…

  • melloSpur, I don’t know about CL games but that is so for PL matches. Clubs are not currently permitted by the FA to play at more than one “home” venue in a season…

    I wonder if Hackney Marshes are included in that?

  • Fixtures are out then. It’s Newcastle away followed by Fulham at home followed by Old Trafford to complete the August fixtures.

  • ” then moving into a new home mid-way through the campaign” ? We will play one game at Wembley then start at the new stadium with the second home game against Liverpool according to the club. Or do you know something the club don’t ?

  • According to official website

    • 5 August – Operational test event at new stadium
    • 11 August – Away to Newcastle United
    • 18/19 August – Operational test event at new stadium
    • 18 August – Home (Wembley Stadium) to Fulham
    • 25/26 August – Operational test event at new stadium
    • 25 August – Away to Manchester United
    • 1 September – Away to Watford
    • 1/2 September – Operational test event at new stadium
    • 15 September – HOME to Liverpool – First PL game in our new stadium

  • Well I sincerely hope levy gets our transfer business done early, the last thing we need next season players been signed last minute with all the away games we have coming and players coming back from World Cup.its understandable the stadium was always going to be tight schedule but I for will not except levy haggling all summer with clubs to end up with choice z player .get our business for once done sharply give poch a full pre season to prep these players.

  • Please stop giving the bollocks of disruption, this team was upheaved last season ,… they won the 1st 4 away games … and will only play 1 home game away … this team is quality …

  • It all looks good n ship shape to me. Having a definite date for the fist true home game and it being v Liverpool should be an exciting and eventful way to kick-off the new era…

    Spurs 5-4 Pool. Gareth Bale with 2 and a Harry hat-trick to get his goalscoring for the season underway, after his inevitable August drought but following on from him lifting his first ever Trophy. Albeit for England…

  • August 25th, United v Spurs. So Toby will play against Martial … but which teams will they play for?! lol

  • I am however concerned about some of those opening fixtures.

    The four operational test events are must wins for me, (6 pointers!), if we are to be top 3 contenders for the 4th year running…

  • Spurs web site.. season ticket holders get 1/19 th of their season ticket home games refunded for the Fulham game at wembley, same if / for any other PL wembley games. Last season cards access not valid for wembley. So we have to buy tickets and get to wembley with the email bar code or game ticket. So 60k + fans approx. all get tickets in a few days from website / ticketmasters.. = meltdown of their web site?

    Test events, how will they organise this? As Health & Safety etc. need full stadium for assessment of evacuation procedures, for example. Who will be in the crowd? presume season ticket holders? As not all are from London Area…

  • block d spurs – I’ve got the same concerns over the Wembley match, I suppose we should be grateful its only one game.

  • HT, you’re right about the PL games at 1 stadium, although I think they’re re: Spurs playing the one game at Wembley.

    Seems UEFA are cool too about CL matches, although we should be home by the time we start group stage given the game against Liverpool.

  • Okay then, I’ll answer my own question. Toby and Martial will be playing for Villa and Grealish will be wearing the cockerel. I am a very reliable sorce (or sauce?).

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