Date: 15th July 2020 at 8:03pm
Written by:
Newcastle United
1 – 3
Tottenham Hotspur

St James' Park

Premier League

15/07/2020 6:00 pm

Attendance: 0

Referee: David Coote

Newcastle United Tottenham Hotspur
Ritchie (56) Son Heung-Min (27), Kane (60, 90)
Dubravka Lloris
Krafth Aurier
Schar Sanchez
Yedlin 55 Davies
Saint-Maximin Sissoko
Lo Celso 62
Bentaleb 86 Winks
Ritchie Lucas Moura 57
Almiron Kane
Gayle 69 Son Heung-Min


Lazaro 55 Bergwijn 57
Joelinton 69 Lamela 62
Longstaff 86 Vertonghen 91

Game Statistics

22 Goal attempts 8
6 On Target 5
5 Corners 4
6 Fouls 13
2 Yellow Cards 3
0 Red Cards 0
53 % 47

Having taken a North London derby victory over Arsenal to boost everyone’s spirits, Tottenham Hotspur were back in action this evening as we made the long trip up north to face Steve Bruce’s Newcastle United side.

Newcastle have had a mixed season again, but with back to back losses in recent matches, we could understandably expect some kind of a reaction.

And we got one, Newcastle started the far brighter, had more possession and created far more chances than we did, but just ahead of the half hour mark, Son Heung-Min gave us the advantage and we went into the break one goal to the good.

We were a bit more with it in the second half, but Newcastle still dominated chances and in the 56th minute they made it count as they hit the equaliser. It was a bright response though and Harry Kane had us 2-1 in front four minutes later as we reestablished our lead.

Although the hosts continued to dominate, Kane completed his brace in the 90th minute to tie the game and the points up for us.

3-1 – it might not have been pretty, but it’s another win. Up to seventh and Harry passes 200!

Unused Newcastle Subs:

Muto, Manquillo, Darlow, Atsu, Allan, Young.

Unused Spurs Subs:

Sessegnon, Gazzaniga, Skipp, Gedson Fernandes, Tanganga, White.

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107 Replies to “Harry Cracks 200 As Spurs Get Mourinho His First St James’ Park Win – Match Stats”

  • To me its a self fulfilling prophecy. If you have supporters who value style over winning you aren’t going to win very much. All successful teams have a ruthless streak and get the job done however they need to do it. Also do people really still focus on how much possession a team has ? I thought that was knocked on the head when Leicester won the title.

  • Very true HT and its the results from the teams around us, with defeats to SU chelsea x2 wolves etc

  • Jod, I do agree with you to an extent. But if people (for example) read my posts more carefully then they will see that I’m not convinced that Jose’s style will actually work with us and not that it can’t. If it does then I’ll be okay with that if it is then seen as a vast improvement on this season.

    We have some very good players more capable with a dootball than we are currently seeing and dare I say some pretty stylish players too.

    With Jose, sometimes it’s like watching old donkeys ploughing through a sodden field of weeds. We have players capable of a more thoroughbred approach to the game that is now played on the lush, green fields of the PL, imo…..

    I respected what Leicester did. But fact is the vast majority of top teams these days achieve their success (and continued success) by playing attractive, possession based football, whilst also being able to show a more pragmatic approach when circumstances dictate.

    Look at Liverpool for example…. I was talking about the long ball game on here and how it can be or shouldn’t be successfully played. Perhaps surprisingly to most of us, the one team that has played more long balls by far than the rest of the usual top 5 clubs (and has done so many more times than Spurs this season), is indeed the PL champions. Spurs on the other hand are right down the list for long balls along with the likes of MU and Chelsea and City. And yet Liverpool are known for their exciting, possession based, attacking football. But, they mix it up. They are both pragmatic and stylish. As are City.

    And, Spurs can be more like Liverpool more so than akin to the Foxes in my mind.

    But that’s just my take…. I read someone on the Forum insisting that he prefers Jose’s game style to that of Guardiola’s, no less… Although I do reckon he is in the minority… And Guardiola is a pretty successful manager, too.

    But we have Jose. And I will see what happens….

    • I mean the PL winning Foxes that you alluded to, jod. Not their current team. They play differently now…

  • jod … I agree, greater possession does not bring the results it used to do. The game has changed. How many times do we see teams (including many top teams) having 70% possession, 26 shots on goal …. and lose 2 – 1.

    General …. has there been a decision on when next season will start??

    • Great example where possession doesn’t always mean a win, us at home v Newcastle…Spurs 80% possession, N’castle 20%, who won that game, say no more. COYS

  • Geof in one-off matches high possession doesn’t necessarily win the game. Of course not. But that is nearly always down to strong defending on the day. As with Southampton vs City, recently. But City absolutely plastered their goal as they so often do against most teams. And with over 70% possession. The Saints were fantastic in keeping them out… But then City did the same vs Magpies and thrashed them easily, 5-0. And just look at the amount of goals they have scored these past couple of seasons. This season it’s 93 no less. compare that to Sheff U’s measly 38 and then Spurs’ 57. (And we are the PL’s 6th highest scorers).

    And it’s no surprise to me that the teams that on average have the most possession over the course of a season are the ones at the top of the PL and the ones at the bottom have the least. With a couple of exceptions here and there…

    I checked the stats again to make sure but I already knew this. It’s obvious when looking at the teams that shine the brightest all over Europe… And guess what? It’s the current top 7 in the PL that have the highest average possession stats. That can’t be a coincidence.

    And it’s no different for shots to goals ratios too. More possession, more shots, more goals, more wins, more points… in general….

  • What I should have mentioned is that the Saints solid defensive performance against a rampaging City was for them a rarity this season. Outside of the bottom 3 they are 2nd to just WHU in conceding goals. They have conceded a massive 58 goals so far.

    On another day it’s probably safe to assume that City would thrash the Saints, given their vastly superior ball retention and shots on goal averages…

    Anyway besides all these numbers it’s not any low possession in itself that worries with Jose’s Tottenham. It’s the lack of consistency in performance. I don’t care if we have the higher or lower possession if we win.

    But, when I see poor teams outdo us with holding onto the ball, I do worry. And what I feel has changed is that the “lesser” PL defences have improved. Not that the better teams’ attacks have gone backwards. I mean there are many more high scoring PL players today competing with each other, than there ever used to be… And, teams like a very low scoring Sheff U can have great one-off seasons but probably won’t improve on it in the following season. If they do, they do. But they will eventually need to start scoring many more goals, I think. And not just be great defensively…..

    Anyway I’m rambling

    Stay safe, stay sane, stay Spurs….. And, stay onside and don’t go down, unless you’re in the penalty area.

  • Geof, I think the new season is due to start on the 12th/13th September… But I’m not sure if that is yet to be set in concrete…

  • HT….I think your correct with your dates for the new season start, Birthday boy or old man on the 12th lol!

    By the way have you a bee in your bonnet, loads of preaching posts lol!

    Stay sane and stay Spurs I think there is a contradiction there somewhere lol! COYS

    • who’s preaching to who. I’m just offering up some views for discussion. It’s what this site is for.

      Or is it preaching because you disagree?

      What’s your opinion on possession football? I have said that all that is just my take on it and I accept that others views differ.

      But it’s not preaching to offer up stats that confirm what I’m saying is generally so…

      But surely we can all see that for ourselves.

      What surprises me is those on here that used to complain about Poch’s boring style of football when we were mostly winning. And for a couple of seasons scoring more than most and conceding less than most. Are now supporting Jose’s style of football.

      I have strong opinions PY. That’s me. I think deeply about stuff… You like to sit on the fence and just say everything’s simple… That’s you… It’s all good…

      • Oh my god, HT you really have got that bee! did you not notice lol! it means laugh out loud, as in only joking, for gods sake man, get a life.

        I may like to sit on the fence, that’s because I have had enough aggro in my life, so am not going to fall out over something I cannot do anything about.

        By the way I am a massive believer in freedom of speech, actually fought for it, which we have fuck all of today, I do like/love the strong opinions from yourself and other’s esp when in my opinion whether I agree or not they make a sensible arguement. COYS

        • I haven’t got any bees in my bonnet I can assure you. That was just me expressing that we are very different people that is all. I was observing what you often say on here. It wasn’t mean’t as a dig. (Well maybe a little harmless nudge to the ribs) 🙂

          You nearly always use the word simple to end your posts as well as joking about sitting on the fence. You say you LOL’ed and I wrote it’s all good. Which means no worries where I come from….. But your comment must have meant something though otherwise why bother to write it….. I’m just trying to have a chat that ‘s all….

          Your post does read a little like a dig to me….. But I accept it if you say it wasn’t.

          I do have a life thank you. Today I am bored and free from work…. So I’m sitting, writing a load of crap on here today….. LOL

          • HT….thanks for that, I was only joking and trying to be light hearted which obviously failed, maybe I didn’t come across very well, for that I say sorry, I suppose it is me lol! with the bee, ditto that with boredom, worse that I am locked down 100% because of my wife, very vulnerable, and getting on each nerves, having never have spent so long together, 24/7, in 38 years of marriage.

            My biggest problem is I can see both sides of opinions, thus fence sitting comes in, and so let some brilliant debates/discussions on here carry on, I think my other prob’ might be that in my world all is black or white, which in its self is contradictory, as I am digging an even deeper hole I will give up lol!

            Again sorry! keep up the good/mad as a hatter posts. COYS

  • I think it might be me, but am finding it difficult to handle VS being repaired lol! COYS

  • We’re averaging 1.7 points per game under Jose, which over 36 games would put us at just under 62 points. That would put us 4th in the current table, one point behind Chelsea in 3rd.

    The article compares Jose’s first 24 games in charge with MP’s last 24, which isn’t fair because some of the times under MP were much better.

    On the other hand, for all those complaining about how bad things are under Jose, I think he can rightly claim that we’d probably be in the top 4 had the season started with him in charge.

    It’s not always pretty, but it is effective.

    • I’m happy our results have improved with Jose. I’m just saying that his football doesn’t thrill me and that I think we have to get a lot better to further improve next season.

      I’m also saying that right now my feeling is that it won’t improve enough… But I also said quite clearly. Never say never and never say no Jose… I’m not asking for the man to be fired.

      It’s me and my personal feelings… I am allowed not to enjoy the football whilst still liking the 3 points. LOL

      I’m not arguing with anyone here. Or indeed preaching…… I said I agreed with jod. But then explained what I think works better in todays game….

      I was one of the few on here that had praise for the way the Foxes won the title. Most posters were totally against their footballing ways and means to a PL title.

      It was bread and butter football and it worked well for 1 season only. I want my cake and to eat it. I like solid defensive displays (I was a defender), and fine attacking ones too…… Not one or the other…

      It”s not a crime folks!

  • “It’s not always pretty, but it is effective”.

    To me, that’s like saying just bread and water will keep you alive and so that is all you need…….. It’s true.

    But us Homo sapiens invented fine cooking, wine, women and song to make our lives that much more enjoyable.

  • The key is how long Jose is going to be in charge. If its only a couple of seasons then he’ll not make that much of an impact and the culture won’t change, so probably neither will our lack of success. If however he is here long enough to start bringing in his own players then inevitably the team will start doing what he wants them to do. Those who can’t adapt will be sold. Of course if he does leave quickly then the next question is who would replace him. You are basically back to a Pochettino type appointment and we’ve been there and done that.

  • Some good posts here Some good points HT many of which I agree with. I will say that over recent games we have started, just started, to look a bit better. Manager and players are starting to get to know each other.
    Next season with a few additions may see us relatively entertaining whilst perhaps being successful.
    A lot of people spoke about the great Man U teams of the Fergie era. A lot of times they eeked out a
    1-0er whilst parking the bus. The last time they won the league that guy OG was their 2nd highest scorer. 14 pens given last year 15(I think) this year. Sometimes this is what breeds success.
    Again I refer to the Leicester Prem winning season, most ever prem penalties given.
    As you say HT I think we should dominate “lesser teams” and if to a degree we park the bus against the better sides “smash and grab” I’ll take that next season.
    PY sorry for the Bournemouth /Brighton mistake Mrs D rabbiting on in my lug hole whilst posting. Lol.

    • ND….no need for apologies, simple mistake after all both both start with “B”, the rabbiting! is it Chas n Dave lol! COYS

  • Funny thing is… I didn’t even think that any of our players had a bad game last night.

    So maybe I should just STF UP

    Now, please don’t blame me for all my contradictory nonsense… Blame the Virus. 🙁

    For crying out loud, people all over the world and in my home town are wearing masks just to walk down the street or take a stroll on the park……And not one of them is out to rob a bank! And I don’t know if they are happy or sad… Living, dying or silently killing each other!

    And all this? It’s just football FFS!

    Up the Spurs!

  • That made for interesting reading….on point 2nite with your preaching HT, good and real posts!!

    As for last time, no it wasn’t a good performance, but we won, Harry got 2 goals, so it’s all good,but as results are improving Jose and this boring style is here unfortunately….well maybe until Xmas..

  • Hi ND – when was the discussion on Ake?! Why was I not invited lol?! Think he’s a decent shout but will be costly and hard to attract given the supposed competition and I would ideally prefer as Jod agrees a taller CB who is commanding in the air but I guess you can’t have everything and as Jod stated also and I further agree and have actually commented on before the likes of Carroll and Crouch these days are few and far between thankfully!

    He can also play LB and even DMC so is certainly one worth considering for sure – maybe JM can have some extra influence here?!

    Separately as PY stated yesterday we are apparently in for this South Korean CB – Kim Min Jae – is he even left footed?! Let’s wait and see what comes but could be an interesting shout for around £15m – look how good Sonny has turned out but then he had pretty much proven himself in German football and showed he could adapt to a foreign environment both in football terms but also general life terms aswell! KMJ is playing in China so away from South Korea but Europe would surely be a completely different prospect same as with the Prem…….!

  • Jod – both Aarons 20 and Castagne 24 are young and have a much higher ceiling than Aurier at 27 and also Aurier is so prone to errors that I cannot see how we could go wrong with 1 of the other 2 quite frankly compared to keeping Aurier! He is constantly making defensive mistakes and also cannot hit a decent cross recently – all coming off the first defender or flying high and wide, etc and he keeps getting fed into excellent position’s – personally we need to cash in as best possible and look for better and as most of the options are younger all the better as they will have time on their side also! Just my opinion of course!

  • HT – agree with you generally – a win is a win but we need to up our performances as invariably over the long run – both performance and wins are inter-linked surely – only so long you can get away with winning playing crap surely?! Especially when it comes to playing against the best! Let’s wait and see what the summer brings and where the squad is at come the start of the season that should be an indication of where we are heading!

    We have some great attacking players though like HK10, Sonny, Dele, Lo Celso, even Moura, Bergwijn and Lamela and good central midfielders like N’Dombele, Sissoko and Winks so hopefully we can start producing some good football and keep winning especially for next season – here’s hoping anyway!

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