Date: 17th February 2017 at 6:43am
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The mid-table Belgian side made Tottenham look like a Championship club following their Europa League last 32 first leg 1-0 victory after veteran Jérémy Perbet netted an hour into the match.

Spurs created one or two opportunities to score an away goal which, to be honest were few and far between – the best fell to Harry Kane who hit the post early in the second half but other than that…

Next week’s return fixture is expected to be a sell-out however, will 7000 Gent supporters witness our dreaded Wembley Stadium hoodoo and in doing so dump us out of the competition?

Mauricio Pochettino Post Match Interview

‘I am disappointed yes because we had a lot of opportunities before we conceded, but the tie is open.

‘It’s true that maybe it was not a good performance but we need to understand that it’s always difficult to play in the Europa League.

‘We need to find a way to go to Wembley and win the game and go to the next round.’

Eric Dier told BT Sport

‘We did show more aggression than Saturday against Liverpool. I don’t think we created enough chances to win.

‘In the first half, they were the better of the two sides but after half-time we were better until the goal. It stopped us in our tracks. We could not get going again. They sat back and we could not get the away goal.

‘When you go a goal down, you want to give everything to get back into the game. Maybe we were erratic at times and could have been a bit calmer and waited for our chance. That is something for us to work on.

‘I don’t see why we cannot turn it around. This team gave everything against us, we did that but lacked a bit of quality. At home we will be better.’

Pre-Match Yids In Gent

At least the guys out in Belgium had a good day out – just a pity the team forgot to turn up.


It’s not over until the fat lady sings!



25 Replies to “Highlights & Post Match Analysis: Gent 1-0 Spurs”

  • Dier should sit a few out. Verts may come back. Winks looked good. The rest pretty poor .
    We seem to have lost our way completely !

  • Morning all. In recent weeks I’ve seen MP get more and more frustrated with some of our players. Obviously he tries to do it quietly but underneath he is boiling and it’s starting to show. If I were Eriksen, Dier, Davies and Sissoko I’d be trying extra hard in training and on the pitch to get back in MP’s good books. If he’s given the funds there may be a fair few changes this summer. “If” being the operative word. With regard to the tie, all is not lost but we will need to put in a good performance at Wembley (which will be a first) next week or we’ll be out of Europe too early again.

  • We need to fail in the Europa league imo … it is extra games we do not need with this squad .

    Our first 11 is great … we see time and time again the rest of the squad are poor very poor. However, it’s a cup game these things happen … look at Sutton utd Wycombe … smaller teams step up they always do. I fear for the. FA Cup game I really want us to try and win that one …

  • Until a coherent scouting & recruitment policy is put in place their will be more disappointments like this .We are stuck with this thin squad till the end of the season & it will be a bumpy ride.Top 4 is looking shaky with the improvement of Utd & Liverpool.Best of luck Poch.

  • Greaves, “coherent scouting & recruitment policy”…

    I am totally at a loss re your comment. Poch had Mitchell assisting him and ultimately, Poch must have sanctioned £50 mill spend on Sissoko and Jannsen. AT the end of the day buck stops with Poch as he is now the MANAGER. He either bought the wrong goods and is unable to bring them up to his philosophy. May be he is too rigid and not adapting to the players. I have commented before that Poch’s recruitment does leave a lot to be desired, even looking at his Southampton days. Less than 50% success rate. How does that encourage Levy to open the wallet? Poch’s clearly good at training youth and promoting from within, but I am yet to be convinced with purchasing of his so called ‘proven’ players.

  • Totally agree with you Critical,that’s why I didn’t attatch a name to my criticism.Like you, I’ve no idea who sanctioned the purchase of Siss & Jann ,so who can we blame?I can’t believe that Poch or Levy have the time to scout players from around the world,that’s why you employ a big network of scouts like Athletico,Southampton,Everton,Utd under a shrewd top man. Once you have team of scouts you can trust, then you buy who they recommend .It’s not rocket science just good organisation & planning similar to any well run company. If you are thorough in your research then the likeihood of mistakes like Siss & Jann is minimised.

  • Watching Dzeko score a hat-trick last night for Roma is the perfect example of how a good striker that we could have bought cheaply, slipped through the net.Gabbiardini ,that those clever scouts at Southampton spotted,is another that we could do with at the moment.Just 2 illustrations of why I’m so fed up with our scouts[what scouts?].The buck stops with Daniel.

  • Gabbiardini….oh yeah he scored on his debut, must mean he will be a superstar, why didnt we sign him even tho he just failed Napoli….I too am so fed up….lol

  • although i do agree with Greavesaboveall and others that there is room for improvement in the transfer market, as difficult as it is to complete with the best on a substantially smaller budget.

  • Thats true to an extent, but from the manager and recruitment teams perspective, they can only work with the limited resources they have. I don’t believe for one second, Mane chose Liverpool over Spurs for “football reasons” when we were in the Champions League and Liverpool finished 8th. Mane is allegedly on 90k a week and I can’t imagine us matching that with the £35m transfer fee.

  • Belgian, 30 mill for Sissoko (regardless of how the payment terms are agreed) suggests three is a budget. It’s how we utilise it in identifying the right players.

    Ossie, Fair point re someone scoring on his debut doesn’t mean a super star in making. BUT…surely, it s about building a confidence. Jannsen’s confidence must be truly shot. A goal or two (from open play) in his early days may have had us singing praises but now Poch sees him further behind than Onomah!! Someone needs to be accountable for such poor shopping.

  • FFS, our rejects have scored more goals individually for their new clubs than Jannsen, even Pritchard has found the net from open play!!

  • Critical, what about Bony? Otamendi? Josh Stones? £27m plus £90k+ wages is money down the sofa for Man City, they just happened to “maybe” get the occasional one right. They have the money to use “trial and error” to maximum effect. Our big money flops hurt us more, so are more noticeable, although I’d have never sanctioned £30m on Sissoko.

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