Date: 15th July 2020 at 8:03pm
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Newcastle United
1 – 3
Tottenham Hotspur

St James' Park

Premier League

15/07/2020 6:00 pm

Attendance: 0

Referee: David Coote

Newcastle United Tottenham Hotspur
Ritchie (56) Son Heung-Min (27), Kane (60, 90)
Dubravka Lloris
Krafth Aurier
Schar Sanchez
Yedlin 55 Davies
Saint-Maximin Sissoko
Lo Celso 62
Bentaleb 86 Winks
Ritchie Lucas Moura 57
Almiron Kane
Gayle 69 Son Heung-Min


Lazaro 55 Bergwijn 57
Joelinton 69 Lamela 62
Longstaff 86 Vertonghen 91

Game Statistics

22 Goal attempts 8
6 On Target 5
5 Corners 4
6 Fouls 13
2 Yellow Cards 3
0 Red Cards 0
53 % 47

Having taken a North London derby victory over Arsenal to boost everyone’s spirits, Tottenham Hotspur were back in action this evening as we made the long trip up north to face Steve Bruce’s Newcastle United side.

Newcastle have had a mixed season again, but with back to back losses in recent matches, we could understandably expect some kind of a reaction.

And we got one, Newcastle started the far brighter, had more possession and created far more chances than we did, but just ahead of the half hour mark, Son Heung-Min gave us the advantage and we went into the break one goal to the good.

We were a bit more with it in the second half, but Newcastle still dominated chances and in the 56th minute they made it count as they hit the equaliser. It was a bright response though and Harry Kane had us 2-1 in front four minutes later as we reestablished our lead.

Although the hosts continued to dominate, Kane completed his brace in the 90th minute to tie the game and the points up for us.

3-1 – it might not have been pretty, but it’s another win. Up to seventh and Harry passes 200!

Unused Newcastle Subs:

Muto, Manquillo, Darlow, Atsu, Allan, Young.

Unused Spurs Subs:

Sessegnon, Gazzaniga, Skipp, Gedson Fernandes, Tanganga, White.

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107 Replies to “Harry Cracks 200 As Spurs Get Mourinho His First St James’ Park Win – Match Stats”

  • Good win,good 3 points…5 clear of arses…hope pool chops them down…two to go…coys
    That was for Serge… thanks guys

  • Smash and grab and we got the 3 points but very poor showing especially for the fans – boring and even worrying as they had nearly all the possession and just kept coming at us – granted they did not have many great chances saying that but still was not pleasant to watch at all!

    I did raise the issue regarding the same team as against Arse from the start and what role fatigue would play and it did clearly affect us – luckily we managed to convert all our main chances and that was that!

    Aurier again costing us with that poor clearance to Ritchie – what a strike but then again he should never have been in the position to do so – just smash it clear properly – that was all that was needed from Aurier there FFS!

    Anyway onwards and upwards!

    Great that Moura was involved for Sonny’s goal, Sonny scoring and then both Bergwijn and Lamela setting up HK10 so that all our main attacking players were directly involved in all the goals – well all bar Lo Celso that is! Great to see and the defence was actually relatively solid apart from Aurier’s mistake leading to Ritchie’s wonder strike!

    Very tough match against Leicester coming up but first of all wish them all the luck in the world against Sheff Utd tomorrow for sure! Can’t see Leicester messing it up completely so we should still be in 7th come Sunday and then it’s down to us to keep it that way minimum!

  • P.S.

    Just remembered Lo Celso directly set up Sonny’s 1st goal (LOL) after great work by Lucas – so in fact all our main attackers were invovled in all the goals – great to see and long may it continue!

    Was pissed off with Lamela for ball hogging again as usual initially but then what a run to help set-up the HK10 goal at the end there – OK it wasn’t a direct set-up but it was an amazing break and run and the shot he let off was decent and helped in setting up HK10 – like I say all our attacker’s were involved tonight and happy to mention all of them as they were the difference.

    As I have been arguing on here – there is a place for all 7 of our attacker’s in the squad and tonight helped prove this – HK10, Sonny, Dele, Moura, Bergwijn, Lamela and Lo Celso also finally!

  • EJ….the worst thing about Auriers poor clearance was that he played it into the area he should have been defending! lol

    I’m not going to berate him too much though in respect for his brother and the fact he was prepared to play his part despite his family tragedy.

    • Yes, given the modern age of footballers who won’t play if they break a nail, he deserves massive respect in my humble. Cannot be criticised tonight what so ever.

  • Good result out of an average performance. We have the nucleus of a team starting to form here. Maybe JM’s tactics are starting to grow to fruition. Still prefer the high press possession game but a win is a win. Did we flatter to deceive, I dunno.
    Re Aurier, Respect for turning out tonight, perhaps the manager should’ve made the decision for him and rested him. Condolences to him and his family. No criticism tonite.
    Good to see HK10 on the score sheet.

  • Fair play DW and full respect to him for playing under the circumstances – but the fact is that clearance was simply not good enough and led to another goal against us – we need better this summer and hoping we sell him aswell – only 2 year’s left on his contract and no way we should give him another one IMHO – now is the time to cash in for as much as we can get back of the £23m outlay 3 year’s ago – here’s hoping anyway!

    KWP apparently £10m or so to Southampton – be nice if we could squeeze a bit more out of them as he’s still young and got some promise maybe upto £15m would be ideal, then if we could squeeze upto £20m for Aurier like we got for Trippier I for one would not hesitate whatsoever! Tanganga plus a new signing to compete at RB end of! Foyth is another who probably can go – never going to make it as a Prem CB – too small as I’ve kept banging on about for ages and similarly completely unproven at RB in the Prem so in the hope of building a small kitty for buy ins I’d be willing to let him go unfortunately even if he is a full and regular Argy international! CCV and Amos need to be sold also just like Rose – these 3 surely are as bread and butter sales as they come! Vert’s likely leaving (still would like to keep him for 12 more month’s especially if JM thinks he’s worthwhile) so that leaves:

    Tanganga, Toby, Davy, Dier, Davies and possibly Sessegnon and maybe Vert’s. So bare minimum get in a new RB and a new LCB (even if Vert’s stays). IF Sessegnon gets loaned out – we need another new LB also. Let’s wait and see what happens but that’s my take on what should happen!

  • I think we have a lot of competition for RCB – Toby, Davy, even Dier and Tanganga and Foyth and possibly CCV but only Vert’s as a proper LCB at the moment and it could get a whole lot worse if Vert’s leaves this summer already!

    Also I remember for example TQ suggesting that Tanganga at 6ft dead might be a bit too short to be a top Prem CB (Foyth at only 5ft10 clearly a lot worse hence why I’d reluctantly sell him although perhaps could make it as a RB as he now plays regularly for Argentina) – so I’m thinking when all things considered including his pace, etc maybe try to forge Tanganga into a RB – only problem is with regards to going forwards – how good is his cross for example?! The same argument I would level at Foyth at RB – how good is he going forwards and crossing, etc and he’s also slower than Tanganga so I’d look to sell him and help build a kitty to get in the buys we desperately need and keep Tanganga to compete at RB! I could be wrong of course – will be interesting to see what JM does here and with the defence in general after all! For me as I stated new RB and a new LCB desperately needed in defence – add to that the much coveted DMC on here and also the same as regards 2nd support striker!

  • Good result. Not a great game but did all that was required. I have no idea where Moura gets his energy from, he just never gives up. It’s good to see three forwards who simply want to move the ball forward at pace …. Son, Moura, and Bergwijn. Two easy headers by Kane will give him even more confidence and hunger for the last two games. I get the impression that we are starting to settle into a more defined shape.

    I guess we’ve all wondered how European football affects the league performance. If we don’t manage a EL position we may have the answer next season.

  • I said when the premier league restarted that Kane and Son were well short of match fitness and would probably come good as the season was winding down, that’s what has happened. There’s nothing anyone could have done about that. We are beginning to see what Jose wants, don’t let many in, put away your own chances. With the pace and finishing we have up front we should be able to play that way, just wish we had a back up centre forward. I wish people would actually say who this new RB was going to be, these men with no names never actually put in an appearance. One player I would look at is Nathan Aké if Bournemouth go down (which seems highly likely). 25 years old, good versatile defender, experienced in the premier league, left sided. He’s not the biggest but you can’t have everything. We also need to look at the midfield, not so much the individual players as whether the combination is right. Watching the game yesterday one commentator made the point Shelvey (who admittedly on his day is very good) was passing the ball better than any of our midfield. The lack of an accurate long pass out of midfield is perhaps something we need to look at. In the end this fractured season is really just preparation for the next one, then we’ll see whether Jose can cut it.

  • Hi Jod,

    I wouldn’t mind Ake either as a LCB but as you say he’s a bit short at 5ft11 (and above I’ve really questioned Foyth at 5ft10 and even Tanganga at 6ft) but has everything else going for him – question would be can we afford him and if so does he want to come to us specifically as apparently there could be many top suitors (Man City, Man U, Chelski, etc)?! Ideally would prefer someone with a bit more height at CB to be honest though lol!

    As regards RB a couple of names are actually pretty obvious given their constant link’s to us – Aarons and Castagne – let’s wait and see.

    In CM we need a DMC – Hojbjerg sounds like he’s the one JM is going to go for – again let’s wait and see!

    2nd striker to cover HK10 would be ideal – again though we will have to wait and see!

  • Whether or not we do manage a EL position doesn’t bother me at all. We’ll deserve whatever we get.

    But, I’m not convinced that we can do well next season, in or out of the EL.

    Why is it that even after Spurs getting a 3-1 away win, with both Harry and Son scoring well taken goals, am I still left cold by our performance?

  • El Jefe – Neither of names at RB you mentioned seem like an upgrade on what we already have. My attitude is you don’t spend money for the sake of spending money, you have to get value for it. To me Ake is someone who is a straight swap for Davies on the left side, maybe with a bit more quality although I think Davies does a better job than he gets credit for. If we do end up in the europa and are travelling deep into Asia then being able to swap players every second game without disrupting the shape would be a big advantage. I don’t really think you can do that with Vertonghen any more. Like you I’d like a central defender whose dominant in the air, but they seem thin on the ground. I can remember when Bould and Adams, two 6ft 4inch defenders, would dominate both penalty areas for Arsenal. Now you have 6ft 2in midfield players and the central defenders are no bigger. I suppose the Andy Carroll style centre forward is also an endangered species and the two go together.

  • HT – I completely agree with you. Performances that we have seen recently are simply not going to get us anywhere. Conceding so much possession to Newcastle for goodness sake and a complete lack of ability to pass to a team mate. The strikers once again kept getting in each others way. Clearly very little work is done on the attacking side of the game. We got away with it yesterday but we failed miserably against Sheff Utd and Bournemouth. All the best and most successful teams try to beat the opposition, not stifle the life out of the game. Jose’s tactics will work some of the time but will generally fail against the better teams. The only top team he has beaten is Man City and we would have been about five nil down in that game but for some incredible misses by Man City.

  • Okay, Newcastle lost to us. But even then Steve Bruce said that it was his teams best performance for a long time. Bournemouth also had one of their best performances against us in what has been a dire season for them.

    But with respect to both clubs, they weren’t even that good against us. We did a good job making them look better than they are.

    So, we got the 4 points in those two matches and a welcome 3 vs Arsenal. But I can’t see that Jose’s boasting about his short time with us is anything to celebrate. Saying that since he arrived we would be 4th on points gained. But we are not…. Hey Jose, if we had beaten the Cherries and Sheff U and MU then maybe we would be 4th right now and that would be worth boasting about… But we didn’t and we are in 7th….

    And I’m supposed to be the happy-clappy one?!

  • I heard somewhere that only Pool and City have won more games than Spurs since Jose arrived …. that’s weird!

  • The main reason that I’m not impressed with Jose’s boast, even though it is a positive of sorts. Is because it is more a reflection on those currently above us having mixed seasons. And not being as consistent as City and Pool. But they have had the inconsistency of Spurs whilst putting on some fine performances and playing some very good football along the way. I’m thinking mainly of our usual rivals MU and Chelsea more than the others who are not top 4, 5 or 6 regulars. And those two teams are with inexperienced managers and are bringing through many young and exciting new players. The same same can’t be said of Spurs just now. And so it’s a hollow boast for me.

    We can win the next 2 matches I believe and that would be a good enough end to our season, given how poor it’s been from the start. But I can’t see Spurs giving me the kind of football for a full 90 minutes that will give me too much confidence that we can improve enough to be back up there again this time next year.

    But this is just a feeling I have and I may well be wrong and pleasantly surprised… Haha!

    Never say never. And, never say: No way Jose!

  • I should’ve said those teams that have recently been above us…

    And if we do finish above Sheff U, Wolves, Burnley or even the Foxes….. It’s still not such a grand boast. Especially when even they have so often played better football than Spurs this season…

    Of course I am not forgetting the poor pre Jose Spurs. But who’s to say we wouldn’t have done any worse in the end with Poch?

    I don’t know…… Maybe I’m just having a bad day and the grey London sky has me forgetting that the sun is still there, shining… Somewhere…

    Or is that just a corny ending to a crap musical? 🙂

  • In the end it was a good win last night, with all their possession how many chances did they make, their goal given after a mistake by a man who had just lost his brother but was man enough to stand up and play, well done Aurier and commiserations, with less possession we won, that’s football.

    Its typical of Spurs fans….the old saying “you can’t please some blah blah” me! am pleased with the win, 3pts is all that matters. COYS

  • Well, if I was like that every time we win then fair enough PY but I have backed Spurs many a time when we have even lost but played well……

    I’m expressing an honest feeling that is all. I may be overjoyed with just a draw vs the Foxes, if we play a great game… Who knows?

    I didn’t say I’m not pleased with the win… Why wouldn’t I be? I have been reflecting on the whole season and looking forward beyond the 3 points…

    Even so PY, we gave them numerous opportunities and they cut through us so easily, so often… Our finishing was better than theirs… Which is good…

    • Behonest HT where did I aim my last post at you, sorry if you were offended/hurt oh the PC world we live in lol! only joking!, but hey I suppose that’s being a Spurs fan, demand entertainment fine, win the league being boring I don’t really care, it will not say on the trophy “Tottenham Hotspur” but boring.

      Oh maybe I have a head on lol! COYS

      • I wasn’t offended at all… I’m not that soft…But it was my post that was directly before yours… This is why I ask people to name who they are referring to. After all to anyone that doesn’t know me better, I may well fit your description. And what has PC got to do with it?

        I was just making clear my position to you as you may have misunderstood where I’m coming from.

        I was happy with the 3 points. Just not impressed with the match. No big deal……. Simple 😉

  • We weren’t gr8 but still won 3-1.
    What do we want. We may accept that the high press attractive score more than them(Poch) days are over. However we are improving, we are getting better to watch (slightly).
    We may have to accept this style of play but if it brings rewards and trophies I’ll take it.
    Jod, re – Ake, where were you EJ and I had this discussion several posts ago. (lol)
    I’m with you there, he was Brighton’s best player against us.
    Re – RB we also discussed Aaron’s, personally I like him, but, could we end up with another Sess.
    The likes of Samedo or Hakimi may not be viable.
    I can’t believe it but Aurier is in the top 10 for interceptions in the premiership.
    If I knew who we could get both availability wise and finincially I’d be on 15 mil a year.

    • ND…slight error there, Ake, Bournemoth mate not Seagulls, think age may be catching up, certainly happens to me lol! COYS

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