Date: 28th August 2018 at 10:21am
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Maybe I’ve been guilty of this in the past myself and just not noticed at the point, but I’ve seen more than one piece on the interweb today laying into the performance of Christian Eriksen during Tottenham’s victory over Manchester United yesterday evening.

Football is about opinions and you’ll never get a consensus – it’s one of the reasons why the game fascinates people as in many cases show ten people the identical incident and you’ll get ten different takes on it.

Anyway, the thrust of the pieces I saw suggested that the 26-year-old Dane failed to impress on Monday night and it led to the risk of comparisons with Mesut Ozil who it’s believed doesn’t show up in the big games.

I’ll say quickly there’s nowt wrong with the above thoughts and there’s nothing wrong with those fans holding that view when they took to social media and commented. I imagine by full-time they may well have felt differently and seen improvement given the final score.

So me doing an article during the first half pointing out Eriksen and others had started the match poorly is fair game. Publishing after the match had finished with the angle that those tweets prove Eriksen had a poor game – when you can look at the time of the tweets for yourself, well, that’s different in my humble.

By the end of the game, Eriksen had two key passes (2nd), an assist, joint fifth pass accuracy, fourth best on overall touches and he’d also got himself on the tackle and interception list.

Hardly a stinker or proof he doesn’t perform in the big games. He wasn’t our best player, but he certainly wasn’t our worst in contribution – he played his part.

Saying fans ‘tear’ into a player for a performance, when the comments you rely on don’t even see out the first half and making that applicable to 90 minutes…


7 Replies to “Football Is A Funny Old Game But Immediate Fan Reactions Don’t Tell The Full Story”

  • So these fans that gripe about CE wouldn’t mind him being sold then! mmmm!

    Yes agreed he had an iffy 1st half, but he was there, and came more into it in the 2nd, but didn’t most of them, typical Spurs, 0-0 at half time then step it up a gear and win, simple. COYS

  • In the big games of PL top 6 clubs, we have to remember…. There are higher quality, international players at these 5 other clubs, and so close attention by opposition MF on Ericsson (so as to cancel each other out). By the end of the game CE has usually done his job, of key passes, assists on goals.

  • Not really sure where the criticism comes from. He’s one of the first players on the team sheet, because is sheer quality on the ball better than almost every other player in the team. He’s generally consistent and remains fit. Ok, so he doesn’t have pace, but with Moura and Son, we now have 2 players with genuine pace who can complement Eriksen’s accuracy. Without doubt we’ve got one of the most creative midfield’s in the league, and Eriksen is a key part of that!

  • coming onto a site like VS is a sort of group therapy. Some people simply need to blow off some steam. That’s okay. I’d hate to lose CE, but a few comments on this site won’t have such an effect, so that’s okay too.

  • In any case, judging a player on one game is foolish. Eriksen will win many points for us this year, regardless of what he does in one specific game.

  • I think it’s fair to say he did have a poor game…………………by his own very high standard! 🙂

  • Even Messi has poor games (plural) so what? Eriksen, who I still thought played decent, still created chances and made the runs off the ball to unsettle the Man Utd defence. As a bonus his work rate, as per usual, was among the best on the pitch.

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