Date: 11th November 2017 at 11:31am
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The Tottenham Internationals.

The Spurs lads didn’t do anything wrong. That is about as much as I can conjure up from last nights borefest.

Tripps was solid, but not spectacular, Dier did well and showed a Captains composure and didn’t take risks, but didn’t make many (any ?) mistakes I can recall – I’ll watch the recording today and maybe my view of all this will change.

Danny did better, but again did nothing that got my blood racing – getting the game time will certainly improve his conditioning and fitness.

So, so far, so good – 50% of the way through this duo of almost pointless games.

It occurs to me that ‘pointless’ is harsh; the good news is that it gives our players time to get over knocks/small injuries and prepare for the Gooners…..

Maybe it does have it’s good sides after all?

After the game last night I had an ‘extended’ dinner and drinks with a real Tottenham legend, but absolutely promised not to name him, anyway he voiced an explosive possibility about Poch, which I’m only this morning trying to digest and decide how (IF) I can break this…

– When the head clears, I’ll keep you all posted.


Ok, had a chance to watch the recording now, and with the fog all but fully lifted from my head:

Danny, was as I said OK, but he did make an early glorious pass which Abrahams probably should have put away – pity he didn’t, if he had it might have been a totally different game. Don’t know why I forgot that this morning!

Tripp, did keep up his cool crossing, which is his hallmark now – I’d scrubbed from my head somehow his big miss early doors..

Eric Dier, as far as I’m concerned he got better/more composed as the game wore on, but did make one horrible pass straight out and did make a really good one/shot that one of the Germans beat away.

Early night now – so hope you all have/had a good one.

If ANY of you have anything you want to get off your chest in an article, I’d welcome the contribution…!


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  • Thanks Spursex. Tripp was the best of our bunch I thought. Proud of Dier, undefeated in his tenure! Looking forward to Eriksen tonight.

  • Just shows how difficult the England manager’s job is. Having qualified he now needs to identify his squad for Russia and with injuries and and element of ‘club before country’ having to make do with many 2nd, 3rd even 4th choice players can’t be helping. Personally I can’t see Jake making it. I think his career went backwards somewhat since leaving us.

    Geof, if Barkley joins us, I can see half the England starting 11 being Lillywhites!… so Spurs may actually win a trophy!

  • lol CS …. Maybe some of our other players are thinking about changing their nationality to make sure of that trophy! I think this thread would be better titled ‘Lillywhite internationals’, …. after all, Son scored both goals for his country. As far as Rose goes I think he has to benefit from the minutes he’ll get playing for England. He’ll need to be more match fit if he’s on the pitch against Arsenal so, as far as he’s concerned, the ‘break’ will be good for him.

  • I find England a hard watch, Southgate seems to have no idea in how to put together a team that works. I hate when Dier plays DM he slows the play down and can’t dribble so plays safe. Watched Sweden vs Italy, decent game, the referee was excellent let the game flow and never fell for the play acting by the Italians. The ref for N.ireland match was a disgrace.

  • Head cleared yet mate?

    I thought Tripps did well, some decent crosses. Dier was solid but not spectacular. Rose is well off form and fitness. As a whole team I thought the younger players did well. At least they tried. Southgate is trying new formations and giving youth a chance so fair play to him.

  • RD, Re. the younger players and giving youth a chance……as I mentioned before, the problem Southgate has is being able to call upon ALL his players during what is supposed to be leading up to the world cup and preparing + finalising his options. Hardly any wonder that England do zilch in the major comps. Great giving youth a chance, but imo, he was forced to do so and 1 out of 6 may be able to dislodge a senior player on that flight to Russia. Unfortunately most top PL clubs would want to wrap their key players in cotton wool and even a slightest niggle will mean pulling players out of the internationals. We had a fairly comfortable ride in the group, but not sure we will be ready for the WC, if you add the long torturous season ending in June (for some), the burnout + potential injuries. I wish Southgate and the players all the luck, as they will need it.

  • Given the age and inexperience of the squad I think they did pretty well. The big problem for any England manager is you qualify playing one kind of football against lesser teams then have to play a different way in the finals. To his credit Southgate is trying to address that. Watching Loftus-Cheek’s performance brought home to me how clubs like Chelsea are killing the national side, hoarding English talent they are never going to play. Comparing Loftus-Cheek to Ali the biggest difference is simply game time, I doubt having lost the years he has the Chelsea player can ever catch up. We know from the world cup wins at under 20 and under 17 that the talent is there but will it ever be allowed to progress ? Its our biggest selling point, we actually play the youngsters if they are good enough.

  • It’s the foreigners who make the English players look good, as u can clearly see when the way England play.

  • 123spurs – If all the richest clubs did was buy ready made players and young English talent went to other clubs then there wouldn’t be a problem.

  • I didn’t see the England game as Belgium were playing against Mexico. A 3-3 thriller, but Belgium were missing 5 starters and a back 3, a new system under Martinez, was being tested without Toby, Jan or Kompany. Belgium were by far the superior team, but they were undone tactically. It’s a worry, because Martinez was hired specifically to take Belgium forward tactically. Almost two years have gone by since the Wales debacle, and the team are still up against the same problems. On their day, they will crush anyone, but the team still rely on individual exploits from Hazard, De Bruyne and others. This team is crying for a Conte-type manager, if only we could afford it.

  • As far as translating success at youth level to senior sides, just have a look at who has won it. Since 2007, Argentina, Ghana, Brazil, France, Serbia and England have won the FIFA U20 WC. Coincidentally none of those teams won at senior level recently, and teams like Ghana or Serbia are miles away. At U17 level, in the same period, Nigeria has won 3 times (and been to another final), and Mexico, Switzerland and England have won once. Those countries aren’t exactly powerhouses at senior level. I have not seen any uptick in Nigeria’s performances, for example, despite excelling at U17 level for more than 10 years. It’s just a poor predictor for me.

  • African nations have been playing over age players in the youth tournaments that’s why they have been a success at that level. Fifa started testing for age a couple of years ago and disqualifying those it deemed were to old, since then African teams have not done as well.

  • Well done Eriksen. Fantastic performance and great hat trick. Now carry that form in to the Derby on Saturday

    As for England, well done Dier for being the undefeated captain, but the team not half lacked some creativity and experience. One way traffic for most of the game but defended well. Some of the youngsters failed to make any impact, nonetheless, great experience and ones for the distant future I’d say.

  • I didn’t watch the England games but Lineker said during the match that if England were trying to target world cup glory with 0-0 draws, they better start practicing penalties :-). I don’t think too much should be made of friendlies, especially not when half the team is missing. Belgium won against Japan on a Lukaku goal. Uneventful. It seems like Dublin is where most of the action happened.

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