Have Your Say: “It Sucks” But In Defence Of Levy’s Actions At Spurs

While it sucks that Levy has cut non-playing staff wages by 20% and used the Government scheme while players are being paid so much, and him as well, I think we have to try and see all sides and why he chose that way. Levy to me is always helping the community so he isn’t tight. He is a businessman who does what he feels is right for the club to stay viable and we have to trust him now – he is the expert. We moan he hasn’t a clue when it comes to on-field matters but don’t insult his intelligence when it comes to business, he hasn’t got to where he is without being very good and now we are moaning he is going the wrong way about it. I think he knows what he is doing even if it isn’t popular. I seriously think it’s about cash flow and availability and not hanging around waiting for others, like players, to decide if they want to help. Timing in business is crucial and he has been proactive.

I trust Levy when it comes to his decisions with regards to business and it is the right thing to do now. Those taking a 20% cut aren’t likely to be hit too hard if they are on low wage as most will be on Universal Credit and they will just get it topped up. Some might not be on UC but I bet a lot will be if wages are low. Those on a higher wage, a 20% cut won’t matter that much.

Every penny Levy saves will serve the club during and after this pandemic. I bet those who are moaning about what he has done will be those who will be banging on about spending on transfers in summer. The revenue Levy was expecting, not just from football but other stadium events, is a huge loss and it has to be clawed back and not added to by paying staff who are not working. Its perfect business sense even if it feel wrong. But the bottom line is people are looking at profit and not cash.

I think the players will give but I get a sense they want to help the NHS and I get that, but then again, it could be argued that the NHS shouldn’t be in this position, this Government austerity has crippled thems. Also, players might feel why help the club they got wealthy owners. The point is there are always different perspectives. Why should clubs be out of pocket when it’s not their doing. Why should players be out of pocket, when the Government has failed them for years. Everyone will have a perspective and different feelings.

I think no matter what Levy does he will always get jumped on. Yet he is generous and helps the community and let’s face it, while he gets slaughtered for not paying higher wages, every footballer is overpaid. Football is an emotional sport and it brings the worst out of people at times. Levy can’t win whatever he does.

I’m not saying I agree with what Levy has done. I don’t agree or disagree but what I try and do is have trust in Levy’s decisions in as much as he is doing what his expertise thinks is right for the future of the club. Morally and ethically is another question, but I don’t buy into Levy being a bad person or a tight person. He is a good guy from what I see.

This pandemic is a mess. It’s a roller coaster and it’s devastating for many who have lost loved ones and it’s also crippling business and their livelihoods. So stay safe and be kind and follow the rules of the Government to stop the spread and let’s pray we come through this sooner rather than later.

Will anyone be made accountable for this pandemic? Probably not.

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  • Of course, cash flow is not the same as profit but basic economics are not needed here. Please don’t try to persuade me that Spurs need the furlough money to survive, I just don’t buy it.
    It’s all about morality is it right that a club as rich as Spurs needs the money? I
    If at the start of next season we pay £40-50 million on a player how does that square?
    Daniel do a U turn NOW you are damaging the club

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