Date: 5th September 2014 at 10:01am
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Today should be one where we get out the party poppers and bunting or at least raise a glass to Good old Spurs, who are apparently 132 years old today!

I will leave you to read the history books as to its formation, as so many people can and have written about the clubs history and formation better than me, however, as its a Friday and a slow news day, why not celebrate another year in the life of an institution that is in our thoughts more than most and something that we probably devote more passion, time and money than we would consider doing to almost anything else. Tottenham Hotspur.

Perhaps this is a good opportunity to discuss what we love (even hate, if you like) about the club and how our relationship and support started. Was it as perhaps most common, the local or family supported club or are you someone that your passion developed out of a signing, incident or the was it the way the team played? As fans of almost every football club there is perhaps more pain and frustration than glory, so what are the best and worst moments you have had supporting Tottenham?..