Date: 1st July 2019 at 8:10pm
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The transfer saga revolving around Tottenham Hotspur’s Christian Eriksen and Real Madrid continues to be a topic of discussion with rather conflicting reports, however, it seems the latest rumour has got an awful lot of fans fed up with the whole situation on Twitter.

Fyens (via AS), recently reported that his family were looking at apartments in Madrid over the weekend, despite it being believed Zinedine Zidane did not think the Denmark international was right for his side (Marca).

However, a new report from Marca has suggested that Eriksen’s agent, Martin Schoots, will look to try and push a transfer through this summer and has told the Tottenham hierarchy that his client will not be signing a new deal with us.

Indeed, the news surrounding the playmaker’s future is incredibly frustrating as we would all like to know if he will be playing for us in the upcoming campaign, whilst any potential transfer must surely happen as soon as possible as it will allow us to have the funds to sign a potential replacement for him.

And, it would seem the fans are as equally fed up and frustrated with how everything is turning out at the moment.

Many of them took to Twitter following Hotspur Related’s tweet about the Marca report and vented their angry reactions to the news.

One simply stated ‘good riddance’ whilst others were getting bored of hearing the same story and felt ‘the sooner he’s gone the better’.

Here are just some of their reactions…

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8 Replies to “‘Good riddance’, ‘Time to go’: Lots of Tottenham fans think the ‘sooner he’s gone the better’”

  • Take the 40 mill and cebellas from real put 25 on the 40 and buy lo celso for 65 mill u get 2 good players for eriksens

  • Always one bad egg or should we say he is a special boy he is little different. CL final how he ever wanted to win that night with a below him Tottenham as I want to play for bigger team double money or always wanted free flight . I want to win came out his trap forgot he had to play football. Ye jack on your ???? coys one team one team one team one team Tnx for nout if you had of not wasted his talent by not turning up most weeks he could have been a real player . Out

  • Eriksen has received very bad advice from his entourage over the past few years. If he gives his head a shake and signs a new 3 year deal; I’d be happy to see him stay. The only player totally missing in the CL final was Kane who clearly was not ready to. return.

  • Eriksen has not given 100% for the last 19 games he has been carried by the others in the team hasn’t been interested for some time mind has been in Madrid get used to the bench though Christian as they have far better players than you and if you do get on stay away from taking corners because you were crap so hurry up and go so we can bring in your upgrade.

  • I’ve always thought Eriksen was a good player against weaker opponents, but not very dependable in the big games. I’ve had arguments with other Spur’s fans over his stats (assists, etc) which always seem better than his actual performances. I would’ve been happy to see the back of him a number of years ago, but if he does go now then hopefully we can get a decent fee for him.

    • Enjoyed your play making when on your game. Remember bigger the club the bigger the bench. Get a good seat to watch the game. Could have been a club legend until you listened to bad of luck..levy get £75 million and call it a day

  • I really don’t go in for all this sour grapes and acrimony? Christian Eriksen has been a quality player who has provided several years of footballing magic to THFC and entertained a great many of us Spurs fans in the process, scoring and creating some wonderful goals and been a huge part of getting us where we are today! When he leaves. I would like to extend to him sincerest and deepest wishes of gratitude and future success where-ever he finally ends up playing. Good luck Mr Eriksen we will miss you!

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