Date: 5th April 2014 at 1:52pm
Written by:

We should have been handed the Premier league trophy before a ball had been kicked this season, that along with the Europa, the FA and League cup. An historic and famous quardupel.

Because 100 million squid always wins everything. With our recent successes (2 league cups, 3 FA’s, 2 joint Charity Shields and the UEFA Cup Winners cup!) in the last 34 years, our fans have grown so accustomed to winning, that to not win a trophy this year is completely unacceptable.

Especially since we spent 100 million squid, because as we all know, thats what wins you everything all the time. I think its disgracefull how the other teams of the league have not acknowledged our birthright, and rolled over in suplication for their masters.

There is only one answer and solution, Sack the owners!!! Sack the manager!!! Sack the coaches, the ball boys, the stewards…everyone from the ground up. I hate that this great club has been built in a financially viable way. We should have had Chinese owners pouring sweat shop billions into us years ago.

I would far happier playing in the colour of the chinese flag as red represents courage and determination. In fact we could have bought far more titles than we did this season, cause as we know. 100 million squid always wins everything.

Written by Thomas Jamme