Date: 22nd November 2017 at 3:30pm
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“Horrendous” Rose stays at Spurs until Summer; but expect more outbursts.

Yep, Danny has been doing it again; preparing the way for his exit.

He won`t be leaving in the January window as he`s now Cup tied for the Champions league, and I`m reliably informed by my unfriendly agent that Man United would not put themselves in the position where we demand a ‘horrendous` January premium, even if we did make the highly unlikely decision that he`s now more trouble than he`s worth.

So the summer it will be then.

For a player who claimed to have a special relationship with Poch; he`s quick to let the World know what he thinks of his decisions. The Telegraph; help him lay his thoughts bare;
Asked about how he felt to be left out of the squad at the weekend, Rose said:

“My reaction was I was fuming, I was angry. But understanding at the same time. There`s been no bust-up, there`s been no argument. There`s been no falling out. The manager just explained that he thought it`d be better for me to do a hard session on Saturday, which I did. I did that.”

It’s not been missed that the same newspaper that broke his original tantrum, are the same one that made his private reaction so public at the weekend – it`s the 101 of how an agent will cause disruption and grief for the club`s management board to get what they want.
Rose admits (so at least there is some honesty left in him) that in the first half he was ‘horrendous`.

Speaking to the Telegraph he couldn`t stop himself again, a clear sign that he`s simply building a case for him to be labelled a disruptive and malign influence on the club and the squad. It`s not hard to understand why; cause enough grief, wind up the fans and he may well be able to avoid having to formally ask for a transfer when we keep telling his suitor(s) to go do one.

My friendly agent thinks that we will demand even more from any suitor than we got for Walker (and he got the asking price for Walker absolutely spot on months before it was publicly guessed at that he wanted away) simply because he`s now undermining the team togetherness ethic, and has a longer period left on his deal.

Payback for misbehaviour at this level is a bitch, in fact it maybe 65 million of them., and no player wants to forgo a juicy slice of the fee or their loyalty bonus`s, so at the next opportunity don`t be surprised to see Rose`s angst leak from the daily redtop rag yet again. The game is afoot now. The journo’s have been promised the inside scoop so they’re onside and ready to leak anything and everything about what goes on in the dressing room.

Poch seems to be sucking up in the hope that he can rekindle the love;

Poch took the chance to let everyone know, but most of all Rose, what he thought of his performance in yet another example of ‘management by media`, it seems both sides can play the media audience card. Poch said:

‘Danny Rose was fantastic too. We must recognise that,’ he said. ‘In the second half, and the whole game, after ten months injured it’s difficult. The performance was great.’

Speaking to BT Sport he also said;

‘It is fantastic. Danny Rose was very good, I am very happy for him because I think today he showed what we expect from him. I think the decision of Saturday was very good because I think I helped him to improve and develop in terms of his fitness.’

Best in the league.

There was no stopping Rose now: “Whatever fitness I have, I still feel that I`m one of the best in the League,” …

..never let it be said that Rose isn`t going to take every media opportunity he gets now to build the picture of wanting to play for the best, which of course has nothing to do with doubling his base salary at all.

Fitness = Touch = Form.

And without any admission or understanding of the irony at his ‘fuming` he had this to add:

“I don`t care how fit I am, I believe in my ability. At Tottenham, you have to have an exceptional level of fitness. I`m not there yet, because I`ve been out for a long time. I`m still catching up. As I said, I respect the manager and his coaching staff`s views. I wasn`t happy, but it`s gone now, we all have to move on. When I get the opportunity to play, like I did against Dortmund, I have to try and do as well as I can”

But it was crystal clear to everyone, (except Rose apparently) that he wasn`t looking sharp and that Poch was right to get more time into him for his conditioning; he grudgingly seems to admit Poch was right to drop him:

“Before Tuesday night, I thought I was close to being 100 per cent and then, first half, I was horrendous. I thought I was getting hooked at half-time and it gave me a bit of a reality check, maybe I`m not as close as I thought I was.

Am I being too cynical?

I`ve been a keen supporter of Rose all through his rise, when so many were slating him on the interweb and at the ground, I`m proud to say that I saw what he could be and did eventually become, but now I have to admit his media mutterings have done for me, the worm has turned and whilst I`d never want to hold back or stifle a players career ambitions, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it; he and his advisors seem determined to upset as many people as they can as fast as they can – so hold your hats, the big rattle throw is yet to happen, and when he does it, chances are it will be just as nasty and full of vitriol as I`m now feeling about him.

So, I guess their strategy to get a massive payday for both himself and his advisors is working.

I still want to keep our best, but it`s time to wake up and smell the coffee, the love is unrequited and he`s determined to do whatever, or upset whoever to get what he wants.

Someone has to get him to shut up or come the summer all I`ll be thinking is screw ’em Mr.Chairman, make sure he or his agent doesn`t get one extra penny from us.

It could have been all so different, all he and they needed was a touch of class and we wouldn`t even be discussing this, again.


15 Replies to “‘Horrendous’ at Spurs until Summer; expect more outbursts.”

  • Rose should just shut up. That would be best for all, himself included. The thing is that no matter what he says it can be interpreted any number of ways. The team ALWAYS comes first.

  • At least Rose confirmed my opinion of his first half performance….tub of lard I think I said. He did improve in the second half but you could see he was puffing and blowing in a game played largely at funereal pace. It will be interesting to see how Poch and Levy handle this situation. Karma would be for us to win the League and CL and then tell Danny boy he was surplus to requirements but of course we all know Karma doesn’t apply to Spurs. It’s a shame because prior to his injury he epitomised the spirit Poch was trying to create of never giving up and giving 100% every game but once Walker started his machinations Danny followed. However, the underlying problem of excellent players being underpaid compared to market rates, coupled with winning nothing still remains. The manager and Board can afford a project but players have limited careers and rightly want success as well as big pay packets. I do not know whether Levy can provide the financial environment to support the quest for honours. We can only go so far with this squad which maybe has peaked and need an injection of top class talent in MF and attack. Given our budgets that is unlikely to happen so as our best players reach 25/26 they will look to move on while they can.

  • Or ypu can look at things another way and say that because Rose was fuming andf angry at being left out of the NLD, it means that he really wants to play for US and was upset that he wasn’t playing for SPURS, rather than say he was angry and wants to play elsewhere. He said he understood why, and that is a massive part of his statement, he UNDERTOOD why, but was still pi***d off at being left out.
    If he was really so desperate to leave us there is no way he would be so upset at being left out of the squad, he wouldn’t have been bothered by it.
    He also HAS to believe he is the best in the league no matter what, because if he doesn’t then he isn’t. People forget it is a confidence game, and he is keeping his own confidence high.
    Get off his back, stop and stop being the type of idiots who fall for the papers’ hype and BS with all their quotes taken out of context so that they can put their own spin on them. Believe the man who says he is ready to fight and play for us, ROSE. He is also honest enough to admit when he had a bad time on the pitch and to own up to not being as fit as he thought he was, this is all part of his admission that the gaffer knows best.

  • Worth noting that Rose was up against Toljan last night. Remember him? He’s the Germany U21 player that everyone was raving about in last summer’s tournament and a player we were heavily linked with. Whilst Rose isn’t fit yet, Toljan was second best from what I saw. Can’t wait to see a fully fit Rose again in a Spurs shirt as he gets back to fitness.

    Also, not sure why fans are having a pop at Rose for being fuming at not being picked for a NLD after being at our club for a decade. It sounds like he was totally respectful to Poch when he got the news and this is the gutter press creating a storm once more. I wouldn’t want Rose’s reaction any other way.

    I don’t expect Rose to be wearing a Spurs shirt next season. I’ll be shocked if we get anything less than 100% from him though for the rest of this season. It’s not in his nature. We just need to get behind him, ignore the press and hope that he does still wear the shirt next season. He’s a fantastic player and a loyal servant to Spurs.

  • Nothing wrong with being pi$$ed off that u dont get to play in a NLD. Saying that, i wouldn’t be too unhappy if we sold Rose and bought Sessegnon fron fulham.

  • muttley … I agree with Guyver …. brilliant post! Also. I’m so bored with all the Rose hype. It’s been discussed to pieces. What will be will be and continual discussion with conflictual interpretation is pointless. Let’s focus on the football as it is.

  • Personally I am unsure what Rose agenda is now. I will say I am shocked he is allowed to speak to the press after his outburst. His latest about fuming, lack of fitness, horrendous first half etc is difficult to analyse what his intentions were, whether there was a dig and a way to say ‘I’m off’ or whether it was simply saying, what he said, he was upset he wanted to be part of the NLD but he respected and understood Poch decision and that was confirmed when he spoke about his lack of fitness against BD, his interviews are ‘edgy’ and difficult to read.

    I don’t suppose we will know what the club, manager and Rose himself really feel until the next 2 windows come and go. If Rose is still here come Sept 2018 then it’s fair to say things are not as bad as we sometimes think, but until then we just don’t know. I do think he will give all though and look to build his fitness and game time, he wants to play and he needs to play, he doesn’t deal with not playing very well, he wants to win something and he wants to go to the WC so no matter how long he is with us he will do his best and give 100% but nothing we can do but wait and see what happens in the next 2 windows.

    Biggest mistake we made was selling Walker, not just for footballing reasons but to a rival club who are probably going to win things and this has set the tone for Rose imo. He has simply seen we caved in to Walker and Walker has got mega wages and likely to be with a club who is going to win things, rose is better than Walker so its obvious he is going to feel he wants the same and he now knows the club will sell, if they let Walker go then they can let him go is what is probably in his head. Big mistake, madness and still cannot see why we made that decision.

  • HK-Did you watch the match in slow-motion? – As for this, I’m not sure what the problem is. Danny is back and playing and as long as he puts the hard work in (which he will), then what’s the fuss?

  • If a player wants to leave then eventually he will. Its about extracting every last penny in the transfer fee and if possible controlling the timing. We did that with Walker, we will probably do the same with Rose. The trick will be to find a replacement by the time we sell him, there’s always the speculation about Luke Shaw of course. The jury is still out with Walker and Aurier so who knows. At least we still have Trippier and Davies so there is some continuity. There is a certain irony here. By leaving Walker actually raised Trippier’s profile and so made him more of a competitor for his England place. I wonder if something similar could happen with Rose.

  • chrishove123, nearly every statement Rose made post-match ended with ‘this-season’ – you can’t betray your thinking or dramatize your behaviour anymore than he now is – I know who he’s/his advisors are leaking to in the press and be under no doubt, everything he/they now say and do is designed to get him the move that he wants (tapped up for) without having to put in a transfer request. Well he’s now in for a huge shock – after his completely unprofessional rant, the only way he’s getting sold is if he requests it in writing and ManUnited pay a problem-tax premium. Believe me, the club’s hierarchy are fuming with his unprofessional behavior, as am I and I hope he (financially at least) suffers for it.

  • Spursex, of course his agent(s)/advisor(s) are going to try and move heaven and earth to get him away, and the reason is blatantly obvious too, they want a nice fat cut. End of, nothing to do with progressing him as a player. OK so he keeps saying this season, I noticed that too, but as Poch says nothing is sure. I also think that Rose, no matter how fuming everyone else may be atm, has possibly started to have a rethink about his status as a first team player ANYWHERE due to being out for nearly a year and then finding out he isn’t actually anywhere near the match fitness Poch requires of him.
    He knows he isn’t first choice any more so all he can do is either totally scupper his chances of doing or going anywhere by constantly sniping and whining, or he can make the right noises in the right places, get his head down and work his backside off for the rest of this and next season, then he may be sold off as not only we will have a replacement for him by then but he will need next season to showcase the fact he’s not affected by the lay off long term. I may well be totally wrong about it all panning out like this, but it is only my hopeful thoughts on how it will run, so The remainder of this season, and then after the next season, he’s gone.

  • lol HE is fuming??? He’s a fantastic player when fully fit but Danny, shut up and get with the program.

    The guy has an ego the size of something……..very, very large (couldn’t think of anything).

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