Date: 23rd October 2018 at 8:00am
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And now for a whole load of random stuff off the top of my head that is no doubt just a load of happy-clappy bull!

When Spurs supporters speak of our most successful trophy winning teams, do they refer to the manager and star players or do they wax lyrical about the Chairman and owners at the time?

Do they say thank you Irvin Scholar for the last FA cup THFC won and who cares if the club almost went under?

Do we all miss Ramos, Graham, Hoddle, Santini, Sherwood, AVB?

When I Googled:

“Who is the longest serving EPL chairman”

Nothing at all came up. It seems that no one really cares. All I got was answers about long-serving managers. (I think it’s probably Levy.) So, who remembers the owners when we did the 1960-61 double?

When I looked up the current longest serving PL manager. Pochettino is in 3rd place behind Dyche at Burnley and Howe at Bournemouth. Why?

So, if we forget Wenger and Fergie, it is the norm for managers to come and go at all PL clubs, all too frequently. Even the very best and most successful gaffers do not hang around for very long. But, we all know this, don’t we?

Did THFC need a new stadium? Are Spurs stronger on and off the pitch since the days before ENIC, Lewis and Levy? Are Spurs on the rise since ENIC or are we falling down, down, deeper and down?

Do we now have our best manager since Burkinshaw (the last man that had Spurs relegated by the way), in spite of no trophies?

Do we now finish regularly in the top 6 or are we still in mid-table mediocrity (with the odd League Cup thrown in), more often than not?

Do we have one of the best homegrown talents of all time in Mr Kane or is he just a one-season-wonder, Championship player at best?

Would we all prefer our Chairman to be forever courting publicity and being a constant loud-mouth to the media? Or just one that gets on quietly and expertly with his job and without too much fuss or complaint?

Can you just buy a cup to put in a cabinet or do you have to win a given amount of football matches and thereby earn it?

Thinks the Holy Grail etc…what does that even mean? Likewise, turning a blind eye to other clubs?

Levy has been a very naughty boy hasn’t he?

But I can assure you all that when MP wins us all a cup this season, Levy will not be held responsible. It’ll all be down to Poch and the players.

Think about it. Or not…

Writer: Hot Tottingham