Date: 13th September 2018 at 6:31am
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This is a good game to win …. for either team. On current form they are both capable of winning it so it is going to be a very competitive match. How it will unfold is anyone’s guess. I’m not too good at guessing!

Given Pool’s attacking strength I would expect to start this one with four at the back. I’m also expecting Pool to start the game hard. They are good at pressing and, to be honest, Spurs would prefer to ‘press’ than be ‘pressed’. So that’s going to be interesting. It would be nice if Spurs scored first. If Pool score first I hope it’s not late in the game. And I hope Mauricio uses his bench to timely effect should it be needed.

Kane was not required to play two full international games and will hopefully feel some benefit from that. Eriksen has just scored a couple of international goals and should be feeling quite confident. Son should be back from his successful international holiday and he will certainly be feeling confident. I should imagine that Lucas Moura will be raring to go as well.

Hopefully Winks and Lamela will be able to make their presence felt on the pitch. Winks looked extremely good when he came on against Watford. The midfield will again be the key for us. If Dembele and Eriksen start they will need to use the ball well. Will Winks be given a start ahead of Dembele? Whatever the starting eleven is there will be good options on the bench to change things around … as long as they are given time!

If Spurs win this game we will have recovered from the loss against Watford. If Spurs do not win we will drop behind and have some catching up to do. Even though it’s early in the season we need to keep on track for a CL place by maintain a 2 points per game average. That should be the focus, results wise, all season.

As it is a home game I think we will be slight favourites to get a result. I’m going for a home win. 3-0 would be hard, but not impossible …. as United would attest. What do you think VS?


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  • Geof thanks for the atrticle. It will be a hard game, and Liverpool will hit us on break and fast as well. It will be MF and who plays in the “hole” for spurs, if the diamond shape. Anyway, Lloris in goal Toby Sanchez Jan, Rose, Tripps Dembele, Dier, Ericsson Dele, Harry. So a 4321 shape, with the fluidity of changing during the game to 433 or 352. Subs from…moura winks lamela sonny lorente aurier davies. Or a team that could be winks for moussa or dier with moussa /dier as sub in 60 min. also moura for dele, Poch will have some thinking to do, !! Spurs players will need to be fully switched on all thorough this 100 mph game, must defend corners and free kicks properly and vitally NO COMPLACENCY, or switching off in last 15 mins.

    Liverpool will be looking for a revenge win from both of last season’s games, (surely we all remember the crap that was bandied about by their supporters and players..) and spurs need a win to keep up at the top of league. So it’s a draw then.. hope I will be awake at wembley for this early start lol… COYS

  • Such a big game. I have no.idea what Poch is gpoing top 0lpine up with. For me Dembele Ali Erikson Moura and Kane have to start if all fit. How do you play them and who comes in along side them? If Winks was ready i would start him. Then your looking at a 4231 or the diamond. Will Poch olay three at the back though?

  • Although we are up there with 3 wins from 4, this game will be a totally different kettle of fish, our previous fixtures will have little bearing on this game, we are facing a team that have conceded 1 goal from a GKing error. This will be the hardest test by far we have faced so far, we will have to tighten up at the back, go forward quicker and with greater intent, and we must convert a greater % of our chances. Kane our main threat is looking a shadow of the player he was last season, which leaves us wanting up front.

  • Liverpools strengths are their pace up front and in the full back positions and their energy in midfield. Our weaknesses this season are a lack of pace on the flanks and a lack of energy in midfield.
    if we play a high line it would be suicidal and if we don’t counter Liverpools pace then we are in serious trouble.
    I wouldn’t play Kane – he can barely run at the moment and he will get seriously injured if we keep playing him and i would also leave out Alli. We cannot afford passengers and his habit of holding onto the ball too long and trying stupid flicks is not what is required.
    HoI think our failure to address our weaknesses in the transfer market are going to hit home very hard in this match.

  • Lot of debate about Kane at the moment, even suggestions he needs resting for this clash! I agreed with jenas comments that a sharp inform Kane used to shot 5 or 6 times a match, now he doesn’t. I think Kane is burnt out, not unfit but he has lost that drive and sharpness that was so important for his game where he would chase ball down, shoot early. Most fans predicted the burn out, the club have failed in finding that second striker, they tried with janseen and Llorente but both have failed and now Kane has shouldered it all and is looking sluggish. He want be rested though and i think another punter said he will get injured and be forced to rest that is looking likely. Not only does he need a rest hut he needs competition if we are going to stay competitive and progress because Kane is jot the player of two seasons ago. He has got the goals but his contribution and movement and sharpness is dwindling. For me Liverpool game could be tight, or we could get slaughtered and a lot depends on Kane contribution, whether Moura plays and produces some magic, whether Dele steps up and Eriksen manages to dominate and there will be a battle in midfield. Personally we need to boss that midfield and Dembele if he plays needs to play out his skin, not be inconsistent and our defence need to be sharp and aggressive. Everyone has to be at their best and tbh im not sure they will be. Kane looked average with England and shouldn’t have played so much, Dembele is inconsistent, Moura started well but hasnt been tested enough im hoping his good start isn’t going to be cut short with all the media attention of praise so early. Im hoping we get some energy from Son and Lamela because we need a fit ready squad for this one. We also need MP to make changes earlier if its not working to be brave. I can’t predict the score but i would be happy with a draw at this stage of the season. A loss would definitely mean we haven’t progressed from last season start where we dropped points and played catch up. A loss means 6 points behind, its back to catch up. A win would see me more than happy and show me we mean business and the Watford result was a blip

  • In view of Alli’s injury I’ll revise my prediction and give his goal to Son. By the way, what’s the story with the repeated photo for this article. Is he the Marquee signing we didn’t get?

  • With Liverpool its all about attack. They can blow teams away. Defensively they are now looking stronger so aren’t shipping easy goals like they used to. I do wonder if they can last 90 minutes. Last season they often seemed to start at a pace they couldn’t hope to maintain looking to kill the game off early. We’ll see if its still their preferred tactic.

  • Sadly, we will have Vorm in goal, he will cost us the match … as much as I like Kane I am sick of him dropping deep .. he should not of played for England, neither Alli who is now injured due to a stupid pointless game to make revenue for UEFA and the FA … Poch will change for Aron again, he is slowly becoming a tinker man … he needs to step it up now we need a trophy this season. No excuses, this team currently is overrated and believes the hype as proved by Watford 2 weeks ago .. time for this team to step up …

  • Well MP with sky news didnt say Dele or Loris was that bad, yet on official website it states Dele hamstring, that isn’t what Southgate adhered to and Lloris expected to be out for several weeks. Does anyone think Lloris absence is a cover up, that the club have suspended him! Or am i being cynical! Yeah ok cinical it just seems they haven’t disclosed any punishment. So Vorm, and no Dele, don’t think that is such a big issue, if Lamela comes back blazing and Son as well and Moura continues his good run. I hope Kane does better but he has to rest in cc imo. Still difficult game to predict

  • Liverpool will press the life out of us and keep a highline because we lack pace in team ,as for us when was the last time that we pressed hard on teams and high up ??the Man City game @ white hart lane a couple of seasons back we pressed the life out of them but unfortunately Harry has’nt the energy now.kane has been sluggish around the pitch going well back into last season only he’s such a great goal scorer this would have been in the limelight before now,he’s never been a speedster but he was able get away from centre halfs where as of now he’s struggling to keep them of him and wearing himself down. Watching World Cup after 50 mins from Colombia game onwards he looked like he was running in quick sand. I said before the season started that he should not have been involved in first

  • Jeez Geofspurs your writing for Vital Liverpool now, nah! only jesting.

    I clicked onto my fave site Vital Spurs to only find every reason there is, why we are going to get beat, are some of you covering your arses, just in case you get egg on your face, for me Spurs will be up for this one and beat the whinge at every opportunity Scousers, I do not care about egg on my face, I am confident. COYS

  • The problem is that due to our record breaking inactivity I’m the transfer window we have precious little choice but to run Kane into the ground, there is simply nobody else.

  • Ali and Lloris out..huh.






    Lamela Son good bench options.

  • Vorm, toby sanchez verts, rose and tripier. Dier, dembele, moura, eriksen kane. However i could also see us go 433 to win midfield and play dier winks and dembele with eriksen moura and kane as top 3 and drop sanchez. Its going to be interesting when all players are fit and how he accommodates 3 cd players, because sanchez was good last season and needs continue his progress but with toby staying its going to be hard to accommodate him and lose an offensive player especially when we have a good choice to play offensively.

  • Frank – As always you criticise but don’t come up with any solutions. Who is this cover for Kane we should have bought in the summer ? Let me guess, you haven’t a clue.

  • If Ali is out, I’d be glad to see Poch having his hand forced to drop the un-droppable. May actually surprise him that we could become more fluent in Dele’s absence. I’d even consider omitting Kane from my line-up whilst he regaains fitness/form. Just have more dynamic AM’s.

    Poch can bring on Llorente at 80 mins to nurse a 1-0 defeat!!

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