Date: 12th March 2018 at 1:46pm
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There were many positives to take from the weekend and some were perhaps more important than others.

Of course, the most important thing was that we got the win but seeing Dele grab a goal and boost his confidence was also something we`ve waited for for a while.

Meanwhile, we also saw Son step-up after Harry went off of the field and that, for me, suggests that we`re going to be okay without Kane for however long it takes him to return.

Of course, we`re stronger with him up top but we`ve been here before and, just as last time, our South Korean smiler produced the goods to keep our momentum up.

I think Sunday shows that we`re going to have a similar thing happen in the coming weeks now, too, and, rightly, he`s got a new song that was rolled out at the Vitality.

Here`s what the winger had to say about it, then, and what some of our fans have said in response on Twitter.


6 Replies to “Fans React To Gesture Which Is The Least This Man Deserves”

  • love you, me ol son. fantastic the way he just runs with the ball at his feet. Hope he stays with us for a long long time. love his attitude.

  • Agree, he’s a class act and IMO our best finisher (even better technically than Kane and possibly Eriksen is equal). Anyone know what the status is with his military service, are we going to lose him for 2 years?

  • Son is doing the business but then BelgianSpur can back me up here as in November I said he was an undercover Bale – in that he was quick and scored goals and is actually 2 footed on top and also a star in the making. Hopefully he can deal with the fan pressure and expectation of goals that he has now brought upon himself. He’s up there with Kane, Alli and Eriksen as un-touchable – no wonder Moura and Lamela cannot register regular starts. Looking for him to have another 20+ campaign and hopefully getting atleast 15 in the Prem to better his total of 14 last season. Also hoping he brings us lots of S.Korean support and Asia in general – we’d do well to market him properly, seeing as here is the potential for a true Asian top class player with hopefully lots of marketability. Notice he does the Bale signature celebration everytime – shame it’s not his LOL!

  • El Jefe – Son has done very well this season. You did call it . Personally I still think there’s a world of difference between an in form Bale (a top 5 player in the world) and Son, because Bale is still going to give you all sorts of goals (free kicks, 40 yard strikes,…) which I haven’t seen from Son yet, and a defensive work rate which Son just doesn’t. Now, the knock on Bale is how often he hits those levels considering he’s injured so much. But on pure talent I still think they’re not on the same league. But its just my opinion. And don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying Son’s current form as much as anybody else.

  • Its not really about how good a player is individually, its what he contributes to the team. We seem to have put together a squad where all the pieces fit. Son has become a vital piece with his pace and goals. His professional attitude too is up there with Kane’s. The only worry is the same as with Kane, lack of like for like cover. However in Son’s case its looking as if Moura will solve that one.

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