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About three or four years ago I wrote an article bemoaning the fact that for the first time since I had started supporting Spurs I did not have a hero or stand-out favourite player on the pitch. The player I most admired back then, which will come as no surprise to many of you, was an ex Spurs man who was enjoying sunny Spain. This was the period after we had lost VDV, Bale and Modric. Walker wasn’t Walker and Rose wasn’t Rose back then. We’ve had so many great players across the decades that I was struggling to adjust to a scenario where I had to cling to memories of favourite players rather than watching them on the pitch.

>It was also not too long after we had played some brilliant football under ‘Arry’…and Dimitar and Robbie were scoring for fun. But suddenly we had a dodgy defence and lacked something in attack. We were also continuing along the Tottenham way of changing our manager every two weeks, or so it seemed. And we had a team that did not look like they enjoyed playing together or playing football in general. It was a sad state of affairs and a frustrating time but I clung to the thought that football never stays the same so, eventually, it was bound to get better…or worse!

Things did change, and for the better. Fast forward three years and I find myself confronted by a team full (almost) of heroes and favourite players. It is impossible for me to pick one outstanding player amongst so many and say he is my favourite Spurs player. But, if pushed, I’d probably have two. I would have to say that, for me, Kane and Toby edge it in the hero stakes. I honestly believe that Toby could have fitted extremely well into any Tottenham team throughout our history. He is such an intelligent, reliable, and steady defender. As for Kane, well, the pulse runs faster whenever he’s near the opposition goal and he is, without doubt, ‘one of our own’…a fact that will cut him a lot of slack from Spurs supporters in the years to come, not that I think he’ll need it.

But we have far more to offer than Kane and Toby. Rose, Dele, Walker, Hugo, Dembele, Jan, Eriksen, et al, provide all the younger Spurs supporters of today with a number of heroes to choose from and will have little difficulty in attracting new fans to the club. We even provide millions of football fans in Asia with a hero to follow in our Mr ‘Sonshine’! Winks is another prospect that looks like having an exciting future at the Lane having barely put a foot wrong since the first game he played. The fact that he likes to move the ball forward instead of sideways and backwards is encouraging as well.

A lot has happened since that article three years ago and I am a long way down the road of recovery from the bouts of depression I used to suffer every time I watched Real Madrid play and thought about what could have been. Once again I find myself with a number of favourite players displaying a cockerel on their shirt. So my two-part question to all of you VS posters is…who is your favourite Tottenham player, and why?


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12 Replies to “Heroes & Favourites”

  • Favourite player of mine is one who gives 110%. I must admit after seeing Janssen score a goal, I felt sorry for him I really hope he comes good … I like them all. Bar Davies and sissoko

  • E17YID … Nobody can give 110% … so you are destined never to have a favourite Spurs player. 🙂

  • I like Davies.I think we have 4 great full backs & wish we had 4 strikers to match them.It will be interesting to see if Son ,Dele,Eriksen & Jansenn can keep the goals flowing without a target man to receive & hold the ball.

  • Victor Wanyama of the current players. He’s the closest I’ve seen to my all time favourite……….Dave MacKay. Power, strength, skill and sheer will to win. Although, any player who goes out and gives everything for the club is OK in my book.

  • I’m particularly fond of Hugo, Harry, Harry, Dele, Wanyama, Toby, Eriksen, Rose and Walker. Harry Kane tops the lot. Goal scorers of his calibre are hard to come by and he just happens to have been with us a very long time already. He has all the right attributes to become one of our all-time greats.

  • Geof – I can also remember we were saying that with the exception of maybe Lloris, we didn’t have any superstars that the big clubs would want to steal from us. I would say that we now have 8 – Lloris, Walker, Rose, Toby, Wanyama, Eriksen, Alli and Kane. The only reason I don’t include Vertonghen and Dembele is because of their age. That little lot would now cost perhaps £300m.

    As for my favourite player, I don’t even have one in the current team.

  • Now, if VJ scores the winning goal that takes us to the FA Cup final for the first time in yonks, I’ll have to leave Harry for a new, young and sexy loved-one…

  • muttley, £300m? Recent press speculation has suggested that Pep Guardiola has cast envious eyes at Dele, Walker and Rose, and ITK people have said that Danny Levy wouldn’t even listen to anything less that £85m for Dele alone with suggestions of somewhere north of £40m for Rose. I would guess at £100m for Kane, (proven goalscorer, the rarest of footballers). That’s £225m before we consider Lloris, Walker, Toby, Wanyama and Eriksen. Don’t sell our players short mate, or in fact, don’t sell them at all!!

  • muttley … I guess that’s my point …. we’re now in the fortunate position of having too many to choose from. Gotta be good!

  • I agree Spursboy. £300m would just about get you Kane, Ali and Wanyama. Well, you wouldn’t have much change. Kane is proving himself to be top-dog. He’s on course to show himself at the level of Greavsie. Ali is the other who is surpassing the early careers of Lampard and Gerrard, trophies aside… Let’s hope they’re both here when collecting them.

  • I have a soft spot for the Belgians in the team, as I can support them on international duty too. The player I admire the most is Kane, because as CJ said, scorers of his calibre come very rarely. From an attitude point of view, I like Dier’s mental makeup. He backs down to no one (stood up to Costa many times), isn’t afraid to put a good old school tackle in (see his tackle on Hazard against Chelsea last year) and he just sets the tone in more physical games.

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