Date: 5th October 2018 at 3:37pm
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Maybe not so fresh from the midweek defeat to Barcelona at Wembley Stadium, Tottenham Hotspur are back in action this weekend and we host newly-promoted Cardiff City in our next Premier League clash.

Sitting somewhat pretty in fourth place in the table with a goal difference advantage over Arsenal with seven games played, Neil Warnock’s referee hating side are sat in 19th place and are yet to win in the 2018/19 campaign.

With Warnock claiming recently that he preferred the Championship, Tottenham can obviously help him back in that direction with a victory this weekend but despite Cardiff’s lack of points so far this season, and their propensity for conceding goals, we’re going to have to do the ugly stuff first and then let talent rise to the top.

Failure to match their effort isn’t an option as their run of fixtures so far have pitted them against (us included) five of the top seven.

Christian Eriksen, Dele Alli, Mousa Dembele and Jan Vertonghen have already been ruled out by manager Mauricio Pochettino with injury, so it’s a chance for others to step up and impress as we look to put the last one behind us.

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92 Replies to “From Barcelona To The Bluebirds – The Tribulations Of A Spurs Fan – Match Thread”

  • DW….another very simple article, excellent, good job done, hope you get the responses you got from your last lot.

    Sunday Spurs 4-0, “Our Arry” back to his best with a Hatrick. COYS

  • I’m going for 5-0!

    However, as I don’t see this as a “must-win”, I think MP should rest Harry and play Sissoko up top!

    You can call me old fashioned but even though I don’t feel this match to be a crucial one that may or may not decide the fate our entire season, I would still like to see us win it.

    However, we could well lose this one and still win the PL title. Then again, we could go on to beat City (home and away) and also Liverpool away and yet not win the PL!

    Swings n roundabouts!

  • HT you need to get out more ! You spend your entire life writing on VS! Sissoko up front Lol!

    With regard to the article there’s not a lot to be said that hasn’t been said in the postmortem that was the Barcelona article ! I hope Son and Lucas will play themselves into form especially Son who was rather anonymous against Barca. As we have an International break coming up I assume Harry K and Harry W and Trippier and Dier and Rose will be required to put in a shift for England but I can’t see Poch dropping either Harry’s or Tripps for this one – maybe Davies for Rose and Dier might be benched again in favour of Wanyama who needs game time, cos he’s not the sharpest tool in the box at the moment but he’s perfect for a game like this ! If Lamela hasn’t burnt himself out then I would expect the team that played Bara to be the team Poch puts out, with the exception of Rose for Davies. Given our up and coming fixtures, after the Internationals, Poch needs fitness levels in the squad to go up a notch given the amount of games coming up, its going to be a squad effort after the International break which means a few players like Sissoko Llorente, Foyth, Kyle Walker- Peters have got to start proving themselves to the Coach, the team and the Supporters. Maybe Poch bringing some of the U23’s in to put pressure on some of the positions – Carabao Cup being one of the games where they could take on some of the heavy lifting away from the first team, would be ideal to see if we can see a Oli Skipp or Luke Amos shine !

  • We talk about the fitness and fatigue levels of our players as if it was already March or April, well into a hard season having played 30/40 games on hard or sodden pitches, in freezing cold or torrential rain or snow, not as is currently the case having played little more than a hand full of games as the summer draws to a close. Never mind the WC etc. They have all, with the exception of Son had their holidays, and should be settled into the new season. They should think themselves lucky they don’t have a proper job, then they might realise what life is like in the real world.

  • After a 5 hour band rehearsal last night, followed by drinks and dancing in a South London bar… And followed by about 5 hours kip… I have had a very full and productive day at home thank you, interspersed with using the odd minute or few here and there to write some bull on VS… (I have no problems with multi-tasking) Do you?

    I’ll be going out later to do a 12 hour shift at work tonight Oyveh… 9pm to 9am… Wanna join me. It should be fun…

    But even though you haven’t a single clue about me and what I’m up to in the world. You’ve hit the nail right on the head…. Yes, I’ve spent the entire 57 years of my extremely dull and uneventful life, on Vital Spurs….

    …….. By the way, I have to agree with you there Frank…

  • Sorry all but I have asked Danny if he can delete the above post… (It has nothing to do with the match).

  • Lol, @ HT… was you out doing your Morris dance practice … what do you do for a living … I used to do 12 hours shifts when in the UK. I also do 12 and half hour shift now. Spurs, are expected to win let’s hope Sissoko is injured and never in the first team again .. roll on the end of next season when he leaves on a free.

  • Frank – There was this thing in the summer called the world cup, maybe you missed it. Because of that a lot of our players haven’t had a break for twelve months. So your moronic comments about it not being March or April just show you can’t can’t count.

  • Hot Tottingham – “I don’t see this as a “must-win” and there’s why you want empty gestures like playing your strongest team against Barcelona. Because for you the games that really matter, the ones that decide whether we get back to the champions league or end up in the hell of the Europa are of no importance.

  • Not sure what’s happening here of late. Far too much personal attacks on posters imo. I got over the Barca game, we did our best and under the circumstances, our best was not good enough v a team that managed to turn it on, but I am proud of the lads.

    Time to focus on job in hand and stop moping. We are where we are with the squad and injuries. Hope the lads are well up for this to start another run. We have some kind fixtures and let’s get that spring in our stride. Geof I’d go with your 3-0/ Harry x 2 and Moura x 1.

    Match day….yey!! COYS!

  • I concour Critical, let’s hope we win today. I am expecting a solid performance scraping a 1-0 will not do. Jod, no need to call Frank’s views moronic just because he doesn’t agree with you,

  • E17, I want to see the team ask some questions of the opposition from the off. We have a tendency to start lethargically. Why is it that almost every game this season we are in 2nd gear from the off?. Why give the oppo a chance to settle down? How many time have I heard Poch say that we started slow?. Why is is happening on a regular basis?. I’d lecture them before the kick off rather than wait ’til half time, seeing Poch is never proactive from the off whilst the oppo manager is barking from the touch line. I just feel if Poch remains slumped in his comfy chair, it translates to the lads that all is well.

    As for the team, wouldn’t surprise me to see Lloris retain his place but hope Lamela is good to go. I’d again start with Victor over Dier and swap in 2nd half. Winks to start so he can start getting in to his stride.

  • Spurs to win 3-0.

    CS …. Wow, thanks for agreeing with my predicted score on the match-day thread …. before I’d even submitted it! We even agreed on the scorers. lol I’ve got to wait until ‘Spurs TV’ tomorrow to watch the Cardiff and Barca games so I’ll be disappearing a bit later.

  • Not long now to our 4-0 win over Cardiff, “our Arry” x 3 + 1 form anyone, sorry Geof for the extra goal. COYS

  • Hello, CS and E17…

    Quick response to you E17: I’m a support worker caring for adults with learning difficulties. Some of whom also have severe physical disabilities, very poor health etc, and require 24/7 attention…

    Morris dancing in a late-night London bar? Hells-bells man! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it…

    CS; I think that in the second half v Barca, we saw Winks getting back well into his stride. That Bobby Moore/Franz Beckenbauer like tackle on Messi for instance, was top-notch.

  • HT….your job, well done, excellent, I am a family member full time carer so have an idea, again well done.

    If I am right “our Arry” has never scored against Cardiff. COYS

  • Just to say…

    When I dare to suggest that MP plays his strongest possible team. I simply mean a team that he fieels is fit and good enough to win the match. Whoever that may be has nothing at all to do with my opinion. So, what’s the big deal? I don’t get it… If MP choses to play one of the “kids” today, I hope it’s because he feels the guy is fit and ready for the job in hand. And I’ll not be complaining about it, if he does Especially if he proves MP right. In fact, I’d be more than happy to see one of the younger players, such as Skipp. (Luke Amos has unfortunately picked up a serious knee injury). Best of luck my boy!

    Up the Spurs!

  • … In fact (although he’s no kid) I wouldn’t be surprised if Walker-Peters gets a shout…

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