Date: 30th August 2017 at 9:38am
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Our business this window so far has been nothing short of abysmal! We have sold the best right back in the league and weakened our starting eleven.

The questions at the end of last season were how could we improve on what most considered to be the best starting eleven in the premier league…well we have somehow managed to weaken our starting eleven and have made no improvements to the squad.

I simply will not buy the argument that we cannot find players to improve our starting eleven and therefore didn’t sign anyone for one very simple reason…It is a squad game. Squads win titles and trophies and not starting 11’s.

Darren Fletcher, Ji Sung Park, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Not exactly ‘world class, must have players’. However, all of them were crucial components in a world class squad!

I use Man United as the example because they set the standard on what it takes to be successful in the Premier League and their deviation (admittedly started under Fergie when he knew the end was in sight) away from their model is the cause of their poor form of the last 10 years. Man United invested in youth and players that continued to improve them. After winning the league or Champions League they didn’t use the excuse ‘we couldn’t find anyone to improve our starting 11’.

There were two differences between us and Chelsea last year. Firstly, they had no European football. Secondly they had Fabregras, Willian and Batshuayi as squad players to call upon when others were injured, looking for form or they needed to play in a different style. We do not have those options. This window should have been about improving our squad. It should have been about improving squad depth in order to be able to successfully rotate and provide our manager with options.

This window has been a catastrophic failure up until this point. I am angry with the board right now. Furious even! It is time to fire up the fax machine and ensure we have a squad capable of competing in both the league and Champions League. They threw one golden opportunity away with a lack of investment in key players at a key time. I will not be forgiving them if they do it again…


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  • Who do you think they should buy? Out of interest, what should happen to the three players that cost around £80 million between them that have contributed very little?

  • And … should those three players continue to get paid while we strengthen the squad further. Would you be happy to spend your money like that?

  • We can all be angry for whatever reason but the bottom line is; we have a new stadium to pay for and Danny boy will not, A: spend more on players than the amount that he gets in for players that have been sold and, B; More importantly, he is not prepared to push the wages bill up as he will be facing a major problem with Rose and Alderweireld and possibly Dier in the January window and will have to make a substantial increase in terms of wages offer to these players and maybe more like Verts and Eriksen whose stock has risen since they arrived. One of the major problems with coming 3rd and then 2nd is that our Players have doubled sometimes tripled their value under Poch’s stewardship and what we are seeing at Leicester is a case in point. Drinkwater and Mahrez in particular have tasted success and want more and by moving to a bigger club they believe they will get more success. The Spurs boys can see what success looks like and want a piece of the action, the older members of the squad in particular like Toby who perceive they only have a couple of years left at the top and want to make as much money as they can whilst they have the opportunity. Poch has no choice but to pursue a youth policy because he will will have them before they reach their full potential and before they leave us. Example: Foyth is Rose’s successor and will be our left back for as long as Danny has been. The best thing to do with this window and January’s window is to have no expectations Spurs are governed by a strict financial regime. The hierarchy at THFC Ltd want champagne success on a lemonade budget! Levy wants Poch to win us the Premiership Title for a third of the price that Chavs Manure Citeh of Pool have spent to win it!

  • According to the more reputable reports we have been offered £25m (inc add ons for sissoko) and £15m for Jansen. If we are competing in four comps we need a bigger squad than last year, not only that but we need a better squad. Call me crazy but I?d keep Sissoko. If poch can get a tune out of him he is a very direct player and offers something we don?t have. Id sell Jansen in a heartbeat freeing up the £15m. Renato Sanches is clearly available and prices quoted are around the £25m mark. He?s a creative player and considering it seems Lamela has been abducted by the little green men we need someone to fill that role. RB wise we need someone more experienced in and someone more direct. Will be happy with Aurier if he stops battering coppers!

    We need another forward and that?s where the problem is going to be. IF (Big IF) we signed the likes of the two aforementioned players that?s around £50m and with Sanchez and the new keeper we would be around the £100m mark. The sales (not inc Jansen) brings in around £80m so all in all we may be down £20m which lets be fair is sweet FA. Id say go big for someone like Lemar, Timo Werner, Draxler. Id even make a play for Benzema as its seems he surplus to requirements

    End of the day this is all complete speculation, the only facts are bar a potentially good CB we have done nothing to improve us this window and if im being honest I can?t see anything like the above happening. Its all well and good saying save the money until January but by then we could be out of the CL and out of the running for the title or dare I say it behind the pack for the top 4.

  • jod – it’s not rubbish if MP himself says that we can expect 3 more signings. We obviously have/had some money to spend. Most of us are questioning the need to spend 42 million on a CB, another 8 on yet another CB, when that 50 million could undoubtedly be used to address far more glaring holes (and that isn’t even counting the reported 23 million for yet another defender in Aurier). Is the conclusion that we are a top 6 PL club, but that we are unable to identify and attract attacking talent? You can’t defend that.

  • Levy said the stadium would not impact on transfer budget, bur i see some on here are happy for him to put 150mil in ENIC’s back pocket.Another zero spend TW. no ambition. Shambolic.

  • spurman61,I think you mean Jod.I’m sure he must be Levy’s love child. The rest of us can see through Dannyboy’s duplicity. Thursday night will be the usual predictable farce.

  • An angry furious moaning Spurs supporter, that’s new.. Hmm Liverpool supporters do not knee jerk to a default boo moaning stance like some of our pretend supporters. The comparison with financially mega rich Man Utd who we finished above last season shows no appreciation of our progress. We have a competitive entertaining team but most know that we cannot match the cash resources of Man City or Man Utd for example!

  • camper – nobody is advocating a 200 million net spend. We know where the club belongs in the financial pyramid of modern football. I however don’t think that reinvesting a reasonable amount (at least the amount we have recouped from player sales) on good players to address obvious holes can’t be too much to ask though?

  • There are players out there who are available and clubs willing to sell. Balde to Monaco being an example, if we want the right player, pay the right money and get it done. Why is it only Daniel Levy who makes every transfer drag on for days and weeks. If you dont want to pay, you walk away and get nobody.

  • The profits from transfers, increased revenue television broadcasting rights, increased revenue from the Champions League, Increased revenue from Wembley and increased revenue from sponsorship deals. We are the only club in the Premier League that has consistently turned over profits in the transfer window Jod… I thought you were an accountant?

  • Mahrez for example… It’s not like he is a premier league player of the year or anything…. I mean how could a player like that (with pace and the ability do something special out of nothing) possibly improve our squad????

  • And how dare I be angry that we have been ripped apart down the right hand side twice after selling the best right back in the league… It’s not like it has cost us 4 points already this season! And how dare I be outraged at the board flagrantly throwing away a great opportunity to consolidate our position as a title contending team on the verge of moving into a brand new stadium! How dare I be annoyed that we leave it until the last minute… last minute is what gets Sissoko and Fraiser Campbell. Forward thinking gets Winjaldum, Mane, Toby, Ali etc. etc.

  • Breaking our transfer record once again and keeping the core of our players away from the hands of other very strong teams around Europe is extremely positive, far from abysmal. We are a team on the rise and we have a big squad available, with players out on loan and still will be strengthening. On top of that we have talented players returning from injury who didn?t really feature last season. Good work has been put in place as far as I?m concerned, and hope it continues to improve. COYS.

  • Spurs One2 – Eriksen breaks his ankle and is out for the season. Kane tears a hamstring and is out for 10 weeks. What position do you predict we will finish?

  • At the moment we’re probably going to add Foyth and probably Aurier (less probably than Foyth) to the squad. Apart from that I’m not convinced we’ll sign anyone else. It still leaves the squad light in terms of depth and quality up front in regards to pace and creativity (areas we know we’ve been weak in for a fair while). We really need to add a bit of extra thrust, creativity and guile to the squad of attacking players available to MP. Trouble is, they are expensive. Hence I wait more in hope than expectation. Hopefully we’ve got enough about us to challenge for top 4, not embarrass ourselves in the CL and have a good run at a domestic cup. One thing is for sure – our balance sheet will be top of the league!

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