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Dominant Spurs Waste Southampton Chance – Match Thread

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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

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Tottenham Hotspur

St Mary's Stadium

Premier League

28/12/2021 3:00 pm

Referee: Anthony Taylor

Southampton Tottenham Hotspur
Ward-Prowse (25) Kane (pen 41)
Forster Lloris
Emerson Royal 77
Valery Sanchez
Bednarek Dier
Perraud Reguilon
S Armstrong Winks
Daillo Hojbjerg
Ward-Prowse Alli 62
Long 71 Son Heung-Min
A Armstrong
83 Kane


Romeu Doherty 45
Redmond 83 Gil 77
Caballero Rodon
Small Gollini
Broja 71 Tanganga
Tella Lucas Moura 62
Elyounoussi Ndombele
Walcott Skipp
Simeu White

Game Statistics

9 Goal attempts 21
2 On Target 11
3 Corners 7
15 Fouls 5
3 Yellow Cards 2
1 Red Cards 0
35 % 65

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  • wentworth says:

    By the way, What was Doherty doing on the left. Especially when Gil came on who at least seems to be able to kick a ball with both feet. Twice Doherty missed golden chances by trying to scoop the ball with his right foot. Ridiculous. Doesn’t Conte recognise the weaknesses in our players?
    I have never known a right back come on as left wing…Did we really have no one else???
    A winnable match thrown away by poor players,bizarre substitutions and pathetic play.

  • Niall D says:

    Cheers again Danny.
    We’ll that was a bit of a shambles, we did have the ball in the onion quite a few times.
    Here’s my issues re today
    We were much too slow in our build up and Lloris often held on to the all too long, even with 10 men once they came forward and we got possession back we were too sluggish to get it forward.
    Winks and Hoj are much too similar to play together, we needed the industry of Skip or some forward thinking midfielder even N’Dombers may have been able to have done something against 10, personally I’d have kept Dele on and taken off either Winks or Hoj we didn’t need that defence with only 10 men against us.
    Like WW, I agree, we didn’t have anyone running the midfield, it was back (nearly) to JM days 3 attackers 8 defenders no one in the middle.
    I thought this game was a shoe in and barely gave it any consideration, but like many teams, Southampton were full of fight, athleticism, heart, ideas, it was a backs to the wall performance for them.
    I thought Doherty at least put a shift in and was trying something, but he does look awkward on the ball.
    For us as Jod said maybe one of those days, as I said earlier the ball was in the net quite a few times and we were a bit unlucky with millimeters on off side decisions, but with 10 men we should’ve beaten them at a stroll, that our issue our midfield was strolling, backwards, sideways, pedestrian.
    Need a kick up the ar$e for the weekend.

  • block 108 spurs says:

    Niall A good sum up of the game, we were robbed of 2 goals, as I saw it, many times on tv video slow mo.

  • Love totty says:

    You have to give Southampton credit for shutting us out but with no one in our midfield capable of shooting accurately or powerfully from outside the box we made it easy for them. I thought Conte should’ve brought NDombele on for a spell. He can at least make space for himself and shoot. Gil offers little.

  • wentworth says:

    We have to do something about our lack of creativity in midfield. We have the admirable Hojberjg and Skipp but no one to unlock.
    Winks has to be gone with Lo Celso, Doherty, Bergweijn, N’Dombele,,Clarke.
    We must aim higher and stop buying players that are not suited to the Prem.
    Our bench should have players that are desperate to get on t he pitch not huddled under their blankets looking bored.

    N’ Dombele never looks as though he wants to
    Time to be drastic and brave. No more cheapies.

  • Niall D says:

    Cheers Block
    Hope you had a good Christmas.
    I didn’t labour on this game, nor did I re watch on MOTD.
    But I did think the Kane effort was on side and I didn’t see much wrong with Doh when the keeper dropped it.
    In reality their defence and keeper played well, they got away with the “goal” decisions, but to be fair we were just too patient, thinking it would come but it didn’t.
    Something positive needs doing in mid field plus some emphasis on faster build up play quicker passing.

  • 123spurs says:

    Dele never took his chance yet again. Levy would be doing well if he gets the 5 mill back

  • PompeyYid says:

    To be honest I believe we are to ponderous/slow coming out of defense for a start, no real movement off the ball, and in general we are so slow in our general build up thus giving our opponents time to get back n recover.

    Why? oh why? do we allow them to get into two solid banks defending, draw em out! COYS

  • Niall D says:

    100% PY
    We have seen this in yesterdays and other games and actually starts with Lloris, he holds it much too long then the opposition get back into formation, and we’re up against two walls of five, this happened again and again yesterday and has actually been the story of our last two seasons.
    Again it comes from having too many defensive midfielders who can’t carry the ball forward and don’t actually want it, it’s as if their frightened of doing anything more than the basic two touch, then don’t move to get the return.
    Frustrated of County Down over and out.

  • Niall D says:

    PY I responded to your last post but it hasn’t appeared.
    Just on about the “no goals” decisions, it looks like we were hard done by, there was, an item on line about the Goalie “fumble” which should’ve been a goal plus several items about Kane not being off side VAR does us again. 😕

  • wentworth says:

    Take a look at Lamptey and Bissouma at Brighton
    We could do with both.
    We need some driving, creative force.

  • wentworth says:

    Great result Brighton…you were the best team. Can you loan us Cucurella, Bissouma and Lamptey? You can have Doherty, Winks and Lo Celso.

  • 123spurs says:

    And dele a free bonus

  • jod says:

    There’s no way to prevent a team setting up for a mass defence in their own third of the field. With so many bodies there isn’t anywhere for the “creative” player to play the killer pass. Unless they are stupid enough to throw player forward there’s no way to catch them on the break. So you are left with shots from outside the area, crosses and headers or someone “winning” a penalty. Having said all that even ex referees are saying that two of our goals should have stood. But you could argue that the bad decisions against us were payback for Kane staying on the pitch against Liverpool. I think its safe to say referees aren’t exactly covering themselves with glory at he moment. I’m a bit baffled about criticisms of Doherty, if you play someone on the wrong side of the pitch and expect him to be able to use his weaker foot as well as his stronger you are going to be disappointed.

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