Date: 29th May 2018 at 8:00pm
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A return to the club for Gareth Bale certainly felt like a great idea in the immediate aftermath of his man of the match display against Liverpool in the Champions League final.

However, as much as I would like to see the Welshman back in a Spurs shirt, I do understand why Daniel Levy and Mauricio Pochettino have reportedly opted against making a move for the 28-year-old.

Here are five reasons why the club have likely ruled out a return for Gareth:

1) Injuries

Despite his stand-out displays for Real Madrid, his injury record since he arrived at the Bernabeu has been pretty bad. 14 separate injuries during his five years in Spain has meant he has missed just under half of all the matches he could have played in.

Combine that with a sizeable transfer fee, and the investment doesn’t look as good as it first appears.

2) Age

At 28 years of age, Bale is heading into the prime of his career. However, if you consider the injuries he has sustained and the fact he has already had 12 years playing as a first-team player, there have to be question marks over how long he can last at the top level.

He certainly has at least four or five years left in him, but it seems the club are more willing to go with someone with fewer miles on the clock.

3) Wages

The Real Madrid star is currently on £400,000 a week (after tax), which is more than double our top wage earner in Harry Kane. The club are not going to break their wage structure, even for a world class player like Bale.

Levy is very inflexible on this matter, and it is likely the main reason why an offer for Bale won’t happen.

4) Style of Play

Poch wants players who press, work hard for the team, and have energy throughout 90 minutes. At Real, the Welsh international simply doesn’t have to deal with the same workload that our manager would ask of him.

Even then, with less expected of him physically, he is susceptible to injury. It may be that combined with the costs of the transfer, the manager just doesn’t see him as the right fit for his team.

5) Other Options

The Evening Standard report that we do want a player who can play in the Welshman’s position but we are more interested in Wilfried Zaha and Anthony Martial. Both players have potential and are younger. Unlike Bale though, they are not the end product.

One of the major concerns will be if he rocks up at Old Trafford, stays injury free and comes back to haunt us, while we are left with a new recruit who isn’t up to the task. Fingers-crossed that doesn’t happen.


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  • £100m roughly plus wages – only Utd can really afford him – NEXT lol! Would love to have him back with Ericksen, Alli and Kane but like I say if they do not keep him which they may well do so will probably end up at Utd and destroying team’s in the Prem again. Guess it would be fitting given Giggs and Wales connection that he ends up as the LW there.

    • If he does end up at United looking to emulate Giggs then he probably won’t be playing for Wales very much!!!

  • Aside from the most obvious issue here, i.e. wages! Tottenham have actually since become a far better team unit following Bales seemingly much forgotten tantrum strewn departure! Indeed under the clever guidance of Pochettino these past three seasons has seen Spurs not only eclipse their North London rivals in Arsenal, but healthily maintain top four rights at the top of the premiership with style. I fear if Bale did return it would only pose more problems than benefits, and Spurs could well suffer owing to this. Better to stick with the ethos of developing younger talent with more time to grow with Tottenham’s philosophy and playing style. Bale would simply represent a backward step and a great deal of compromise.

  • Gareth can actually play at whatever club he wants. He has been earning an absolute fortune for years and has the trophies in his locker and money in the bank, but is he happy??? Clearly not judging by his comments. He says his happiest days were at Spurs. He prefers our style of play to that of Utd so why not try and get him back. Look at what Mourinho has done to Pogba and Sanchez and Mkhitaryan etc, etc. Why would he want to play in that negative way and possibly be unhappy at yet another club. We are now a big club so lets be a big club. If Gareth only wants to come to Tottenham that would open the door for Levy to get him for the right price. Offer Gareth a big signing on fee and the same wages as Kane. Nothing ventured nothing gained its time to think big!

  • The 5 reasons he might not be wanted are possibly the 5 reasons he might be wanted….

    His injury record is better than Lamelas

    With 28 years on his clock he’d add some much needed experience to this side.

    He doesn’t exactly need a huge paycheck anymore, so perhaps willing to accept lower wages if he can make himself happier. Could you get a player of his calibre and age for less or the same than he’d expect?

    Style of play was the funny one. Didn’t he once carry the entire Spurs squad, most notably against Milan? I’d never seen a guy run so much, let alone all the work he put in behind the scenes to get to where he is today.

    Finally other players. If you had to choose out of Bale, Zaha and Martial, would you seriously not pick Bale?

    I wouldn’t rule a move out altogether. Papers are quoting various prices and wage proposals.

  • I didn’t expect Vital Spurs, to pedal the same tosh as the media … white hart you claim it’s 400k after tax his wage … other’s say 300k … no one knows the facts it all gossip … Bale is worth in excess of 100m pounds .. he no longer needs money, .. it’s 2018 not 1958.. players have the power, if he wants to go to spurs and spurs only Madrid can’t command 110m pounds .. also, bale is level headed .. and there is no reason to why he won’t take a pay cut .l Levy would prob get Madrid to pay 1/2 they would still be saving a couple of hundred k a week … as for he can’t play for 90 minutes bale knows the EPL .. he’s not managed right in Spain ..he needs to come back to Spurs.

  • A ‘sixth’ reason he may have been ruled out is, for whatever reason, Mauricio doesn’t want him.

    How do we know that Spurs were interested in him in the first place …. let alone ruling him out?

    Maybe, with all the assets he’s accumulated over the years he could elect for an early part-time retirement, go back to wales, and play for Cardiff.

    Maybe none of us know what we’re talking about.

    Maybe ……… damn, I’ve run out of maybes.

  • Well Geoff, I heard Merthyr Tydvill were the leading club chasing his signature.., we have a fight on our hands if Port Talbot really are interested. MP, would never refuse a player with the calibre of Bale, unless he genuinely believed he would not improve the team … Bale has proven he improved any team… If rumours are to be believed … Bale is willing. To take that hefty pay cut to rejoin Spurs, maybe he feels he has a chance to lead spurs to glory … his money got us Eriksen… and helped set up the foundations of recent success. .. we paid 42m for Sanchez, and De Ligit if rumours are correct would be 50m +. … so 60/70m for Bale is small feed for his quality. … come the 15th August we should know for sure who will be in our squad … however, I am sure Levy has got players signed already and waiting .. just like he did with Modric

  • Bales is genuinely a world class player who can fit in with our players and poch’s philosophy of football. Now he says a pay cut can be looked at, go get him signed up mr levy. Sell some players use, say..half of this for Bale.

    Some ITK from my reliable source… spurs pay the highest bonus to players… so when they perform well earn more than weekly wages we hear about. Perhaps this explains why levy offers players new contracts to our players, and they quickly sign them ! We don’t know all details of these contracts, just what journos. try to speculate, and unsettle players.

  • I can’t see Bale moving to Spurs. I’m not sure he’s even leaving RM. If there were a deal on the table for Bale to Spurs, I think we already know that Kane and Eriksens names will be put on the negotiation table by the RM president. I don’t even want to think about that scenario.

    Poch is also smart enough to know he’d need to offer Bale a 5 year contract and will probably get one or maybe two great seasons of him playing in his current style. After that he would need to massively adapt his game and we would need to adapt our tactics.

    Sadly, as much as I’d love to see him running out on the new WHL later this year, I don’t see this as a viable move.

  • GB is exactly the type of player this club needs to step up another level, being able to afford him is another story!! LBH if we had a fit GB in our starting 11 in the FA cup semi, we would have won that game without a doubt. He is the perfect match winning big game player, something we are very short of in our first 11 at the moment. So levy if we cant afford him, lets find another VdV instead!!

  • Regards Bale, I would love it if we re-signed him, but! and there is a big but! would signing him upset the mood, friendship, comraderie even level headedness that appears to be in the changing room, we just do not know! All this is just a thought. COYS

  • PompeyYid the answer to that is NO, he would lift the other players around him if he was fully fit and able. It would be like Klinsmann signing for us!!

  • PY … I don’t think he’d upset anything apart from the opposition. He doesn’t have an ego that needs constantly stroking. Now, Ronaldo, on the other hand ……

  • This will open up a can of worms!! I would happily sacrifice Dele Alli going the other way to bring GB back to Spurs next season………

  • Whilst we’re all still playing fantasy football with Gareth Bale as our star player… One thing I’ve yet to see mentioned in all this, is the leaked copy of papers and much publicised ‘first refusal’ clause he supposedly had in his initial Real contract with THFC.

    This being that if Tottenham can fully match any contract negotiated and offered to Bale from another club, then he can still be a Spurs player all over again. Levy having a 72 hour deadline in which to make that matching offer. And this would still be the case, even if a 3rd party club came in and offered Real a higher figure than the first offer.

    If all this is so then that still makes it unlikely that Bale will at all possibly go for a (relatively) bargain price, affordable to Spurs… If there is a huge offer already on the table, that is.

    It would only mean that; Say Real ask for a £200m, then United, PSG, Cardiff or whoever say yes, we will pay that, and everyone else involved also say yes to the deal, then we can still guarantee him a Spurs return if Levy then says yes, we’ll match that, no worries.

    All sounds a bit convoluted to me…

    Then again, if say Fulham offer Real just 25 grand and the Sessegnon twins in exchange for him, plus 30 grand a week in wages and then it’s agreed by Real, Bale and all, well, it’s a no-brainer Mr.Levy, get in there my man and make that deal… And, regardless of whether Pochettino wants him or not!

  • libbo2003:

    Dele Alli for Gareth Bale?

    Dele Alli v Gareth Bale?

    GB: 28 years old and a Spurs player for 6 seasons… Appearances, 203. Goals scored, 55.

    DA: 22 years old and a Spurs player for just 3 seasons… Appearances, 146. Goals scored, 46.

  • HT like I said a can of worms……..Dele Alli might not be here after next season if we are trophy less again. same with HK and CE.
    You could also look at it this way
    GB 3 seasons, 3 CL winners medals………..

  • If Bale does move he is far more likely to get the deal he wants at Man.u. So why would he re join spurs? And he would have more chance of winning trophies at Man.u as well.

  • lol palmover I was just comparing his record in the last 3 years while Alli has been here. Just saying the only way GB will come back here this summer was for us to RM something big back…… HK and CE are non starters so that only leaves DA. But of course thats not going to happen.

  • I wasn’t making any real statement there libbo2003, just putting up the stats. If we want we can make what we like of those stats. If we consider that Bale only played his last 3 Spurs seasons as a winger then he outscored Dele by 3 goals in 3 seasons, scoring 49 from the wing…

    Personally, I would prefer Dele over Gareth whichever way we look at it. Simply because he potentially has much more of a future at Spurs than Bale has.

    Put them both in the same team then who knows? Dele may even improve on his figures and outshine GB. Bale could be his inspiration…

    Then, whilst Bale is out for 3 months, nursing his latest ankle, knee or thigh or back injury, Dele then scores a sensational, match winning hat trick v Inter in the CL final!

    All hail Dele! Taxi for Bale!

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