Date: 22nd November 2017 at 8:55am
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Euphoric Asphsia; Tottenham Trounce T`Huns.

Individuals who struggle with written aphasia can exhibit a range of language writing related symptoms and no two cases will be exactly alike. Sometimes it is impossible to understand which words/phrases the person is expressing because the sentence construction is/are not correct and/or are written in the wrong order, causing a completely different meaning to that intended.

I think we may have found a small inter-breeding tribe of them in a virtual corner of the internet and they`re beginning to gather here.

Comprehension of aphasic speech may also be difficult due to incorrect word choice or arrangement. Symptoms can be restricted to speech or extend to reading and writing. The disruption may be subtle and result in occasionally being unable to find the right word or it can be severe and inhibit even simple object naming.

Expressing joy without a ‘but` is allowed:

The words are there in the jumble, but it can be difficult to find sense in them.; phrases like; ‘Brilliant win` come out like; ‘we took an almighty gamble and it will backfire when we play West Brom` or ‘Fantastic, now we get the second leg at home in the next round` into ‘all our players are knackered`, perhaps worse of all is ‘Dortmund are a good team and we deserved the win` which can become ‘never thought they were all that`.

Seriously people, life is short, supporting Spurs is a lifetime of curses, but when the chance comes to enjoy the moment, to celebrate what we are becoming to defy the critics and pundits and to agree, yes it was the group of death, but theirs, not ours, be brave, grasp the moment and let loose the screams of joy.

If you can`t find the Euphoria in a well earned, hard fought significant victory, then life as a Spurs supporter is already too much of a burden for you, find your local team and have some of that instead.

To our magnificent away fans, I salute you, a small number but you did us and your team proud, to the sit at home fans – don`t be afraid to puff your chest out for a few days and enjoy the lack of negativity that seems to course through so many veins these days.

In case it passed you by, it was a red letter day; our first Champions league Top slot finish.

Now for the almighty Baggies – apparently our guaranteed banana skin, ooohh, I`ve gone all Spursy again?.


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  • I have been away from London, my computer and therefore VS. And so I have only just read the Dortmund pre-match and post match comments. I just don’t understand why so many wanted to see a weakened team. This is CL football, not a pre-season friendy or a league cup match against Accrington Stanley. – We have just finished top in a league that most Spurs supporters seemed to think we would be fighting in to just hopefully (but not easily) manage to finish in 2nd place. We have finished first and above Real Madrid no less. Why is playing a strong team in order to achieve this seen as a negative? ….. I do somehow get the feeling that if we had rested a lot of our first teamers but were then embarrassed by Dortmund that MP would be getting it in the neck for the complete opposite reason. Personally, I am over the moon that I got to see a strong team have a strong CL away performance against a good German team in order to get a good strong away CL result and therefore not only finish on top but remain unbeaten. This surely has got to be good cause to celebrate. For now anyway. The future may actually get better not worse, because of this.

  • Davinson Sanchez…fantastic young player. Quick, cool, relaxed, strong, good in the air, great positional play, comfortable on the ball. Our new Ledley King.

  • I agree with both Ossie and wentworth on those two. Winks also gets a shout from me. He just gets on with his job without fuss and with barely a wrong move… Dele has still been getting stick but is also still producing. 2 goals against Real and now 2 well made assists against Dortmund. He’s not at his best but that don’t neccessarily follow he’s been bad.

  • Must admit, I was worried about the fitness of the squad going into this game. Kane played the NLD with a heavily strapped leg and was way under his best as did a few others. He looked fit and sharp again last night. As for Dier, he made 2 or 3 quality interceptions last night and stood strong in the back 3 after his unconvincing NLD display. Rose was still pounding down the left hand side in the 95th min which has to be another great sign. Alli’s work rate was also outstanding. With Winks playing without an orthodox centre midfield partner alongside he needed Alli and Eriksen put in a shift like they did in the Liverpool match. They didn’t disappoint, neither did Son who worked hard alongside them. The only downside for me was Llorente fluffing his lines at the end. 6 points against Baggies and Leicester will be just the ticket. Might even see Lamela off the bench. Happy days !!!

  • Totally agree with everything you said HT. I too was perplexed by comments re resting players and did go on to say, we need that winning mentality in Europe (v the Elite) in order to progress. Most have already conceded the PL to Man City, isn’t that enough of a reason to put some serious effort in to CL? I am delirious for winning the group and let RM (potentially) fight it out v City or Barcelona. We want to hang on to our best players?…well, none better way that start performing and taking on the best of Europe. Yes, West Brom game is important and we need to get back on to the winning ways in the PL. The BM win was the perfect tonic leading up to the next Saturday’s encounter. I am pleased for Harry and Son for getting on the score sheet. Some good performances all round. What’s not to like?. COYS!

  • Be nice for Poch to reward the eleven players that won the game last night with another opportunity to do the same on Saturday. I don’t see any logic in rotating the full-backs or bringing in guys like Dembele or especially Sissoko.

  • It all depends on how we perform in the following fixtures for me, and/or struggle further with injuries. The Dortmund game was not a must-win game, given that we could still achieve the same result (topping our group) with a home win against APOEL (and who is to say that our subs wouldn’t have beaten Dortmund in their own right?). If this game now starts a run of victories on the trot, then MP made an OK decision. If we are short of sharpness and fatigued against WBA, it will have been a case of prioritising the CL over the PL, which I don’t think was the right thing to do in this instance. Just my opinion.

  • Last night was great and felt like a bit of a statement. Would love to now see some of the kids given a chance at Wembley against Apoel. Now let’s try and catch City in the league!

  • I think that if any of our players are suffering any kind of serious fatigue already at this early part of the season then it doesn’t bode well for the latter part of it. However, what I’ve witnessed during MP’s time at Spurs, is that our players have, if anything, got stronger as the seasons have rolled on. And this gives me plenty of confidence. – Poch actually made 4 changes last night from the weekend and will no doubt make more against WBA. And so he is and has been regularly rotating players up until now. … We actually have a stronger choice from our squad than at any point up until now as we have injured/unfit players returning and now playing.

  • Sanchez, Winks, and Dier were certainly the standout players for me and, as I commented on another thread, draw or win our last group game and we’ll be unbeaten in a European competition group stage …. for the first time ever, (I think).

  • I agree with virtually everything you say there Belgian. It IS important how we fare in the ensuing fixtures as there have been several false dawns. Whilst 1-0 v Brom will do, I want to see a performance to be proud of showing some form of continuity. The Palace game, whilst a positive result, gave me a lot to be concerned about. Poch needs to get the players’ attitude well up for that game. Top-4 is not a gimme and we must not lose sight of the PL standings. West Brom, managerless, may well be up for it.

  • We have to be happy with our CL performances and rwsults evne though BD and RM were not at their best. What I am most happy about is the professionalism and maturity and tactical side of our games in the CL. We have soaked up pressure well and counter attacked at times. We have kept our heads when needed and we have played some decent footy. it’s a huge improvement from last season and I am proud how we have conducted ourselves in these group games.

    On the players last night everyone did well enough with Sanchez showing what class he is and going to become. Dier did well even though some of his long balls were over hit but he made some good interceptions and wanted it last night. Eriksen was up to prove a point and did well worked hard. Dele still not at his best but was better got two assists one through determination. Kane looked fitter which is a relief. Aruier and Rose were in the oppositions half quite a lot, refreshing. Winks for me is going to be our next Modric. I used to think Carroll would become our next Modric with his passing and ability to see things, but he lacked the physical side and the persona and confidence to dictate things, often getting knocked of the ball. Winks for me, is more solid, more physical and has great control most of the time even with players around him. There is more to come from him but he is looking pretty good. A good DM along side him will help him further, as I can see him doing what Modric does, always wanting ball, always moving and seeing a good pass but knowing when to play it safe, with time he will start to push forward more and dicatat more, but what a player he is starting to be.

    I think we can say that win last night should get us back on track and when our players come back from injury we will be better, but still feel we need to sort out our recruitment and try and get business done earlier. I also wonder whether we will attract some players next season because of the new stadium! I would still like Barkley in January, so he has few months to get fit and see what we are all about and what is expected from him ready for a good pre season.

    I think Dele should play deeper at times, because he loses the ball too much when he is playing tight further forward, going deeper enables him to take control of the ball better in more space and run at the defence, kind of mix it up a bit. I liked Eriksen slightly deeper as well, and I think Son took his goal well and Kane did what Kane does.

    Very happy with the win and topping the group and hoping we get a favourable draw in the next round.

    Now lets hope new manager at WBA doesn’t have that immediate impact, 3 points please and same against Leciester which will take us nicely into Dec. Well done

  • “We have to be happy with our CL performances and rwsults evne though BD and RM were not at their best”. – This opening sentence to your post made me smile. It’s exactly what Spursex is referring to in his article. A reluctunce of many Spurs supporters to recognise just how good we have been in the CL. I can’t say myself that either Dortmund or Real made it easy for us in any of the 4 matches played against them. We won 3 and drew 1on merit of our own good performances and not off the back of them being particularly poor in anyway. In fact, I’ll go on to say that we ourselves could’ve (and have) played much better than we did in those matches. 🙂

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