Date: 9th August 2017 at 8:57am
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I took the original Kyle Walker transfer speculation as utter nonsense and look what happened. And now we read column inches about the possibility of Eric Dier heading to Bayern Munich.

Should we be concerned?

Figures touted suggest a figure of around £50m would be enough to tempt Daniel Levy into selling the 23-year-old midfielder. REALLY?

I often take anything reported in The Sun with a pinch of salt, especially with headlines like this…

HERR DIER: Eric Dier to Bayern Munich: German giants ready to test Tottenham Hotspur’s mettle with £50m bid for England midfielder

Eric is contracted to Tottenham until the summer of 2021 and so I would be amazed if he ended up, by the end of this transfer window playing in the Bundesliga. Wouldn’t you?

One take wonder 😁😠😁😠

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On a personal note, I believe this story should be where this red top will eventually end its days – in the gutter.


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  • I Really don’t know why, you would even fuel the fire. A non story … however, if he goes, he goes.

  • Dier’s always been an interesting one for me. Of our current squad, he ranks as 3rd choice centre back (behind Alderweireld and Vertonghen) and 3rd choice centre midfield (behind Dembélé and Wanyama) and yet somehow he nearly always plays and puts in a shift contributing well to the team. I love his steely determination and I think he’s a natural leader. He might not be our best player but I think he’s a very important member of the first team. I wouldn’t want to see him go, and I don’t think he will either.

  • Key member of the team and squad. If he goes the it’s an utter disgrace. If that happens then I can’t see poch staying past this season. Not gonna happen though,nor is Danny rose and nor is dele, and FFS nor is bale coming back just in case any dreamers were wondering. Just more of the media trying to sell our players. Honestly think it will be a case of 1-2 late njie type signings.

  • Parklaneyiddo – I wouldn’t say he is third choice CB behind Verts and Toby I would suggest he is second choice behind Toby, as a Right sided CB who just happens to be able to play Left CB as well. You will never see Verts play Left CB but you will see Toby play Right centre back, making Toby and Dier more flexible than Verts, but not thrid choice, second choice imo. I wouldn’t say he is third choice CM either, at this moment 2nd choice behind Wanyama, just but again unfiar becuase the season before Wanyama joined he was one of our best players in his first season a CM, since Wanyama has arrived Dier has been used in various positions but if he was settled in as a DM only then it would be a fight between him and Wanyama as DM and Wanyama has the momentum at the moment due to playing therew regular, but a straight challenge betweent he two with Dier concentrating on that position only may show a different result he may well be as good and as consitent as Wanyama or better, we just don’t know because Dier is our versitility player and he isn’t thrid behind Dembele because Dembele is not really a DM more or an attacking midfielder, he plays further up field in front of the DM’s.

    On the article I cannot see Dier leaving because first he is too valuable to the team for his graft and versitility but also Poch rates him because of his versitility. If we didn’t have him who woul we play in the back three formation, who would we play as RB like now with Trippier out, and who would we play as a DM when Wanyama is out, too precious to our set up – its not going to happen, I don’t see any key players leaving now this season, fring players yes, not key players and I really believe the players want to try and progress and experience the new stadium. Then we will see. My main concern is Toby’s contract, a new contract for him would make me happy and settle down a bit.

  • It’s Me you are right but I will go one further Dier is our first choice RCB in the 3 CB formation. So yes he is very valuable. My concern is his focus at the moment. His performances in preseason left me wondering if all this attention has gotten to him and is he dreaming of what could be, money-wise? We’ve clearly told ManU no and the hope is that reports that we’ve said the same to BM is true. I firmly believe Poch when he says that he and DL have a tremendous relationship and discuss/decide everything to do with player acquisition/retention. So I highly doubt there’s and concern he will leave this season. Ditto on the Rose/Chelsea stories.

  • More rumors that we in for Keite Balde whom I think would be a great fit for us. Young, quick, scores goals. Would do well under Poch. Once Barca, RM and Juventus are finished feeding we should see the incomings really take shape. There’s quite a few players waiting to see what’s happening with them before making decisions on their futures.

  • More of a concern is that anyone coming in now has missed pre season, training etc. We need to get off to a good start and a settled squad would have been the best way to start. Looks like we going down to the wire again and that is the best way to sign no one or make desperate signings.

  • Vic, why does that concern you, when it don’t concern Poch, otherwise we would have bought the players eariler.

  • Yes we should be concerned, not about him leaving, but the way he has been playing lately, both for us and England.. He has made several really bad errors in the past few games, he doesn’t seem to have a quick thought or movement in him lately. I want to see the Dier that first came to us with the confidence to pop up in the left sided striker position from RB to score the winner against West Ham not the slow minded, shuffling robot that Poch has created.

  • Anyone playing well or adding value will be coveted by other teams. No one should be surprised. Players like Coutinho, Sanchez are being hunted just like Dier. Even Barcelona’s Neymar, so no one is immune no matter your success level, wealth or prestige. My concern is selling to league rivals as we did with Walker. But I did not mind that one given his age, his length of service, the fee, and the fact that we played just as well without him. Dier is a totally different kettle of fish. He is younger, versatile and key to our tactics, and potentially a future captain. We must not sell any time soon. Anyone concerned about mistakes and shaky performances shouldn’t worry. It is pre season, and much harder to prepare for a season when you have no idea which position you are specifically training for as in his case. Media speculation.

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