Date: 19th July 2019 at 8:00am
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Tottenham were said to have a large transfer budget this summer after going 18 months without signing a new player, but it appears the Lilywhites have limited funds.

Daniel Levy was unwilling to pay £20m for Max Aarons, won’t match Ryan Sessegnon’s asking price, was priced out of signing Jack Grealish and is unwilling to pay large sums on a backup striker to Harry Kane.

Kieran Tripper was sold for £25m, Danny Rose has a £20m asking price, Toby Alderweireld has a £25m release clause, Christian Eriksen has a £62.8m valuation and Georges-Kevin N’Koudou has a £10m asking price. Tottenham could raise £142.8m from selling the five players.

Rose’s sale could fund a move for Sessegnon while Eriksen’s sale could see Giovanni Lo Celso brought in as his replacement. Supporters may have been hoping for a spending spree, but that may not be likely unless existing players are offloaded.

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51 Replies to “Explained: The truth of Tottenham’s transfer budget this summer”

  • Bob – Again you seem to making false assumptions. The clubs at the top of the football pyramid do not buy players because they are cheap. They have the entire world of football to pick from and the money to pay for whatever they want. Either they want a player or they don’t, if they do they will pay whatever they need to. If they don’t it doesn’t matter if the player is being given away. A mid table club will look at price, but they are the ones Eriksen won’t go to. You seem to ignoring the real world and making a whole series of assumptions that clearly don’t stand up.

  • Nice to read some sensible comments.

    Think Levy has got a bit of a reputation, so club owners get more careful when dealing with him.
    They have to defend sales for their fans and we are usually after their top players. We don’t like it when Real Madrid, united go after our stars either.

    Still our midfield struggled last season and if it were not Sissoko, I think the season would have been a disaster.

    Ndombele will fix this and with Lo Celso we could have one of the better midfields in the league. I think Sissoko should still play, not sure what happens to Eriksen, but Zaniolo could replace him long term. I will be sad to see Rose go, should he have had a testimonial? Think he is a great player, but maybe he needs a change. We need to bring in some more players and I still hope we bring in Sessegnon and Lo Celso, but doing so probably means someone will have to leave. Who depends on if there is interest to buy. For most clubs our players are expensive due to high salaries, so if more will follow Trippier remains to be seen.

  • If some people here believe that our totally fluky appearance in the CL Final (where our performance was abject) indicated progress, they’re clearly beyond medical treatment, let alone reason. Last season finished with us in the top four only courtesy of Arsenal’s missed penalty, and with TWO points more than Sherwood’s 2014 total – we were a shadow of the 2017 side, and there’s no reason whatsoever to believe that next season will be any better (and if we’re depending on the likes of Foyth and Sanchez for defensive solidity, I reckon it could be considerably worse).

  • So, we got fluky all the way to a CL final? I wonder, can we possibly fluke a PL title next year and/or a CL final win this time? Maybe get lucky with the FA cup? Stumble over the line to a Carabao cup triumph?

    I’ve had many a similar response to me before on here when talking in a positive fashion about the club I love.

    You know such witty comments as, “What are you smoking”? “Keep taking the medication”. I’ll have some of what you’re drinking”.

    Some original thought would be nice for once………..

    • Let’s see now; we got out of the CL group only courtesy of PSV’s fighting draw at Inter, we beat Dortmund just as they were suffering almost as big a late season collapse as ours, we squeaked past City with the aid of VAR and Guardiola’s inexplicable team selection and tactics, and we stole the Ajax game after being totally outplayed over three-quarters of the tie. Oh, and we showed our true 2019 form in the final, and lost with barely a whimper. Not exactly ‘Glory glory Hallelujah’, was it?

      • No, it wasn’t glory, glory anything… But what was the excuse of all the other clubs clubs that didn’t make the final?

        What was it like for City fans? Ajax Fans? Barca and Real fans? What was their excuse for not bing in the final? What is the Arsenal and Chelsea excuse for not even being in the CL in the first place?

        I know exactly how we reached the final. I watched every second of it. I know we lost. But why be a typical killjoy fool of a Spurs supporter by taking away from the team the real life fact of the matter? A CL final?

        Everything you point to says it wasn’t easy for Spurs to reach that final. So why make out like it was. We did it the hard way and against all odds. That is a positive not a negative.

        Wake up!

  • Bob, some advice for you. Do not argue with Jod. He knows everything and anyone who disagrees with him doesn’t know what they are talking about. For what it’s worth I would say clubs sometimes will buy a player if he is cheap/good value. Even Real Madrid will sometimes go for the cheaper option if their number one choice is too expensive or will have them exceeding FFP rules. COYS

  • Mickyz….agree with your comment on who to get rid and strengthen the squad,the bench needs to change for the coming season.
    Didn’t step up last.
    Too many ministers on here who seems to think they are always correct and others wrong in their opinions.
    It’s all just the same as others… opinions….coys

  • No 62, there’s far too many hypocritical fools on here that always make definitive statements as if they always know best but then always seem to get it wrong. Funny that!

    Me, I always say but what do I know?: Who Knows? anything can happen… Blah Blah!

  • As usual, there are posts that are “levy haters” and “levy likers” I am in the levy supporters group. Spurs are way ahead of the old stadium facilities, and training ground (at chigwell) As in any business there is a need for strong foundations which Levy has enabled. we all want spurs to win every trophy there is, but so do all the other clubs, and what it has shown is that City has the financial advantage, that Man Utd. used to have. Remember City did not build their stadium, it’s on a 99 year lease from Manchester Council, after being built for a Commonwealth games. So their oil wealthy owners had hundreds of millions head start in buying players,

    So while Spurs have had to do things the hard way, we are stadium owners and not renting our stadium like West Ham and City for example. Yes it is frustrating for fans to not have spurs winning silverware BUT we are a good 5 years behind schedule due to Archway Steel and other entities delaying progress.

    We (all Fans) should keep the faith in what Levy & co are doing.. we are getting there, as last season football achievements and new stadium showed. COYS

    • Does the club ‘own’ the new stadium? I’m interested in football, not finance, but I presume ENIC owns the ground, not Tottenham Hotspur Football and Athletic Club Ltd (if that entity still exists), and I guess the club is just a tenant, like City at the Etihad or WHU at the Olympic Stadium. Obviously it’s the Spurs fans who’ll pay for it, but the club own it? I don’t think so, but I’m open to correction by the ‘over-achieving, punching above our weight’ brigade, whose love of Levy seems to be based on his ability to add assets to the balance sheet rather than trophies to the honours board.

      • ENIC are the majority shareholders and thus effectively own the club.

        The club owns the ground/stadium making it, as WHL also was, an asset. It doesn’t count as a loss on the books, while also any money generated (concerts, NFL, rugby etc) counts towards our match day income throughout the season. From £40m (WHL) to £110m, meaning we should be on a more level footing to the bigger spenders.

        As I posted below, our league positions under Levy speaks for itself in the 17 or 18 years ENIC have been in charge.

        You mention trophies, and I agree they’ve been sparse, although during the times we won cups and were regarded as a “Cup” team, we only managed 3rd in 1997 (I think) and weren’t regarded amongst Europe’s elite at all, which is in contrast to today.

        If the best players want to play in CL when were we in a better position than today?

  • I think we do have to remain sensible in the market and not think we can simply spend like our obviously wealthier rivals who had previously earned a lot more money through consistent CL qualification/wins.

    2019/20 will be Spur’s 5th season in the CL in the PL era, a 4th in a row and the 6th since 1962, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

    Some may have also missed that we have a squad of 24 ofor 25 players currently, meaning we have to be careful to ensure we meet our homegrown quota, which is a requirement for European football, while being caught with players possible leaving so simply spending money and buying players doesn’t quite fit for me.

    Could we spend more? I think so.
    Is it hard to find suitable replacements? I think so too, given our budget and status compared to our competition (Utd, City, Liverpool, Madrid, Barca, Bayern etc) and the need for a certain level of quality.

    We’ve finally got the infrastructure in place and appear to have patched up a Dembele sized hole (the reason for our downward form last season imo) with an Ndombele shaped one (who I think will be a huge success).

    No more Trippier, and likely Aurier transfer, so KWP or Foyth to battle it out unless a replacement bought.

    Rose could leave with Sessegnon the likely target, along with Davies at LB.

    Finding a bench warmer to Kane? Like for like will be £40m+ although there aren’t many Solksaer’s out there.

    Another winger to replace Nkoudou? Clark in a year, so maybe someone else comes in.

    It’s not a game of Monopoly and we don’t have a PSG budget. Did we forget what happened to Leeds?

    Given we haven’t finished outside of the top 10 in the last 10 years, lower than 6th in the last 6 and 4th in the last 4, while building quality training facilities and a stadium, doesn’t really sound like Levy’s sitting at home counting beans, rather being extremely productive in all areas of the club to be established in the Top 6 in what is undoubtedly the most competitive league within the top leagues of Europe if not the world.

  • Just watched the second half of the Manu-Inter game, it was pretty embarrassing watching united’s players constantly throwing themselves to the ground trying to con the referee.

  • Time is running out for more signings and season about to start with one new player on the park?well done levy you lied to us and pochetino again. Pochre is gone after the season wait and see.speaking about celso etc what a joke.

  • The media don’t seem to know anything until we do. People talk about the spending budget but it’s a guess. It’s pointless reading these articles, imho I think Eriksen wants to leave and will go to Athletico Madrid. But again this is my opinion, these articles are rumours and the press guess what will happen or they listen to people “in the know” that don’t know anything. Just wait and see.

  • We should have sold Eriksen last year when his stock was high and we had offers for him. Same as Ronaldo Manchester U sold him before his contract was due to expire and got top prize. We are not that claver in buying players we buy rubish and then can’t sell on when we discover they are not good

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