Date: 9th July 2018 at 12:35pm
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This is a feel good story and one that reflects very well on Spurs and England striker Harry Kane. Genuinely nice move by him to tweet this young fella.

The initial tweet was from Specialist Paediatric Radiographer Liam Herbert at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital. They always do something special for the kiddies when they have finished their course of treatment. Little Ben asked for the World Cup and that’s what he got.

Luke added… and yes, there is a link to the fundraising page so this article IS a massive hint!

Comedian Paddy McGuiness commented

But then, along came the man of the moment, Harry Kane

“Hi Ben, I’ve seen your video and you are an inspiration. Carry on fighting and we’ll do everything we can on Saturday to keep a smile on your face! #BensWorldCup”

How lovely is that? And bless young Ben, I’m sure he’s in all our thoughts (and those who believe, prayers)

Come on then lovely folks, even just a fiver would be hugely appreciated by the QE doing such great work.


7 Replies to “Harry Kane – A True Gent – Lovely Message To To Young Ben Who Wanted The World Cup”

  • J P Fear….very well written, nice of somebody to raise this point, well done.

    There is another side to life, though sadder, outside football and the players.

    All the best young Ben. COYS

    • Thanks mate, and I’m sure they’ll be massively grateful for the donation as well. Players get such a bad press, think it is great when any of us can highlight good actions by them.

  • I have just made my donation to the little lad who’s hero is “Our Arry” come on lads/lasses dip into your pockets. COYS

  • J P Fear….Your quite welcome mate, I know what its like to have a family member seriously ill. COYS

  • True England legend be proud the start of great memories to come for your country. Hope all goes as well as it can Ben goodluck god bless. Real hero

  • The country and this club should be immensely proud of Harry Kane as a great player, a leader, and a proper human being. He is different from your average PL footballer, a clean living decent unassuming family man, with a reasonable level of intelligence unlike the overwhelming majority of his pro football colleagues.

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