Date: 19th July 2019 at 8:00am
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Tottenham were said to have a large transfer budget this summer after going 18 months without signing a new player, but it appears the Lilywhites have limited funds.

Daniel Levy was unwilling to pay £20m for Max Aarons, won’t match Ryan Sessegnon’s asking price, was priced out of signing Jack Grealish and is unwilling to pay large sums on a backup striker to Harry Kane.

Kieran Tripper was sold for £25m, Danny Rose has a £20m asking price, Toby Alderweireld has a £25m release clause, Christian Eriksen has a £62.8m valuation and Georges-Kevin N’Koudou has a £10m asking price. Tottenham could raise £142.8m from selling the five players.

Rose’s sale could fund a move for Sessegnon while Eriksen’s sale could see Giovanni Lo Celso brought in as his replacement. Supporters may have been hoping for a spending spree, but that may not be likely unless existing players are offloaded.

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51 Replies to “Explained: The truth of Tottenham’s transfer budget this summer”

  • What an earth is the point of having joe Lewis multi billionaire behind Daniel Levy who never spends any money into buying players for Spurs I hope the Americans or Arabs buy us out.look at Man City !!!

    • It is simple business sense, you can only buy new stock if you get rid of existing stock. There is no use buying new stock and writing off bad stock. I understand Levys approach and I agree with his methods. That is why Arsenal are now sitting with only 45 million to spend. Too much dead stock.

  • So Levy has conned everyone again!
    Over p4icing some players he wants to sell
    But not prepared to pay the correct price for players Spurs need to progress and challenge for the league and cups
    That’s great news for the other top 5 clubs but not Spurs!,,

    • I wrote on this page some 3_4weeks ago and told you levy is nothing but a lying little weasel every year he gives it large about were a top club and were going to bye the best but NO 1 big signing and then he goes back into his hole to count his money and it sod the rest of us loyal spurs fans who what to break up that northern hold on the premier and bring it home to the best team in London or should be yet again LEVY snagged us over

  • There are very few clubs that go on a spree……perhaps 2 in the UK and half a dozen across Europe. Most, even the big ones, have to supplement the recruitment budget by selling players (it’s all about prudent business management, Fair Play and wages). Our budget may have been £75m which is the true investment in the team…….everything else is an upgrade !

    In terms of the names listed above, Levy refuses to pay over the odds – which is sensible. There are plenty of better players than those listed above who we could get for less money !

    The only time to really see how active we’ve been is at 1700 on the 8th August !

  • Fuming with levy, for growth if stadium fair enough but when it comes to buying and selling levy is a complete dickhead, he’s ruining us. We have not bought anyone for 2 transfers, won loads money from champ league, levy start spending or sell up as your ruining us, and I’m sure like myself mist yids are not happy.

  • Simple economics. If you sell Eriksen and Toby (who remember want to leave) you have £100m to spend and their wages of the books. If they don’t leave, which is looking increasingly likely, then you don’t have that cash so you can’t spend it. Reducing prices doesn’t actually work, if its not one of the top clubs the players probably won’t leave anyway even if you try and give them away. Its not a situation we have any control over, we can only sell if a club the players want to sign for wants to buy. Not sure where conning people comes in to it, anyone ought to be able to understand that kind of basic finance.

  • I don’t think that the Lo Celso transfer is dependent on whether Erikssen goes or not. Spurs have the money, the idea they have ‘limited funds’ is total BS. They made 113 million pounds pretax profit in 2017/2018, the highest in world football. Their revenue for this past year almost certainly eclipses that figure. I expect that Lo Celso will be bought regardless and then whatever is generated from sales will be used to fund the purchase of additional new players.

    • I bet if we sign Lo Celso, Eriksen leaves. No chance we are spending nearly 70m without money coming back in. All you have to do is look at our history pattern in the transfer market to see that.

      We have spent our CL budget on Ndombele. That money is now gone.

      We spent the Dembele money on Clarke.

      It seems Rose will go Poch has said we have agreed a deal. Once he goes a new LB will be brought in.

      We have always spent money from selling players and generating money from the CL. This will never change.

    • You’re living in cuckoo land, Levy and Lewis won’t spend the money needed and Pochettino will be off when the penny drops. The only way to change things is for Lewis to sell us to someone with ambition who isn’t bothered how much it costs, just like Chelsea and City.

  • Yes Jod very true but remember next year both Toby and Eriksen can leave for free so what about future funds for transfers in,also if the other players cannot be sold this year do you think that they will increase in value for next year?Have we got depth in the squad to go without new signings next year ?Lewis,not Levy,must provide the funds for Poch to bring in the 2 or 3 players not only for this seasoon but for the next 2 to 3 years.

  • Again many commentators talk about Levy’s ‘spending spree’ this window, but this is bs! We were told money was available in previous 2 windows if good enough players could be found. If we can believe this then let’s say £60m (£20m for Jan and £40m for Summer – very conservative amounts don’t you think?) was budget. So far we have nowhere near even reached this let alone this windows budget if you net Dembele and Trippier sales from Ndombele and Clarke (loaned back) with a net players – 1 down from start of last season. So no real investment and squad reduced and with more talk of players leaving than joining! How has Levy got this super stats from the media and I don’t want to go into whose responsibility it is for the possible half billion overspend on the stadium!

  • Bob – Not sure what you are trying to say. Yes the players can leave for free next year, everyone knows that, but you fail to explain what we can do about it. If you have an answer please tell us, if not what was the point of your post ?

  • We went through all of this back in 2013, when there were stories about Joe Lewis’s ‘war chest’ all over the Spurs blogs, but we ended up spending only what we got for Bale (and wasted most of that, not least on the permanent crock Lamela). Surely we’ve all seen enough of Levy/Lewis/ENIC by now to know that it’s a business for them, not a football club, and they’ll spend the bare minimum, nothing more, as they proved in 2012, when Redknapp was palmed off with Saha and Nelsen (and got the blame and eventually the sack in the process), when real investment might have seen a serious title push. But we have got a great stadium for the NFL to use, so that’s all right.

  • Also rather than making out that decent funds ‘always’ available for the ‘right’ players why not say we are pushed for funds then Levy might get the players at more reasonable fees if other clubs know we have financial constraints ie because of stadium overspend, I am sure the fans would understand this and be happy to go down the youth route with the academy or bringing In younger players like Dele or Clarke.

  • OK Jod,fair point,Is it not better to sell players at a price which may encourage bids rather than frighten them off.Of course Levy is a good business man and could make a deal or 2 on the final day at prices below his asking prices, but run the risk of failing to bring in the players that Poch wants,but instead buying the “bargains” available.All the players supposedly linked with Spurs is a joke,why is it not possible for our club to target the 2 or 3 players identified by the manager to bring in and get them in early to prepare for the season.

  • What is so surprising about having to possibly buy players on the back of selling players?

    It is not particularly realistic to buy a replacement for a player before we know they are actually leaving.
    If players haven’t made up their minds either way or we simply haven’t been made realistic offers for them or, they are not themselves willing to go to just any old club that may or may not be interested in them; then we have to just wait and see how it will pan out. It’s the same for all clubs.

    For instance, if we want to keep Eriksen and have offered him a new contract be he has refused to negotiate thus far because he himself is undecided about his future and has chosen to keep his options open, does it really make sense to fork out record transfer fees on his successor before he has actually left the club? If you think the answer is yes then you are living in cloud cuckoo land.

    And this cliched and stupid old slur against Lewis and Levy treating THFC more like a business and less like a football club is plain nonsense. They treat THFC like a business because it is a business. Football is big business and they so obviously do their business well. New stadium etc., first ever CL final etc., is also a sign of how well the football is going too. Isn’t it?

    Every pre-season these days, it’s the same old summertime fear and panic that sets in with so many of our supporters. The same old storm in a teacup… Personally I have yet to see why this panic is now still being justified… I mean I doubt we will see Spurs being relegated any time soon. I doubt we will be going into administration any minute now. I can only see a top football club that is now more and more likely than it ever has been, to give us the glory and success that we all are pining for. We are in incredibly good shape so… Cheer up!

    • we are not in good shape at all the stadium is a debt for years and years all thanks to Enic and Joe Lewis who has more money than he can ever spend he is a parasite leaching off our club who asked for a new ground i didnt ive gone from row 14 behind the goal to row 46 up in the gods looking at the top of players heads and we are the idiots that are paying for this monster god forbid we go down a division in the future it will be a large white elephant half full thats the incredibly good shape we are in we used to buy the best players once now under Enic we buy the run of the mill because our owners will not invest they just take

      • Barney, a simple question; How does a club full of run-of-the-mill players manage to qualify for the CL 3 seasons running and then in the 3rd season, reach the final?

        And if you don’t wanna spend your money at Spurs, then don’t. It’s your choice mate…

  • If the idea is to always to improve the squad, like Liverpool did last season, then it seems ridiculous to be selling players like Trippier (who had difficult last season but is still top player), Alderweireld, Eriksen and Rose who will prove very difficult to replace. If we are left with with Aurier and Davies as first choice full backs the this is actually huge backward step! We should be doing all we can keeping these top players and improving on the likes of Llorente, Nkoudou, Janssen, Lamela and Wanyama which would improve the squad.

  • Bob – You are making a fundamental mistake in assuming that players at the end of their contracts are good little robots who will do whatever they are told, they are actually the ones in control. Let’s say we try and offer a cut price deal on Eriksen and West Ham make an offer. Do you seriously believe there’s any chance Eriksen would agree ? There are a handful of clubs Christian would go to, everyone else would be a step down. If none of them are interested he’ll simply see out his contract at Spurs and there’s damn all we can do about it. That’s the real world.

    • I have not assumed anything.We should plan for Eriksen leaving as to offer him a new contract now would be pointless for both parties.Lets say we offer him to RM for 60 mill or Barca for 50, a more logical choice than WHU in this world that is more realistic

    • Don’t know which side of this debate I’m on. I think it will be a case of 1 in then 2 out.a little worrying if we want to win trophies. But we need to get rid of the dead wood in the squad. I’d try parrot next season as back up. I.e League cup. But our wave bill must be high with players on the fringes who won’t get a look in.

  • I feel a bit sad that because I have a different view to the likes of “Hot” I am silly or stupid,but so be it .I support Spurs because I have enjoyed following them for nearly 40 years through the good times and bad.I do not care about cheese rooms or long bars or state of the art facilities,or having the best stadium in UK whatever because that will be overtaken.To put it simply I would rather that the Executives of ENIC only award themselves bonuses when THFC actually win something rather then doing so for just doing their job.As a football club we are in good shape.and what cheers me up that one day soon we will win something

  • We sold Trippier because Atletico made an offer for him and both he and the club accepted it. It’s that simple. It’s what Trippier chose to do and we didn’t stand in his way. Simple.

    I like Trippier but who’s to say we’ll not now be better off without him? Personally, I haven’t got a clue. But I do know that many supporters wanted him gone and yet just as many are complaining now that he has actually left… We can’t all have it our own way… And we can’t all be right.

  • Bob; I too don’t care about certain state of the art facilities at THFC. I just wanna watch some good football. But I’m sure that many do like it. It’s not about what we play or may not prefer as individuals… It’s a way and a means to earn much more money for the club. And if we expect success then this is the obvious way to go, off the pitch… On the pitch, we have improved immensely and we are set to carry on. We are certainly not going backwards as a business or as a football team… Cups will come. How frequently, is anyone’s guess. But they will.

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