Date: 9th October 2019 at 9:30am
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Mauricio Pochettino’s problems at Tottenham have been laid bare by Gary Jacob of The Times who says a ‘negative atmosphere’ is to blame for Spurs’ woeful form this season.

Pochettino believes a mid-season exodus of players could be the answer, but it could actually make matters worse if adequate replacements aren’t brought in. Nevertheless, drastic change is needed as Spurs’ season is on the brink of collapse.

How bad is the damage?

Pretty bad after just two months. Tottenham are currently ninth in the Premier League with 11 points from eight games. They’re 13 points adrift of leaders Liverpool, have already been eliminated from the EFL Cup and have just one point from two Champions League group games this season.

Spurs’ away form has been a problem too. Since January’s 2-1 win at Fulham, the Lilywhites have picked up just two wins on the road in all competitions (17 games, two wins, three draws, 12 defeats). Since the last international break, Tottenham have won one of their last six, losing four.

In October alone, they’ve lost 7-2 to Bayern Munich and 3-0 to Brighton & Hove Albion. The FA Cup is arguably the only attainable trophy left for Spurs, so they couldn’t be doing any worse this season.

Who’s to blame for Tottenham’s poor form?

The Times says Serge Aurier, Danny Rose, Eric Dier, Victor Wanyana and Christian Eriksen are on a list of unwanted players as they’ve contributed to the ‘negative atmosphere’, but the blame must be shared between Daniel Levy and Mauricio Pochettino.

Levy failed to sell every player that was on the transfer list this summer while Pochettino has inexplicably thrown former outcasts back into the starting eleven – Rose, Aurier and Wanyama.

The squad has been half-filled with players still angling for a move, so it’s hardly a surprise results haven’t gone their way this season.

Will five first-team players really leave Tottenham in one transfer window?

Probably not. It’s hard to see a turnover of 10 players in 30 days given Levy’s history of tough negotiating. Tottenham may want Aurier, Rose, Dier, Wanyama and Eriksen gone in January, but they may have to focus on which players are more important.

Eriksen is the only player out of contract next summer, so resolving his future is vital. He wanted a move to Real Madrid but doesn’t have an obvious destination lined up anymore. Tottenham don’t want to lose him for nothing, so they need to find a suitor in January willing to pay or offer a player in exchange.

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9 Replies to “Explained: Two people to blame for the ‘negative atmosphere’ at Tottenham”

  • Not to sure I agree with this article totally ,it seemed to me things started going wrong when poch stated If spurs had won the champions league then he would of been looking for a new challenge, since then we have struggle ,they’ve not been the same team really ? what players want to hear after such a momentous effort by the team to get to a final ? .

  • I don’t know why you assume that sports journo’s have any real clue what’s going on. They rarely get any transfers right, they simply make up a few things on the back of other rumours which are generally made up by other sports journos

    There are certainly problems and it’s probably fair to say that little activity in the transfer market in previous windows didn’t help and that even though summer saw new arrivals Clarke was loaned back, Sess was
    injured and is still recovering, Lo Celso got injured before really getting more than a few minutes and even N’Dombele has had a minor injury

    Add to that Foyth who it seemed Poch was pinning hopes on for the RB role was injured before the start

    All in all enough problems to deal with even allowing both Eriksen and Toby wanted out and maybe Rose but lack of suitable interest meant they stayed. Whilsy it’s not good losing decent players it’s arguably worse having to keep them when they want to leave

    The plus side is that the injured players are all close to being fit and the players who want out have been so poor that Poch can simply drop them without getting accused of not picking his most experienced players

    You say only Eriksen’s contract expires in summer but I believe both Toby and Jans do too, so even if they are not offloaded in January if Poch wants them out they will be gone in summer regardless

    Maybe Wanyama, Rose and Aurier will be tougher to sell both because they have longer contracts and there seems little demand in terms of clubs that they may want to move too, however if they are not playing it might motivate them to consider options offered

    I really find the suggestion that Poch would want to sell Dier a strange one. He has been an excellent player since joining but suffered a mix of injury and illness that set him back last season. He didn’t have a great game againt BHA but he was hardly alone there yet others have not had the lack of games to need a few games to get back to full match sharpness. His potential sale sounds more a made up name to try and add an appearnce of knowledge rather than simply mention the same players that have onstantly been rumoured unwanted

    It’s not all gloom and doom, clearly Poch needs to turn things around but I think the fans will support him if he brings some fresh young players in in place of some of the underperforming older regular player even if they take a little while to settle in. It also will give him a better idea of his most urgent needs in January.

    It’s not an easy month to get players so if say Foyth steps up at RB or Tanganga shines at lcb then maybe he can focus on replacing Rose and Eriksen in January and looking at the other positions in summer

    There’s far too many negative rumours which to some degree is understandable but though the last year we have had a poor run of results few teams have really dominated us in that time, City for sure although we managed a draw somehow, but even Bayern first half was pretty much a close run thing, just second half it all went wrong. There’s still a lot of good players and Poch and his team are good coaches, they’ll get through it and come through stronger

    • Agere with you Bazza, put on some younger players. They might not be as good as the regular ones, but they will work harder.

  • We are going in circles. MP started all the hypes. He was going to RM, then to MU and next stop home to manage Argentina. He goes on changing formation and carrying out various rotations and also playing players out of position. There’s been too many adverse features both in and off the field.
    If MP stays he should show total commitment and stop flirting with top teams. Whilst Eriksen has turned himself a disgrace after being the darling at Spurs. Now he’s got to go. Full stop…

  • All these rumours about Poch looking for another club and losing the dressing room are pure pie in the sky as he has a long contract with Tottenham and is clearly an honourable man unlikely to walk away from his commitment. This is all media speculation that just unsettles the players after the disappointment of being runners up in the best competition in Europe. All clubs go through rough patches and it is difficult to swallow at the moment but we will be back rest assured and eventually another big club will be in a similar situation. You don’t suddenly lose the respect of players who have trusted you for so long. It’s just a combination of things, from the long wait for a new stadium, losing the champions league final, contract issues with certain players and a lack of confidence at the moment. Everything will soon fall into place and then we will be the best thing since sliced bread. As you can see I believe in my club and I am very positive for the future.

  • ” Eriksen has turned himself a disgrace after being the darling at Spurs. Now he’s got to go. Full stop…”

    True dat.

    Whatever skills CE may bring, his recent attitude tells us he just ain’t worth it. Just ain’t worth it.

    Loan CE to Scunthorpe. His recent play shows that that would be closer to his skill level than would be RM. What is he thinking that he is the next Modder Focker to move from THFC to RM?

    (And I’ve been attacked on this site for being far to optimistic.)

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