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Hugo Lloris says Harry is the best he has ever played with;

Hugo says Harry is the best striker he has played with and insists he is ‘by the side’ of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Harry has scored eight hat-tricks this year, a feat it is hard to imagine we will ever see reproduced in a Spurs shirt, unless of course it is achieved by Harry himself. His hat-trick against Southampton hauled him above Shearers record of 36 Premier League goals in one calendar year.

Harry also set a record for the number of goals scored for club and country at 56 – two more even than Messi in 2017, and three more than Ronaldo.

Hugo said speaking to Sky Sports : ‘I’ve never played with a striker capable of scoring so many goals in a year, I’ve played with a lot of top strikers and probably he is the best I’ve played with’.
Heaping on the praise he added;

‘ He deserves all the praise at the moment. Now the most difficult part is coming because he needs to stick at this level. But with his mentality and quality I have no doubt he will do that. He is one of the best and he is going to keep showing it.’

Talking about his work ethic and his self- belief;

‘He believes a lot in himself and that’s most important. It means he is able to do fantastic things with passion and hard work. In football when there are records you always try to break them. It’s true, with players like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo it’s difficult to catch them. But Harry is by the side of them and he is still a young player with lots to achieve. He’s got the right attitude, he always wants to improve.’

Hugo also talks about his character; He’s a goal machine:

‘If he scores one goal in a game, he wants two or three. This is his mentality. He’s a goal machine. It’s his target. When he enters the pitch, he focuses on that. His job is to score goals and it’s his mentality every day.

‘The perception from outside is different now. He has more attention from the fans and media. But he has a good head on his shoulders and a lot of humility and that’s the key. He will keep working hard and I’m sure he will break more records if he does.’

All that begs the question is Harry the greatest Tottenham Striker ever, if not the greatest player ever to pull on the shirt?


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  • Jimmy Greaves has to be the best yet. Best striker for sure. Harry will probably be the best since Jimmy, er… Jimmy. Striker that is. Of course he will have to stay around at THFC a good while to beat Greaves and his goalscoring feats for our club but could be well on his way to bettering him over an entire career. For England and at club level.

  • Harry so far this season has 18 goals in 19 PL appearances and 6 in 5 CL matches. That’s a fantastic 24 goals in 24 games. Any better than that average of 1 a game is way up there with the very best of all time, whichever club they have played for and from any era.

  • I would imagine the answer is ‘Yes’ if you’ve not been a Spurs supporter for very long. For supporters who have been around for decades and have seen so many great Spurs players grace the Lane it’s not quite as easy. There are quite a few candidates. But Harry is in the mix, and the frightening thing for PL opponents is that he thinks he will get better (if that is possible?).

  • To add to that Geof… It seems that the football media, in the shadow of Sky and the PL, do not seem to go back and beyond the start of the PL when it comes to acknowledging the all-time greats of football. It’s as if there was no one of any note before Alan Shearer hit the headlines.

  • Jimmy Greaves was the best ever. I love Harry but I’ve never seen him dribble past 5 defenders plus the goalkeeper. I saw Greavesy do it,I think it’s on you tube somewhere. He left many defenders on their backsides & sold more dummies than Mothercare.

  • Jimmy and Harry are 2 very different strikers in 2 very different eras in the game. The game is played at greater pace today, you get less time, but conversely the game has been sanitized to take most tackling and much of the physical contact out of the game. Jimmy Greaves was an ace “sniffer” who did most of his work inside the box, apart from the famous goal showed in the old title sequence for BBC Match of the day when he went half the length of the field to score. Given the variety of goals he scores with right, left feet, and headers, I think Kane is the more complete striker, although they are/were both great players, and I have been lucky enough to see both play. In Greavsie’s case treasured memories.

  • Well, having led a highly mobile life on many planets found in far off galaxies, both in the future and the past, I can say without any fear of contradiction that Harry Kane is most certainly NOT a ?world class? player. He is simply a ?universal class? player. And I agree with Frank.

  • HT …. That’s true, and very strange. We are given the impression that football did not exist before the PL started and everything that went before is usually ignored. My memory tells me differently.

  • Greaves …. I like your last line, re ‘mothercare’. There’s no point in comparing Greaves and Kane due, as Frank says, to the different way the game is/was played in the two eras. All we can say is that they are/were two amazing strikers. But, as Frank suggests, if you take scoring out of the equation, Kane does have a more complete all-round game. I do get the feeling that Kane is going to give me as many great memories as Greaves did …. and those are some memories!

  • I assume the title of this thread relates to strikers. If not, I’d have to say that Mackay was the greatest player I’ve ever seen in a Spurs shirt. As I’ve said before, if I was to pick a team from past, present, or future players from anywhere, Mackay would be the first name on the team-sheet.

  • But, before Frank points it out, he wouldn’t last 10 minutes in today’s footballing climate. It was a much tougher game in Mackay’s day. Modern day Goalkeepers would not have enjoyed themselves either … Bobby Smith scored a few goals by barging both ball and Keeper into the net! Imagine that!!

  • Harry Kane is a complete striker in the modern game. Jimmy Greaves was the ultimate striker in the old pre Premier League. We need to remember the media writers were not aware of JG as they were too young or.. not even born !!. So they cannot comprehend JG scoring the goal for England beating the Rest of the World 2 -1 (pele inc. ) at wembley, which as a young lad i saw on black & white tv… lol…It was this goal which made me a spurs supporter for life, all through the cup winning era, relegation and back up in 70’s through to now. Harry has a long way to go to become a true international football legend. He has made a very good start along that road.

  • Thanks for that, CS, just read it. It is very sad when you think of all the great clubs and players, and their achievements of the past. They all played for peanuts …. they just had the joy of playing the game.

  • CS …. At least every club has records of its own history …. and the PL or media can’t change that.

  • Block D. If a sports journalist is young it has nothing to do with the reason why they only ever talk in terms of the PL. When I was young I was well aware of many of the football greats that were around long before I was born. Lofthouse, Mathews, Finney, Puskas, Stefano etc. And that was when I was just a kid. History is not exclusive to only those times that we remember. The PL is the headline writers main point of reference because of how the media has been controlled by Murdoch and Sky, etc. And most of todays young (and old) football writers and pundits are or have been in his employ. It’s no coincidence. It is in their agenda.

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