Date: 22nd July 2019 at 12:00pm
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Writer: Hot Tottingham

We have bought two players so far this transfer window, in Tanguy Ndombele and Jack Clarke. Clarke, of course, was loaned straight back to Leeds. Tanguy is away with the team, training and preparing for the season ahead and he made his Lilywhite’s debut against Juventus out in Singapore.

Why are some supporters still complaining that we don’t get deals done early enough in the TW, when these two were indeed done almost 3 weeks ago? I’ll ask why does anyone think that they were bought with little fuss, when they were, over a month before the PL TW deadline-day? I presume it was because they were deals that simply could get done when they were done, with little or no complications to hamper them. Likewise with the sale of Kieran Trippier to Atletico.

There are others we have been linked to buying and a few that we now know for sure are up for possible sale. With a couple that we are uncertain about that may or may not leave.

It’s this may or may not that is key here in so many transfers, in and out. But not just for Spurs. It is nearly always complex and dependent on so many variables. Variables and what if’s that are so often ignored by supporters when complaining about the clubs dealings. As if it were all just dependent upon how Levy and Spurs go about their business. As if we are the ones with the sole responsibility when it comes to the TW as a whole.

When we are attempting to make deals (buy/sell), then some will inevitably take more time than others. And many can and will fall by the wayside. This is obvious. If we take a look outside of our Tottenham bubble we will see that our main competitors in the PL and across Europe are in the same boat. Of course they are. The media is chock-a-block with rumour and speculation for all. Not just THFC. There are so called transfer deals that are up in the air and all over the shop, for most if not all of the top clubs.

Will he or won’t Neymar return to Barca? Why the weeks and weeks of idle chitter-chatter and no action? Just get it done! Is Pogba on his way out of United and to Juve or possibly Real? It can’t be that difficult to sort out, can it? Why aren’t Zaha, Ceballos, Saliba or Tierney already at Arsenal? I thought they were all supposedly desperate to sign for the Gooners! What is all this talk of Maguire to City? It’s been going on all summer! (Or should that be to United?).

“Just Do It” may be the Nike (THFC shirt sponsors) long-time motto. But, if only it were so simple. Fantasy football and FIFA 20 are simple little games that we can all play at our leisure and with no consequence to the real-life players and teams we may choose to ‘pretend’ shuffle and manoeuvre.

But, what of the real world of top pro football, and the mega amounts of dosh involved in the trading of its livestock? Well, that is a little tougher, more complex and pretty unpredictable for the most part.

In spite of how easy the media like to fool us…and we fool ourselves too…we all dare to dream, only to wake up in a cold sweat when we see that Messi is still at Barca and not yet wearing the Spurs shirt with pride…Ah but he does have a lifetime sponsorship deal with Adidas and that could complicate things… Then again, Barca shirts are sponsored by Nike as well! So, you never know, you know!

(Sorry, for a minute there, I forgot we were talking about football, not business!)

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7 Replies to “Have Your Say – Why Are Some Spurs Supporters Still Complaining”

  • It’s a very simple answer to the question you posed in your article which is that the ones that moan and groan the loudest about footballers transfers are the simple minded who have absolutely no idea how the World of business and finance works between organisations. They think it’s as simple as going into a super market and buying a bag of spuds. The key word her is “simple” need I say more?

  • The usual excuses for a lack of ambition in the transfer market being shown. So if you’re wondering why some Spurs fans are less than delirious with you here goes. It was very obvious from the way our league form tailed off (4 months without an away win) after Christmas last season that the team needed major reinforcements and yet with 18 days to go till the beginning of the 2019-20 season as things stand now we have a smaller squad than we started 2018-19 with. Add to that the fact that new players at Spurs tend to take a long time to settle without the benefit of a Pochettino pre season and it’s obvious that things aren’t as great as some would have you believe. Levy’s self imposed 2 window transfer ban at Spurs also means trust in his ambition for Spurs is low. Oh, and with 1 league cup in in the past 18 years Levy is our least successful period since world war two in terms of winning trophies. Hope that clears things up for you.

  • I’m glad to see this article. I have for years been a huge levy supporter. The man is an amazing ambassador for Tottenham Hotspur football club and he always goes the extra mile to insulate it from the drastic pitfalls that we have seen our closest rivals experience ( Man U & Arsenal particularly). Yes Poch is instrumental in our success but we have been on an upward trajectory for a decade. No he doesn’t always make the flashiest moves and he is willing to walk away from a deal if it’s terms our not in Tottenham’s best interest. This guy deserves much more credit than he gets and no nearly the grief given. This team is in the best position it’s been in since the early 60s and I believe in the next decade will become the best time to be a Spurs fan. These are the reasons y I picked then as MY TEAM 20 years ago. Great article.

    • An upward trajectory? Over the last 3 seasons our points total has gone from 86 to 71 and our final league position has gone from 2nd to 4th. In what way is that upward?

  • HT….A well written article and a good read into the bargain.

    Ray & MG….Both well said, am in complete agreement with you both.

    Luke….just because we have dropped points and top 4 position, in 3 years is not a sign of downwards trajectory as you are suggesting, 2nd or 4th = different amounts of Prem cash received, but both mean CL football the following season, further have you made allowances for playing 100% of games away in season 17/18, 90% of games away in season 18/19, ie playing at Wembley, didn’t think so, then add no pre-season or even rest for a large number of our 1st choice players because of their World Cup exploits prior to season 18/19, also add building an absolutely outstanding new stadium in those years, just 3 problems the mighty Spurs have overcome and carried on, oh! I forgot a CL final, ok we lost, but we still got there even with all the hurdles to be overcome.

    So my answer to you is…yes it is upward. COYS

  • Clarke can’t play for us this season. So he will count in next summers purchases. So really we have only made one signing for this season. A top one at that though.

    I have no problem with the Clarke type of signing. A strategy we should have done years ago with the best up and coming British players.

    The problem we have now is standing still in the transfer market last season has given us too much work to do. There is no chance we are addressing all of our problems this summer.

    As it stands we should get 3rd/4th in the league minimum. Is that enough now?

    Looks like Toby will stay and see out his contract. 25m is nothing these days. We have a better chance of winning trophies with him than without. Probably worth the hit.

    We really need to address the Eriksen situation. Dragging this on isn’t helping us that’s for sure.

    I don’t think we can afford to lose 3 top players on free’s though. Imagine losing Toby, Verts and Eriksen all on free’s. Would be disastrous.

  • In the ‘see what you want to see, believe what you want to believe’ world occupied by Levy’s admirers, from runners up to fourth, and 86 points to 71 in two years is obviously progress, just as the clear decline in form of Alli, Dier and the departed Trippier was no reflection on Pochettino’s supposedly great coaching skills, just too many England games. Whatever we think of Levy, we’ve all got to hope that we don’t take up where we left off last season in the PL, because losing is a habit that’s hard to shake off, and top four certainly isn’t a given, regardless of pre-season results – in 2008 we beat Roma 5-0 and then look what happened!

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