Date: 7th November 2018 at 12:30pm
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Tottenham Hotspurs’ social media team took to Twitter this week to let fans see a couple of images of the famous new Golden Cockerel being hoisted into place at our new stadium.

Given most eyes were on last night’s Champions League tie against PSV Eindhoven I hope this hadn’t been missed, as I almost did.

With work overrunning for various reasons, and those issues have been incredibly well covered by fans and debated, it’s another step towards returning to our new home and as you’d expect the announcement of that progress was warmly received by fans.

We still might not christen the pitch of the new stadium until the turn of 2019 and the New Year rolls around but it is a boost and it means the day ticks ever closer and it was installed on Tuesday evening and now takes pride of place at White Hart Lane once again.

Given the positive reaction, I don’t mind covering this one late even by my own usual standards and there were plenty more comments given the additional updates as the day rolled by.


3 Replies to ““Here It Is” “Fantastic Moment Spurs Fans Should Admire” – Stadium Development Delights These Fans”

  • Only another say 10-15 years til we see any benefit from this Stadium if at all.
    Years still left of this project even after the Stadium is finally opened and years of paying it off.
    Until there is significant investment in the 1st team we will continue on the ENIC rinse cycle.
    Investment supposedly from the extra revenue this vanity project is going to make needs to be pumped back in to match the levels of the actual Big Clubs for us to genuinely compete.
    All this project really has done for us the fans is increase your seat price , cost of a pint and a snack for the same results nearly there…
    Exciting times

  • Yeeha….he is finally sitting on his roost, overlooking the mighty Spurs.

    Felon82….such a happy chappy. COYS

    • The novelty of a shiney new stadium will wear off way before the debt has cleared and current players have left.
      But keep clapping Pompey you can watch us be plucky on the big screens.

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