Date: 14th March 2017 at 10:04am
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I’ve jotted down five things I think we’ve learned since we beat Millwall at the weekend.

Millwall Fans

After watching some social media video clips and reading a few media columns, post-match then my opinion remains unchanged. Millwall fans (not all) are still thugs!

FA Cup Semi-Final

The most obvious one is that last night Chelsea managed (just) to overcome Manchester United in the quarter-finals and now we face them on the weekend of April 22 and 23 at Wembley Stadium.

If Chelsea play in a similar way and Harry recovers from his ankle injury then I’m happy to put my neck on the block and say we will be playing in this year’s final.

Harry Kane

I appreciate Millwall are not exactly the best team in the world but it showed, when he hobbled off after 10 minutes that Spurs are capable of winning without him.

Heung-Min Son

He can actually score goals when he’s in the mood. It’s just a pity he blows hot and cold. My opinion is that he blows cold far more than he does hot. Still, credit due and well done Son.

Vincent Janssen

Not a Poch favourite and mine neither. However, he found the back of the net on Sunday and so he can’t be all that bad. Can he?

Even for the sake of argument, (I prefer the old style moaning and agree I was wrong when I wrote a previous article) does anyone care to disagree?



12 Replies to “Five Things We’ve Learned Since Millwall Win”

  • We will certainly get a glimpse of how we will look like without HK on the coming weekend. I’m guessing Son plays in HK’s position. I think we have enough firepower to overcome Southampton in a hard fought game. Janssen to come on after 70 minutes and add to his tally!

  • Hmmm….
    1) We learned nothing new about Millwall fans, but we have our fair share of thugs too
    2) We learnt nothing about Chelsea. Chelsea win. They do just enough to win. It did not need more than that to be ten men Man U. But they would’ve upped their game if Utd had 11 men, and played better. I prefer to meet Chelsea than Citeh, but I feel that Citeh will be in the final, and we would have to take them on should we get past Chelsea…which is really hard – especially at Wembley, and especially without Kane.
    3) We are capable of winning without Kane, but Poch needs to get it right on a game by game basis. On Sunday, he brought on Eriksen and pushed Son up front. It worked a charm as Eriksen started the scoring, was creative, and Son got a hatrick & assist. On another day, Janssen ,may be the better bet to lead the line…. We will have that uncertainty going forward…
    4) Kane can blow hot and cold too, and somewhat gets his goals in bursts… It is a team thing. If Kane doesn’t have support, then he will have no joy up front. If we support Son the way he needs to, then we can see that he can be a two-footed threat.
    5) Janssen is not a bad player, and brings a lot to the plate whilst not scoring. But he does need to start converting chances to make himself a contender for a starting berth – perhaps even as a partnership with Son. I did like the fact that Janssen did not milk the goal, fist pumping around with an “at last” or a “see, I told you I can score” sort of celebration…. The relief was clear, but he just got on with it, because he knows that he should have scored from open play months ago. It is time to make up for lost time.

  • Shame that point blank header didn’t go in. At least Jansenn was in the right position to score which is encouraging.

  • How about, we play Janssen on Sunday. Son will still be in the team. Just need loris, walker dembele back … will that be too soon for rose. I really hope not we desperately need rose now.

  • I also think that the 3-4-3 system is starting to work fantastically. I would have worried more if we were in a 4-2-3-1 when Kane got injured. That makes him the point of the spear and you need a like for like replacement. In the 3-4-3, Eriksen naturally drops into centre mid and pulls the strings with Winks whilst Son and Alli almost play as 2 forwards at times. We just need to make sure that Son doesn’t switch off defensively as he’s done many times this season. Also worth noting that Davies is now starting to find his feet as a wing back. OK, he hasn’t got the raw pace and stamina of Rose but he’s more than cultured enough to find space and have an impact.

  • I thought Chelsea looked as good as they have done all season. United made it extremely tough for them after going down to ten men. I wasn’t fussed who we got in the Semi anyway as to win the damn thing it was still just 2 from 3 top PL teams that we will have needed to beat… IMO, Son has stepped up more often than not and I think Janssen will prove his worth and before this season is over. Harry? Of course we are capable of winning without him. Millwall fans? I have relatives that support them. They are very much gentlemen. Thugs are thugs and almost every club still has them, including Spurs.

  • Two things 1- Heung-min Son “Can actually score when he is in the mood” Is this grudging faint praise? 2 You are just guessing what Poch thinks of Janssen. Our support appreciates his efforts (all you can ask of anyone) and showed it when he scored. He has the potential to improve with backing from real supporters and with Pochettino coaching.

  • I disagree with the writer of the article that son “blows cold more than hot”. If you look at the impact he has when given opportunities it suggests that more often than not when hes playing, he’s blowing hot.

  • E17 touched on a good point. No Dembele, Rose, Walker or Lloris, then losing Kane early. That’s 5 places swapped ans still won 6-0. Against ANYONE that’s not to be scoffed at. I’ve learned that Pochs’ squad is possibly jumping up to yet another new level, as winning like this when half your first-team are out is proof. Trippier and Davies just needed a run. Vorm is ample back-up and Winks is the next start in the making. And Poch has managed to reduce the steepness from the un-level playing-ground and is left as the novice up against some of the worlds best managers in the semi’s. Backed and overseen by Levy. Gercha!

  • Winks is up there with our other cm’s. Possibly further ahead despite his tender years. The creativity… He asks questions of the opposition whenever he has the ball. Dembele et al beware.

  • We need to keep this conveyor belt of talent moving. The combination of self developed talent (Winks, Kane) and young signings (Alli, Dier, Rose, Walker, Eriksen) is what makes up the soul of this team. Add the right signings (Lloris, Vertonghen, Toby, Wanyama) and you see why we are top four and finishing above teams with higher spending power. Chelsea have a great youth team right now, and it will be interesting to see how many make it as Chelsea players. Given how many players Chelsea own, most being loaned out, it will be a tall order.

  • Ghana, seeing Leicester doing in CL what they did in PL last season, makes me wonder if we’d done better in CL at WHL. IMO, yes. More intimidating. Whereas any team turning up at Wembley the world renowned amphitheatre ‘enjoyed’ the more open atmosphere. Good luck to Leicester.

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