Date: 26th October 2018 at 10:00am
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I don’t think it’s unfair to say that the season of 2018/19 is proving to be a mixed blessing for Tottenham Hotspur legend of the future, Son Heung-Min.

The 26-year-old’s season has been heavily influenced by the Asian Cup competition and potentially impending National Service hanging over the South Korean’s head, but thankfully that is no longer an issue with him helping his country to lift the title the other month.

Sonny has been largely off form though this year and in eight appearances for us so far, he is yet to find the net but plenty of fans are willing to talk about fatigue, and I’ll even raise the effect of the international buildup and maybe he’s inadvertently just slumped mentally meaning he’s not reaching his previous form.

Whatever it proves to be, if we ever know, his usual attitude and work rate will see him through it and although he didn’t set the world alight in his usual manner against PSV, with him having had a break now, we should get the benefit of that as he rebuilds sharpness.

In any event, whilst some of the comments are fair game given his form, I remain amazed at how quickly a few seem to have written him off.

I wonder how those with the slightly more extreme comments would mentally cope with impending National Service interrupting their personal life, freedom and employment and then how they’d react when it was no longer an issue. I’d guarantee they wouldn’t continue as if nothing had happened until it had all been fully processed.

I’m not a betting man, but I’d put money on it not being long before we see that bloke in the article image back celebrating that way.


4 Replies to ““Don’t Rate Him, Shouldn’t Start Matches” Is A Massive Overreaction To This Man’s Dip In Form”

  • the only criticism I would have is that he is getting selfish – shooting from every angle at every slight possibility instead of passing to a better placed team mate – maybe he’s over anxious to get a score on the board

  • sybrian….funny thing I was thinking that myself, maybe he has a self imposed monkey on his back which is as you say making him anxious to score, me! I rate him, though not quite so at the mo. COYS

  • He has always been a player that goes through peaks and troughs. Much like we shouldn’t compare him to Bale (it has been done on this site), we shouldn’t condemn him for a bad spell. We should just expect it.

    He has always been a streaky player. Whenever he is in a purple patch, we should exploit that, but this is the reason why he’ll never be more than a squad player for me.

    Our problem is that our squad is made up of this type of player. Between him, Alli and Lamela, we’ve got 3 players who alternate between unplayable and invisible.

    In an ideal world, there would always be one of the 3 in form at any time. But the reality is that we go through patches when we have true selection headaches, and patches when we have no real game changer on the bench.

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