Date: 17th July 2019 at 12:00pm
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Writer: Micky Z

It appears Tottenham Hotspur’s incoming transfers have stalled after our initial early foray saw a replacement for Mousa Dembele found and a potential star readied for 2019.

We then looked to be closing in on three or four top players which would really have made a statement as to our intentions going forward.

Whilst all has gone quiet with regard to incomings it would appear Kieran Trippier, Toby Alderweireld, Danny Rose and Christian Eriksen are all suddenly lined up to leave. All 4 are top, top players and it would be almost impossible to replace them, let alone better. Surely, all four will not be sold as this could be a disaster for our squad.

Here, we were thinking that Daniel Levy would back Mauricio Pochettino this window by loosening the purse strings with decisive and early signings that would strengthen the team and that we would get them in early so Poch had time to meld them into his ways before the start of the season.

It seems we are seeing Groundhog Day again with Levy, who appears not being prepared to pay out before funds have been generated to bring in new players. I truly hope that this situation can be rescued but I fear that Poch could be disappointed, for one time too many, if it is not. Come on Daniel prove my concerns unfounded and let’s get things positively moving forward again – time in this window is fast running out!

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6 Replies to “Have Your Say – After A Bright Transfer Start A Spurs Fan Feels It’s Groundhog Day Again”

  • My thoughts exactly.A leopard never changes its spots.
    The only thing Levy will understand is if Poch walks and leaves him in the s…
    He should do it.

  • It just drives me mad. What is the point of it all??! We buy someone for £70m who’ll take a season to settle in. We want to get rid of Toby and Danny Rose and extend Davies’ s contract. Has Poch gone mad? Surely he can’t be 1st choice left back with Auerier at right back. The only decent defender is Jan. Foyth is a total liability and Sanchez has a mistake in him every game. Getting to the CL final covered up a lot of cracks and unless we buy some top players instead of what Levy can get on the cheap, we’ll struggle to make top 6 let alone top 4.

  • Here we go again!!
    Squad needs to be improved to move to the next level!
    So get a move on before we loose out on the best avail players!!!!!

  • To be fair we have offered both Toby and Eriksen new deals but they have both rejected them.

    Rose is not the player he once was. Same goes for Tripps.

    Sadly the first 11 needs rebuilding and this summer is the perfect time to start doing that.

  • Levy flatters to deceive, 1 major signing then we revert to type. 1 quality player and 1 youngun in, then both first choice wing backs, and possibly our top CB and AMFer going out. We are linked with umpteen players as usual, but we stand by while they sign for others. Where is the money earned as prize money over the time we have spent nothing gone, and what price Levy’s claim that the stadium expenditure would not affect transfer expenditure, we now know it was a false premise like most things that he says. We will be no nearer mixing it with the top 2 or 3 than we were last season. The run to the CL final hid a multitude of sins, all of which remain now.

  • None of the media seem to have asked the question as to who is responsible for the likely original cost of the stadium of approx £450m rising to between £850m and £1bn, depending whose figures you trust? This is a monumental increase in costs yet there has been no explanation demanded by the media or given by the club? This must have impacted the Clubs ability to spend significant money without selling players. There have never been any statements, regarding stadium costs, given by the Club, which seems amazing given the sums involved and I understand the Spurs Supporters Trust were not allowed to ask any questions on the subject when they had their annual meeting with senior Club officials earlier in the year – why!

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