Date: 10th June 2014 at 8:34am
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OK, I know I am putting myself in the sights of many of your rifles with this article, but I truly hope you read it, and more importantly comment on this based upon your thoughts of the team/club and not me personally

I have supported Spurs since I could burp COYS as a baby! I have seen Trophy success, I have seen Relegation, I have seen Promotion. I really have been a lifeline supporter of this truly great club.

I have seen fans come and go, I have seen many MANY players and managers come and go. Few things remain – The CLUB, The Motto, The History.

History however is in the past. We need to look to the future. I am seeing increased Hatred towards ENIC and in Particular Levy. Too be honest – it really p***es me off!

Why I hear you ask?

Because without Levy and ENIC we would have no club that has consistently performed (within the top 8 teams) within the Greatest League in the world.

ENIC and DL bought us stability! Yes we have lost players and managers. It’s a business! Do you still work at the job you started when you left school? NO! Everyone moves on (with very few exceptions such as Ledley The King for instance) even Managers.

Football is a results game and if we don’t get the results we want then the managers ultimately get the sack. It’s life, that’s what happens.

We however no longer as fans own the club through the stock markets and therefore have no say in who runs the company. We do however have a say in what we feel as fans. That said, after 15 seasons in charge it’s pretty certain that ENIC want whats best for us as a club.

They have HUGE plans for expansion which are only being held up by legal matters in obtaining compulsory purchase orders. (FYI once the Compulsory Purchase Orders are sanctioned the seller has 3 years to vacate) so this is not going to happen overnight!

I therefore politely request you get behind DL and ENIC and stop the bitching aimed at them. YOU cannot change what they are going to do and YOU have no say in it. Flogging and a dearly departed horse spring to mind!

Can’t we all for once and for all, get behind ENIC, support the players, support the club, AND support the board, and do what we as the greatest fans in the world of this beautiful club do best and Sing about the greatness!

Let’s not start fighting within but start SUPPORTING the club!

Supporter (Noun) a person who approves of and encourages a public figure, political party, policy, football team etc.

Now answer this question – Are you a Supporter?


Written by YT_Boy