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With Tottenham Hotspur fans having mixed thoughts on Daniel Levy and our summer so far, despite the massive signing of midfielder Tanguy Ndombele, with a keen desire to have seen far more incomings already as the 2019/20 campaign nears – I thought this post deserved a wider audience when it came to keeping our feet firmly on the floor and not getting too carried away.

Everyone is eager for success, but sometimes it’s worth remembering the progress we have made given the base we were building from.

Writer: melloSPUR

I think we do have to remain sensible in the market and not think we can simply spend like our obviously wealthier rivals, who had previously earned a lot more money through consistent CL qualification/wins.

2019/20 will be Spurs’ 5th season in the CL in the PL era, a 4th in a row and the 6th since 1962, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

Some may have also missed that we have a squad of 24 of 25 players currently, meaning we have to be careful to ensure we meet our homegrown quota, which is a requirement for European football, while being caught with players possible leaving so simply spending money and buying players doesn’t quite fit for me.

Could we spend more? I think so.

Is it hard to find suitable replacements? I think so too, given our budget and status compared to our competition (Utd, City, Liverpool, Madrid, Barca, Bayern etc) and the need for a certain level of quality.

We’ve finally got the infrastructure in place and appear to have patched up a Dembele sized hole (the reason for our downward form last season imo) with an Ndombele shaped one (who I think will be a huge success).

No more Trippier, and likely Aurier transfer, so KWP or Foyth to battle it out unless a replacement bought.

Rose could leave with Sessegnon the likely target, along with Davies at LB.

Finding a bench warmer to Kane? Like for like will be £40m+ although there aren’t many Solksjaer’s out there.

Another winger to replace Nkoudou? Clarke in a year, so maybe someone else comes in.

It’s not a game of Monopoly and we don’t have a PSG budget. Did we forget what happened to Leeds?

Given we haven’t finished outside of the top 10 in the last 10 years, lower than 6th in the last 6 and 4th in the last 4, while building quality training facilities and a stadium, it doesn’t really sound like Levy’s sitting at home counting beans, rather being extremely productive in all areas of the club to be established in the Top 6 in what is undoubtedly the most competitive league within the top leagues of Europe if not the world.

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16 Replies to “Have Your Say – It Doesn’t Sound Like Levy Is Sat At Home Counting Beans – This Spurs Fan Argues For Some Perspective”

  • IMO-the reason for our downweard form last season was an overemphasis on pointless jingoistic international football (e.g. we got less than half a season from Kane) an suffered as many players suffered injury and form deterioration due to an over commitment to National teams. Spurs had 13 first teamers called (not up) to National teams and the loss of form was tremendous. These “National” tourneys should be limited to players 29 years or older. Fans will still attend- the FAs will line their pockets and young promising players will not have their form or careers compromised.

  • It really is the same every season…..we’re shit, the squad isn’t big enough, lucky if we finish 6th this year
    All that’s happened in this window so far is a. We’ve made a club record signing and b. We’ve sold our worst performing player of last season…oh and also recently moved into the best football stadium in the world
    But still Levy is c!#? and we lack ambition and its all dooooom + glooooom!

  • We only have one chance of really challenging in our first season in our new home, we should be strengthening in all of our weak points and making a real go of it, we always end up one or two players short. The signing of Ndombele was a fantastic one but if we don’t add to that, what’s the point? Adding two young class wing backs, another central midfielder, a winger and another striker would really make us challengers, I’m sure we’d all love to see Spurs win the title in the first season in our new home. Once these players were added we’d only need to add the odd player to freshen things up each year. Joe Lewis get out the cheque book and invest in the squad for once, if not then sell the club to someone who will.

  • Exactly. We have replaced dembele and sold a regular player to fund him. Apart from that everything is the same under Levy as before. We are still leaving it late to buy players and our squad is still lacking any depth. Where is Kanes backup, who is challenging Ali and eriksen.. We now need another defender. Alderweireld situation is still uncertain and Erik’son is still awaiting interest which is not surprising due to his poor performances last season. He can’t even take a corner. Levy won’t buy unless players are sold and potchettino is putting a brave face on it… Wheres the change to date

  • For god’s sake sort it out. We will bring in more players. We had a team that got 4th and to the champions League final. We had more players that went into the latter stages of the euroes. So many injuries for vast amounts of time. Let’s be and start thinking like poch. BELIEVE

  • agree as usual leaving it to the last week things dont change i said a year levy will sell with the right offer comes pooch will probably leave maybe next year if levy dosent back him we have been as usual been talking some many players tillimans van beek celso olmo but nothing happening because only the 1 sell wake up levy dont dissapoint the manager and fans

  • We have bought two players so far this TW, in Ndombele and Clarke. Clarke of course was loaned straight back to Leeds. Tanguy is away with the team, training and preparing for the season ahead. He will most likely be making his Lilywhite’s debut later today v’s. Juve out in Singapore.

    Why are some supporters still complaining that we don’t get TW deals done early enough in the TW, when these two were indeed done almost 3 weeks ago? I’ll ask why does anyone think that they were bought with little fuss, when they were, over a month before the PL TW deadline-day? I presume it was because they were deals that simply could get done when they were done, with little or no complications to hamper them. Likewise with the sale of Trippier to Atletico.

    There are others we have been linked to buying and a few that we now know for sure are up for possible sale. With a couple that we are uncertain about that may or may not leave.

    It’s this may or may not that is key here in so many transfers, in and out. But not just for Spurs. It is nearly always complex and dependent on so many variables. Variables and what if’s that are so often ignored by supporters when complaining about the clubs dealings. As if it were all just dependent upon how Levy and Spurs go about their business. As if we are the ones with the sole responsibility when it comes to the TW as a whole.

    When we are attempting to make deals (buy/sell), then some will inevitably take more time than others. And many can and will fall by the wayside. This is obvious. If we take a look outside of our Tottenham bubble we will see that our main competitors in the PL and across Europe are in the same boat. Of course they are. The media is chock-a-block with rumour and speculation for all. Not just THFC. There are so called transfer deals that are up in the air and all over the shop, for most if not all of the top clubs.

    Will he or won’t Neymar return to Barca? Why the weeks and weeks of idle chitter-chatter and no action? Just get it done! Is Pogba on his way out of United and to Juve or possibly Real? It can’t be that difficult to sort out, can it? Why aren’t Zaha, Ceballos, Saliba or Tierney already at Arsenal? I thought they were all supposedly desperate to sign for the Gooners! What is all this talk of Maguire to City? It’s been going on all summer! (Or should that be to United?).

    “Just Do It” may be the Nike (THFC shirt sponsors) long-time motto. But, if only it were so simple. Fantasy football and FIFA 20 are simple little games that we can all play at our leisure and with no consequence to the real-life players and teams we may choose to ‘pretend’ shuffle and manoeuvre. But, what of the real world of top pro football, and the mega amounts of dosh involved in the trading of its livestock? Well that is a little more tough. Much more complex and pretty unpredictable for the most part. In spite of how easy the media like to fool us that it all is… And we fool ourselves too. We dare to dream, only to wake up in a cold sweat when we see that Messi is still at Barca and not yet wearing the Spurs shirt with pride… Ah but does have a lifetime sponsorship deal with Adidas and that could complicate things… Then again, Barca shirts are sponsored by Nike as well! So, you never know, you know!

    (Sorry, for a minute there, I forgot we were talking about football, not business!)

  • Everyone knows that Levy is profit motivated !
    Poch has made it clear in many ways, he has ambitions along with the team
    If these are not matched by the club they will w@lk
    Just look at Eriksen, he wants to win trophy’s and will,leave in an attempt to achieve this but will be to a club where they have visible ambition and a recent history of winning things!
    Spurs have a big squad ! But not all the players are top quality even though they have got us where we are today.
    The club( Levy and Lewis) have to invest in quality players now, be prepared to pay wages otherwise players will not join and some will go! Levy said years ago that he wants to attract world class players, well we have the stadium, what about getting the players now! Fir the coming season, so that we can build on what we have achieved. Too many times Spurs have reached a level only to fail the following seasons due to management , lack of investment!
    Wake up Levy and Lewis !!!

  • Renyar, everyone knows that in business, “profit” is not a dirty word…

    Even so, THFC do have rather large debts to pay. As do most clubs. And yet huge profits are also made… How does that work?

    Renyar, with respect, (as you mentioned yourself), we do already have many top quality players at Spurs. How did we get them in the first place? And, in Ndombele we have just bought (record THFC transfer fee), one of the most talked about, highly regarded and ‘wanted’ young players in world football. And it is inevitable that there will be more to come. There will not be a lack of investment. But there will be sensible, within-our-means investment. Why wouldn’t there be? Why not be sensible?

  • I fully agree with Renyar. As all levy cares about is profit. He has been here twenty years now and won one two bob trophy. That is terrible for a club like spurs. Also sessegnon is not a left back, more a wing back, never seen the guy make a tackle. I really hope we don’t buy him, he is so average and could not even make the Fulham team on many occasions last season, he was on the bench. As for Ben Davis what a joke this guy is so average and slow and is not good enough for spurs and should have been shown the door. A squad player at best, but not first choice left back.
    Rose is miles better and should never be sold. We have bought one good player and loaned a kid back to Leeds. So we still need to buy straight away not worry about who we can sell to fund it. Poch was promised money and by that we mean clear spend, not selling to fund new arrivails. We have spent no money in the last two window, so no excuses its time to spend big. If we want a left back for rose just offer leciester £50 for Ben chillwell and we have got a good player. As for fiar play its quite simple just tell at least six players in our squad to find another club as there not good enough for spurs, and if they stay they will not get any first team time unless we are desperate. I’m sorry but all this same rubbish we here every season but with no good additions. It’s time for this to stop as Glenn Hoddle said spurs have the money, and they are four good players away from being a top team who can challenge for the title. This opportunity may not come round again. All these big business men who keep backing levy no matter what he does have no interest in trophies, just profit. Well them and levy can leave , as its trophy time not profit for levy , Lewis, and Enic.

  • One problem in the last few years has been not being able to shift players not wanted or needed by our manager. This has certainly stopped numerous new signings from happening.

    So much deadwood left to shift. CCV, Onomah, N’kou, Jansen spring to mind. Looks like Rose is part of that list now. I still think Eriksen will go.

    We have had enough time to shift certain players. Some years.

    Looks like Sess and Lo Celso will join in the next few weeks. Can’t see anyone else coming in.

  • Harry Kane from the half way line. What an amazing goal. 3-2 to Spurs with the last kick of the game

  • Sorry but back to real-life football… Juve 2-3! And what a wonderful winner from our Harry Kane. Making a fool out of an ex-Gooner in the process… Haha!

    Good match overall. Plenty of Spurs youngsters on show and a debut for Tanguy with an assist just after going on. Nice!

  • Plenty to be optimistic about after watching the game, I thought the youngsters did well, in the first half especially. Parrott and Giorgiou were the pick for me in that respect but Skippy made a few too many errors and still has much to learn. I thought sicknote had a pretty decent game, lets hope he can stay fit this year. Good assist from our new man (with almost his first touch) and what a goal from our man HK10, made extra special as it embarrassed that fecking ex-gooner! :- )

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