Date: 25th December 2017 at 10:03am
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We are on a roll, Southampton are languishing closer to the bottom three then the top six, which for them is a bit of disaster given how they’ve played in recent seasons. Their manager is under huge pressure and he’ll set up to try and grab a point, what they won’t do is turn up and try and play us man for man, system for system.

As always, we can’t take anything for granted, but I can’t see anything else but a Spurs win.

We are now beginning to look a bit like our old selfs and have accumulated 13 points from our last five Premier League games to claw our way back up to fifth place in the table; not where we wanted to be this time of the this season, but momentum appears to be building, our performance against Burnley aside from the missed chances was as comprehensive as win since our Liverpool win.

With Harry scoring his 35th Premier League goal in 2017 to make him one goal short of Shearer’s record tally for a calendar year , I think this will be the game that brings him home the record. Poch is happy, the diatribe coming from Rose has ended and may never be heard again in a Spurs shirt.

Poch will rotate and rightly so, but no matter what permutation I come up with all I can see is a tough game but one we get over the line with.

Southampton will like every other lower Premier league club who will raise their game for Wembley, but as long as we’ve avoided Turkey and all the trimmings, the only team I can see getting stuffed are Southampton.

4-0 win or 1-0 depending on whether we have re-found our clinical boots.

Hope by the time you read this you’ve all had a great xmas and are ready for the proper enjoyment – a boxing day feast of football.


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  • 6-0! Harry to score at least two but probably 4!

    Sorry, what? You want me to be realistic? How more realistic could I be, already?!

    Here’s to a Merry Harry and a Happy new Hotspurs!


  • I thought Kane had equaled Shearer?s record and was looking to break it against Southampton. Is that not so? No matter 4-1 Spurs!!

  • I believe with one more goal, he beats Shearer’s record and matches Messi for the calendar year. Two goals and he goes on a different planet!

  • I’m getting sick of the pathetic media not giving credit where deserved.. Kane has scored 36 in 35 shearer got 36 in 42… he’s equaled and bettered his record … shearer is crediting Kane as a gentleman but thenidiots in the sun, mirror mail etc p*ss me right off … let’s hope he can get 2 or 3 today.

  • Good day to you all

    Shearers’ record is from when there were still 42 matches in a season. And if I recall correctly, not so many teams had a key to park the bus in those days.

    AS was of course a great striker but could it be said that it’s a more tougher task these days to score at the rate that Harry Kane has been this year? And if (Hod forbid) he were to leave for pastures new, does this mean his only real comparable replacement would have to be Lionel Messi? And, can Spurs be the new Barca?

    Let’s get REAL… It’s not all about Harry today, it’s about gaining another 3 points. And I’m fully confident that we will.

    Hopefully we can do it in style, Mr Kane achieves his personal goal and THFC can finish the year as they mean to go on. Top 4 contenders? I say, top 2 and a cup would be rather good!

    Come On You Spuuurs!

  • Same as always. Score first and score early and we should win comfortably. Fail to do that and the wheels may fall off.

  • Decent line up, expect Kane to try and score quick so he can relax and enjoy the game, so I am going to go for a win, with a score line of 3-1, Kane 2, Dele 1 and Long for them.

    Just heard Celtic benched Dembele rumours he is on talks with brighton, if that is true why are we not looking at him. Also if it is true I wonder whether Dembele himself feels his progress is to be done slowly, championship to scottish when he could have come to PL, now to a PL club like Brighton, makes you wonder doesn’t it whether he feels he is not ready himself to play for a top PL club and prefers to play for a club where he knows he will get regular starts. Would liked to have him at our club.

  • On this game, I want to see some improvement with Aurier, see if his consecutive games brings the best out of him. Shame Lamela isn’t starting, he needs game time, but at least he isn’t being pushed back too quickly. I expect him to start in the FA cup though. Rose needs game time, hope he improves and we benefit with his pace. Big game for Dembele, are we going for a back 4 with Dier in the middle – I hope so, think we need him in there. Overall should be a good game and see no reason why we can’t win this as long as every body turns up and not weighed down by their xmas pudding

  • I know I like to be wearing my Lily-white coloured specs most of the time but with the canny use of hindsight…. Even I know that we only have 10 points from the last 5 matches and not the 13 stated in the article.

  • Great so far, 2 up, should have been 3 and a Kane hatrick, if only the ref could keep up and see a stuck on penalty, awful decision but par for the course for the current crop of PL refs. Keep it going lads, let’s keep a clean sheet, and get a comfy 3 points.

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