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Mauricio Pochettino has a lot of work to do before the 2019/20 season starts, with the Tottenham manager having issues at left-back, right-back, centre-back and centre-forward. The summer transfer window shuts on Thursday, August 8, which gives Spurs little over three weeks to finalise deals for new recruits and offload deadwood.


Danny Rose has an uncertain future and was recently omitted from Tottenham’s pre-season tour of Singapore. He doesn’t appear to have any suitors willing to meet his asking price, however. Spurs aren’t making much progress with Ryan Sessegnon either which could mean Rose has to stay this summer.


Toby Alderweireld has been linked with a move to AS Roma, but the Serie A outfit aren’t willing to pay his £25m release clause. The 30-year-old hasn’t had any bid that’s met his asking price, so there’s a chance he sees his out the final year of his contract at Tottenham.


Kieran Trippier looks set to sign for Atletico Madrid, but his departure will leave Spurs with Juan Foyth, Serge Aurier and Kyle Walker-Peters at right-back – three players Pochettino hardly used in 2018/19. Tottenham could be selling Aurier and loaning out Walker-Peters too, so the Lilywhites will need at least one new right-back. They aren’t making any progress on potential targets, however, and may have given up.


Tottenham still haven’t confirmed the departure of Fernando Llorente, likely down to their inability to locate a centre-forward to play backup to Harry Kane. Llorente may be on a month-to-month contract until his future is officially clarified, but the lack of progress made strengthening the attack is worrying.

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14 Replies to “Explained: Every problem Mauricio Pochettino has with the Tottenham squad”

  • After a lightning start with Ndembele and Clark, it has reverted to a typical Levy window, with loads of players linked, but nothing happening. We are apparently selling our 2 first team wingback, so if anything we could end up weaker at the back than we are now, especially if Alderwiereld goes, and Eriksen is taken out of the MF without quality like for like replacements. It is fast becoming yet another “Spurs” transfer window, rather than what might and could have been.

  • More, “I read it on the internet so it must be true” stuff. Lets try and separate fact from fiction. Trippier does seem to be going. The fact is that he was at nowhere near his previous level last season. If Poch is willing to let him go that means he doesn’t think Kieran will get back to where he was before. Of course playing in Spain in a much less demanding league may actually help him. So far as I’m aware no one has said they are bidding for Aurier or Walker-Peters, but you state it as fact anyway. You also fail to mention that we are experimenting with Foyth at right back. Of course you also have no idea what if anything is happening with Sessegnon, but hey why not state we are making no progress as a fact anyway ? So far one fact (Trippier) and a lot of Donald Trump style “alternative facts”. I’m somewhat confused as to how Toby being here another year is a problem. He may not be quite at the level he was two years ago (in my opinion) but he’s still a more than useful central defender and a consummate professional . He’ll just do his job and give us more options. Strangely you haven’t mentioned Eriksen who to my mind would be more of a problem if he stayed. There’s a lot more cash tied up in his transfer that we’ll lose if he sees out his contract and I’m not sure he’ll react with the same professionalism as Toby. Not exactly news with the centre forward position is it ? we’ve been trying to find an understudy for what, three, four years ? So what you are actually saying is nothing has changed, stretching it to call that news. I’ll be glad when the transfer window shuts and people are forced to stop writing this drivel.

  • I suspect that we need to free up some squad places before we make further additions. Trippier and Rose look to be on their way (although i am not sure where Rose will go) and we are looking to shift Jansen, N’Koudou and Onamah. We also don’t know what is happening with Toby and Eriksen.
    Let’s see what happens – if the past in anything to go by, we are likely to miss out on targets due to our usual pedestrian approach to the market. It already looks like Arsenal are going to snap up Ceballos and everything has gone quiet with Le Celso.
    I don’t know how much money is available on top of sales (if any).
    There is a danger of being left in limbo if things don’t happen soon – the market in England closes in three weeks

  • Jod, stating that Aurier might be leaving is not stating a fact – it is merely offering up a possibility. Nothing wrong with that.
    People are coming on here offering their opinions on where we need strengthening and who is likely to come in. nothing wrong with a bit of speculation – it’s a bit of fun and none of us are assuming that what we say is gospel.
    How do you know we are experimenting with Foyth at right back – is that a fact or are you just speculating. The issue with Toby being here for another year is that he could walk away next year for nothing – in my opinion we should get him to sign a new contract – if he won’t sign then we should sell him now. I am sure they are already scouting for replacements. Same with Eriksen although I agree it may be the time to sell him and free up some cash. COYS

    • I think Jod could referring to the fact that Foyth played at full back for Argentina in their South American tournament recently.

  • Over the last 18 months we have generated around £350 million in “prize money” with two top four finishes and a champions league run to the final. We are told by the powers that be that the new stadium cost doesn’t impact upon transfer budgets so there would appear to be money to spend. Yes we’ve been linked to several players but only Ndombele has arrived and hack Clarke gone back to Leeds. Le Celso is one we need even if Eriksen stays as he needs
    competition for his place and I think he has burnt his bridges by saying he wanted a new challenge. Certainly Eriksen is in a dilemma as it appears no big club wants him. So I say get rid of him. Selling our two first choice full backs makes no sense, and will Foyth really become a top class fullback? However I’m sure Poch has plans as I firmly believe that if new players are not arriving in the next few weeks then he would have walked away by now.

  • DoncasterHotspur – Hmm lets see. We started playing him there at the end of last season. Foyth himself has spoken about Poch asking him if he was happy if he tried him at right back, oh and he’s also now played the position for Argentina. Enough for you ? Oh and if there’s nothing wrong with mindless speculation how about the new stadium being destroyed y a meteor strike ? I’ve absolutely nothing to back that up of course but then there’s nothing to back up Aurier being sold either is there ?

  • Jod how do you know Poch asked him about playing at right back. Just because Argentina played him there doesn’t mean we will.
    Comparing speculation about the transfer window which is harmless fun which the vast majority of fans love to do with a meteor strike on the stadium is absolutely ridiculous. It is clearly OK for you to speculate about Foyth but not for anyone else to do so about Aurier.

  • DoncasterHotspur – Not much of a reader ? It would probably help if you actually read what people write. “Foyth himself has spoken about Poch asking him if he was happy if he tried him at right back” . So unless Foyth is in the habit of telling outright lies in interviews that’s pretty conclusive. Then you come out with “Just because Argentina played him there doesn’t mean we will.”. As I’ve said WE ALREADY HAVE. Honestly moronic doesn’t cover it.

  • Foyth was the starting right back for Argentina in the Copa America. He played decently there. I watched three of their matches with him at that position and he made only a few glaring mistakes considering that he was in a new position. He might be better at RB than as a CB as his dribbling skills are more important as a FB than as a CB.

  • Jod, I bet you are really fun to live with. And please don’t call me moronic. You are the most opinionated condescending arrogant person on this site. You think you know everything, in reality you know nothing. You have opinions just like everyone else. Your’s are no more or less valid than anyone else despite what you think.

  • Look I say stop arguing it stupid what I say is wait and see what happens. I am sure if poch didn’t think we will sign more players he would of left and if we don’t then we have to see how we get on with the players we have got.

  • TK… I didnt see the Argentina games. Did Foyth look comfortable at RB and when he played, going forward and crossing the ball etc.

  • Foyth looked like he was comfortable most of the time. Argentina as a whole played badly much of the time. I remember only one goal they gave up, though, where it looked to me that Foyth was out of position. Several times when he had possession he dribbled well and passed the ball forward okay. He did not look anywhere near lost on the pitch playing an unusual position for him. I thought FB looked better than I remember him at CB for Spurs. Truth be told, I’ve often wondered why he wasn’t being groomed for holding mid field. But he looked okay as a RB.

    The played i wouldn’t mind seeing us signing is Dani Alves. He played a great cup for Brazil. I thought he was the MVP for them. Granted he’s getting old, but for a one-year signing he would be great.

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