Date: 24th June 2019 at 8:00am
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Writer: melloSPUR

In order to have something to measure against I think it’s important to check what was expected at the start of the season, and unless I’m mistaken, I’m sure most would have had us having a decent title challenge with top 4 finish and a possible silverware, which I think we achieved.

The title challenge died when we sold Dembele (the results would appear to back this), which for me is the only ‘mistake’ which we could account for, but otherwise things went roughly as I expected, so I’m pleased we have managed to remain consistent and at the sharp end.

Regarding winning trophies, Spurs under Poch have only lost cup semis and finals against top 6 teams, excluding Palace this season, I think, so I can’t realistically be disappointed with those losses, despite believing we had a good chance to win.

It’s easy to change expectations during the season and think they’re the same as kick off in August 2018, whereas the reality would suggest the World Cup, injuries, stadium and to a lesser degree, lack of signings, were all obstacles which we managed to overcome and still maintain our status amongst our (vastly) wealthier rivals.

If we acknowledge the fatigue within our squad I think it’s easy to see that we’ve had a productive season with a platform to build on for 2019/20 despite players not being at their best for one reason or another.

If people expect the same level of improvement year on year in all competitions, personally, I think they’re being unrealistic given where we are coming from under Poch’s reign.

Many have been expecting (hoping?) for the demise of our project, or simply expected continuous improvement over the course of 5 years in every competition and are disappointed with that, but if told in 2014/15 that Spurs would be where they are now they’d have thought it was ridiculous.

There’s a difference between ambitious and realistic expectations, which I’m not sure some have grasped.

How many expected Spurs to have qualified for CL for the 4th consecutive season back in 2014/15? Not many, if any, methinks.

I’ll enjoy the progress made, especially as it’s been done organically and not simply had cash thrown at it, which I’m certain many on here have been irked by the situations at City and Chelsea in recent decades, despite their success.

If someone can point out another team that has managed to break into, and more importantly, sustain their place at the top table within 5 years I’d be happy to note the comparison…but we know there aren’t.


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